How necessary dehumidifiers are

How necessary dehumidifiers are
How necessary dehumidifiers are

A couple of years ago it was impossible to imagine life without just one washing machine, and now it becomes necessary to purchase air conditioners, dehumidifiers and humidifiers. The need for air conditioners is determined by the desire of a person to feel comfortable in a hot summer indoors. Humidifiers are also on everyone's lips, they soften and moisturize the dry, dusty air in the apartment. Why are dehumidifiers needed? It is logical to assume that dehumidifiers are needed where there is high humidity. This is a correct assumption, but requires clarification. Dehumidifiers are designed for use in areas where high humidity has a detrimental effect on both the room itself and the equipment located in it.

Air dryers

The principle of operation of such a device is simple. It takes air from the room, removes moisture from it and returns it back in a “dry form”. Initially, such devices were used exclusively for industrial purposes. Now household dehumidifiers have also become widespread. Accordingly, the first and main feature of their classification is the areaapplications. Also, dehumidifiers are classified according to the installation method: stationary, mobile, universal. Depending on the conditions of use, they are condensing and adsorption. It is false to say that human life is impossible without a household dehumidifier. But its positive impact cannot be denied. As you know, moisture in the room accumulates in the form of condensate on the walls, ceiling, furniture. This leads to mold and dampness. Often this problem is acute in the bathroom. In addition, laundry does not dry well in a humid room, and this is a problem for the hostess. A household dehumidifier will help solve the problem.

As a rule, household dehumidifiers are small in size. This is a stationary option, which is usually hung on the wall. There are also mobile household dehumidifiers. They are larger, but they can be easily moved from one room to another, thanks to the wheels. In industry, the opposite is true.

Compressed air dryers

Stationary industrial dehumidifiers are often oversized and have high power. They are also mounted on the wall and are designed for rooms with high levels of humidity. Industrial dehumidifiers are widely used to improve air exchange in warehouses of both food and non-food industries. In warehouses with high humidity, bulk materials become damp, wood becomes moldy, and metal rusts. Maintaining a favorable level of humidity is subject to a good dehumidifier.

Dehumidifiers needed insuch premises as swimming pools, saunas, laundries, water parks. The urgent need to regulate air exchange here is beyond doubt. Swimming pool dehumidifiers deserve special attention. For such premises, special dehumidifiers are usually produced. They have additional protection against water ingress. The line of dehumidifiers for the pool is represented by the following types: floor, wall, universal, flush-mounted dehumidifiers. Universal dehumidifiers can be either mounted on the wall or moved as needed throughout the room. Concealed dehumidifiers can be placed in an adjacent room, so that the design of the seating area will not be affected.

Dehumidifiers are often indispensable in the implementation of repair and finishing work. Materials such as concrete, brick, plaster emit moisture, which is recommended to be removed in time, otherwise the quality of the finish will deteriorate. For all of the above purposes, condensing air dryers are used.

Dehumidifiers for swimming pools

Well, if we are talking about a cold room with sub-zero temperatures, it is advisable to use adsorption dryers. Typically, such devices are used in compressors that produce compressed air. When operating compressors, make sure that the air taken from the environment does not contain moisture, otherwise the compressor may break down.

Compressed air dryers do an excellent job of reducing the humidity of the air that enters the compressor. Therefore, before purchasing a dehumidifier, you mustdetermine the purpose of its acquisition and only then proceed to the selection of this unique invention from the wide range offered on the market.

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