First stretch ceiling or wallpaper? Builders recommendations

First stretch ceiling or wallpaper? Builders recommendations
First stretch ceiling or wallpaper? Builders recommendations

Whether you make repairs yourself or hire workers, but in any case, you will wonder about the sequence: stretch ceiling or wallpaper. First, we will analyze how the ceiling is mounted and what consequences this may have. We will also consider the production of materials, what components may be needed for installation.

Stretch ceiling

Before deciding what to start in the room being renovated: first a stretch ceiling or wallpaper on the walls, let's look at what is a stretch ceiling? In simple words, this is the tension of a PVC or fabric material. They are fixed with a profile made of metal or plastic to the wall. The design at the discretion of the customer can be complicated by creating different variations of the levels of drywall. The structure can be fixed to the ceiling, it will depend on the type of profile.


Wallpaper is a paper sheet rolled into a roll. The material can be one- or two-layer, vinyl wallpaper, acrylic or non-woven is also distinguished. It is no secret that the composition of the material affects the cost of the roll as a whole. If the base of the canvas is paper, then it is coated with glue,if non-woven, then glue is applied to the wall.

stretch ceiling or wallpaper first


Before starting work, you need to remember the following (regardless of the chosen sequence - stretch ceiling or wallpaper first): the first step in the repair should be the preparation of the walls and the room as a whole. Free them from the old coating, whether it be paint, lime, remove, if any, greasy or dirty stains.

Do not expect that the ceiling design will cover all the shortcomings and you can leave everything as it is. It is unlikely that anyone will like the fact that the old finish on the stretch fabric crumbles or falls off in pieces. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the walls completely before installing anything.

If there is a need to putty walls or ceilings, you can proceed, and then allow time to dry.

While you have not yet decided whether to stretch the ceiling or wallpaper, first prepare the ceiling surface, do not disregard the defeat of fungus or mold. These places must be cleaned and smeared with a special agent against lesions. Immediately prepare the wiring and the future place for lamps or chandeliers. All wires should be removed in a cable - a channel or a corrugated pipe. The basis for flooring - screed or self-leveling floor - must also be completed.

Stretch ceiling or wallpaper? Let's ask a pro first

Let's look at different opinions. What will be the recommendations of builders when answering the question of what they do first: a stretch ceiling or wallpaper? You won't get a definitive answer.Because all wishes for the ceiling are taken into account, wall decoration is of great importance. Therefore, it is necessary to plan repairs and carefully consider the design in advance. Of course, sticking wallpaper to the ceiling is easier. After all, it is not necessary to dock flush, and all the shortcomings will be closed by the design of the stretch fabric.

what do stretch ceiling or wallpaper do first

True, when mounting the profile for the canvas, dust will crumble. It is attached to the walls with a screwdriver and dowels at a short distance from each other. Therefore, just pasted wallpaper can be ruined in this way.

Installing the ceiling

After the walls are prepared, that is, they are leveled and primed, you can proceed with the installation of the profile to which the ceiling will be attached. Specialists can cope with this task in a couple of hours. Then the next stage of editing begins, which consists of the following sequence:

  1. The ceiling material is inserted into the profile.
  2. Tighten and straighten the canvas.
  3. Then heated with hot air from a heat gun.
  4. From heating, the canvas is stretched and fixed in the required position.
  5. what to glue wallpaper or stretch ceiling first

At the end of the work, the surface is allowed to cool - about 3 hours. Room ventilation is allowed. Lastly, a so-called decorative plug is mounted between the material and the walls. It will close the gap. Now the question is not relevant: stretch ceiling or wallpaper, at first it is logicalwill glue the wallpaper, and then complete the bar at the junction.

Types of mounting

There is also a harpoon method - this is when a profile is already attached to the canvas, the manufacturer needs accurate data in order to complete the design as accurately as possible. After the floor has been made, it is impossible to modify and adjust the size.

With a harpoonless design, you can adjust the size and simply cut off the excess part, but you need to do this very carefully so that the blade does not damage the canvas. This installation method is easier to handle even for a beginner.

If it is planned to cover the walls with drywall, then a mortgage is first installed in order to strengthen the profile.

If the ceiling is small, then use a ceiling profile for structural stability, otherwise it will not work.

first stretch ceiling or wallpaper on the walls

Consider the standard version of the ceiling without frills, in which case the canvas is stretched in its entirety and attached to the profile. Then, if you first install the ceiling, and then start gluing the wallpaper, then you can stain the canvas with glue, since the wallpaper needs to be pulled up as tightly and as high as possible. And this means that it is better to start working from the walls, and then move on to the top, that is, first the wallpaper, then the stretch ceiling.

Tiered ceiling

And if the ceiling is unusual, for example, in several tiers, or you want intricate plasterboard figures, then what to glue first: wallpaper or stretch ceiling? In this embodiment, the ceiling must be puttied, thereby damaging the walls,covered with wallpaper. The conclusion suggests itself: you need to start repairs from the ceiling, and then move on to the walls, you can stretch the canvas itself at the very end of the repair.

Wallpaper after the ceiling

Don't be afraid of the heat gun, nothing will happen to pasted wallpaper.

First glue the wallpaper or make a stretch ceiling? If the ceilings are already stretched, but you want to update the walls and re-paste the wallpaper, then you need to do this very carefully. Wipe the adhesive off the ceiling immediately before it dries. If, nevertheless, the top is glued inaccurately, then it will be possible to close it with a cornice, although this is not the best option, it is better not to use it, but it is worth taking note if you are doing repairs yourself. Polyurethane foam can be best suited, and they are much easier to install. Also, this method will be very useful if the ceiling is already mounted and you need to remove the old wallpaper.

first glue the wallpaper or make a stretch ceiling

Pros say: start from the ceiling, and explain this with the following reasons:

  • Walls after installing the ceiling structure can crack from gravity, and if the finish is already finished, all the work is in vain.
  • As already mentioned, after drilling holes in the wall, a sufficient amount of dust is generated, what about brick walls? It will surely spoil the look of the wallpaper.
  • When installing a canvas or profile, it is very difficult not to touch the walls. Traces of hands or additional equipment, which are difficult to remove, can seriously damage the wall decoration around the perimeter.
  • It is possible thatthe heat from the heat gun can affect the wallpaper. Not to mention the glue used in the decoration. Therefore, you need to give a week for the walls to dry. So you can not be afraid that they will bubble or the wallpaper will begin to peel off.
first wallpaper then stretch ceiling

As you can see, the answer to the question of what to glue first, wallpaper or stretch ceiling, depends entirely on what design solution will be implemented in your room. Builders still recommend starting from the ceiling. But in any case, you can make repairs neat, taking into account the advice of experts.

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