Carpet installation: types, features, advantages and disadvantages

Carpet installation: types, features, advantages and disadvantages
Carpet installation: types, features, advantages and disadvantages

Among the wide variety of flooring, carpet is very popular. The quality of this material, its durability and price depend on many factors: the length of the pile, the thickness of the base, the composition, the fixing layer. Therefore, each buyer before choosing this material must take into account all its disadvantages and advantages. When choosing a carpet, you should remember that it perfectly absorbs the smell, which is not eliminated even during prolonged ventilation. Therefore, it should not be used in the kitchen or in a room where people smoke.

carpet laying

Mandatory conditions for laying carpet

You have purchased a carpet of the required shade, but do not rush to lay it. First of all, you need to make sure that all the necessary conditions for this have been created.

Often during renovations, many people think about new flooring, which often becomes carpet. Laying this material should be the last thing in order not to spoil its surface.

The floor must be level, clean and dry.

The air temperature in the room should be more than 15oC, and the humidity should not exceed 75%. Remember that you should not start laying only the brought material.It must acclimatize, so it is necessary to leave the material in the room for which it is intended for at least a day.

Preparing the floor

First of all, it is necessary to correctly and accurately measure the room, taking into account all its features (niches, ledges, partitions, etc.). You can also draw a schematic sketch to make calculations easier and faster. After calculations, it is necessary to add 10% of the carpet.

Preparing the floor consists of five steps:

1. Removing the old coating.

2. Elimination of all nicks and cracks.

3. Removing dust and debris.

4. Floor primer.

5. Laying the underlay.

For a rubber-based fabric, you need to choose a textile-based paper backing - soft. This will have a positive effect on the durability of the flooring.

carpet adhesive


There are several styling considerations to consider when choosing carpet. The laying will be perfect if all conditions are met.

1. Pay close attention to the elimination of bubbles. If there is even the slightest hint of a small bubble, it must be eliminated. The final result of styling depends on this.

2. It is necessary to select the pattern with accuracy, only in this way the canvas will be uniform.

3. The joint must be placed perpendicular to the window so that it is not visible when exposed to sunlight.

4. The floor must be perfect.even. Otherwise, the canvas will wear out quickly in the performance areas.

5. Do not use a large amount of glue, especially if the carpet is made of natural material. Excess glue can get on the pile, and this will affect the appearance of the flooring.

Styling technology

Today, there are several technologies, thanks to which it is possible to lay carpet with high quality. Laying for each of them has its own characteristics. You can handle easy styling methods on your own, when choosing more complex methods, it is better to turn to specialists who have not only skills, but also additional professional tools.

The technology of laying carpet is divided into adhesive and non-adhesive. The latter, in turn, is divided into stretching and a free method (with fixation around the perimeter or on adhesive tape).

Glue method

carpet laying technology

This method is used only in rooms with a large area. The respectability of the institution is emphasized by the carpet. Laying this material is designed for rooms with increased load. This is a rather laborious process. But in this way, the coating is reliably protected from deformations, wrinkles and bubbles. Laying the material in this way occurs in the following sequence.

1. Cleaning the floor from debris and dust.

2. Applying glue to the surface with a notched trowel. Bonding the backing.

3. After drying, the carpet must be spread. Be sure to ensure that the edgesclimbed the walls.

4. Half of the canvas must be folded and applied to it with carpet glue. Press the smeared side to the floor, stretching it evenly.

5. The same must be repeated with the second half and subsequent stripes.

6. The carpet needs to dry and the edges need to be trimmed.

7. Installation of skirting boards.

Cons. The complexity of the entire installation process, the material cannot be reused for other rooms. Carpet adhesive should be chosen carefully.

Benefits. The floor covering is securely fastened, there are no bubbles, wrinkles. To clean the surface, you can use a washing vacuum cleaner. When a fire breaks out, the fire will not spread too quickly.

Loose styling

Free laying carpet is characterized by a simple spreading of the canvas around the perimeter of the room. This laying method should only be used for rooms with a small area where a whole piece of canvas can be used. Do-it-yourself carpet laying is as follows:

1. Cleaning the floor from debris and dust.

2. Rolling out the canvas in such a way that its edges must go to the walls.

3. On the one hand, you need to press it tightly against the wall and fix it with a plinth.

4. We do the same with the canvas on other walls, after cutting off the excess material. In the door area, we fix the canvas with a metal rail.

Cons. The lining is not durable. Heavy furniture with wheels cannot be placed on such a carpet. Do not use detergent for cleaningvacuum cleaner.

Benefits. Easy styling.

do-it-yourself carpet laying

Laying with double-sided tape

This method is the most common way to install carpet. Laying by this method is reliable and quite simple. It does not require special floor preparation, moreover, in this way you can lay the canvas on any type of old floor covering (linoleum, laminate, tile). It can be removed if necessary. Laying is as follows:

1. In the form of a lattice, it is necessary to stick double-sided tape on the floor at a distance of 50 cm. The top film is not removed.

2. Peel off part of the protective film, firmly press part of the canvas to the adhesive tape. With the rest of the canvas, we do everything according to the same principle.

3. Excess parts of the carpet are carefully cut off, the edges are fixed with a plinth.

Cons. Possible appearance of bubbles, deformation of the adhesive tape.

Benefits. Fast and easy styling.

Setting cost

carpet installation price

There are many features that characterize the laying of carpet. The price at the moment in the Moscow region for the services of professionals are as follows:

  • Gluing – 250 RUB/m2;
  • Installation of skirting boards - 70 rubles/m2;
  • Laying carpet on the stairs - 500 rubles/m2.

The cost of these services performed by specialists, of course, is not low. But many prefer to spend a large amount of money formore reliable results.

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