Hotel project for 10-50 rooms. Design Features

Hotel project for 10-50 rooms. Design Features
Hotel project for 10-50 rooms. Design Features

Construction of a hotel complex or even a small hotel requires a separate approach to the layout of the premises. At the same time, it is important to take into account not only the internal location of the rooms, but also the corridors, and the hall, and even utility rooms. Therefore, the hotel project is drawn up, focusing first on the needs of future guests and taking into account the convenience of staff service.

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Types of hotels

It must be said that initially the designers do not focus on the number of stars or other insignia of hotels. First of all, you need to decide on the total area and the expected number of visitors. For example, mini-hotel projects should make rational use of free space, while large hotels can afford spacious halls and even terraces.

Hotels with 10 rooms

Buildings of this type are considered the most compact and are often created with their own service specifics. Some projects of hotels with 10 rooms often do not have separate bathrooms in the rooms, but assume their location in the form of a block for several users. Alsothey minimize the space available for visitor registration.

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If the rooms themselves are equipped with a toilet and a shower, then when designing them, special attention should be paid to communication systems. They should not take up much space, it is best to bring them to two separate risers. You should also think about organizing a separate shutdown of at least a few sections.

Some projects of hotels with 10 rooms are made in the form of an ordinary house, but with an extensive system of rooms. Such a solution fully justifies itself from the side of both saving space and comfort for customers. The result is a cozy home-style hotel where people meet in the common dining room in the morning, and in the evening they can chat in the living room.

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Hotels with 20 rooms

When creating a hotel project with 20 rooms, it is important to understand that for such a large number of visitors it is already necessary to have service personnel. Given this, you should immediately take care of allocating a room for his rest, storage of personal belongings and meals. You also need to create a room for a warehouse and other similar premises.

Most often, such hotels are made either in the form of a house with several floors or have rooms under one roof, but on the entire area. Usually the owners of such hotels try to save space and prefer the first version. However, if the conversation turns to roadside establishments, then such a hotel project for 20 rooms assumes the presence of a large parking lot,which may be surrounded by individual buildings.

Hotels with 50 rooms or more

These constructions belong to full-fledged hotel complexes and, in addition to ordinary rooms, have a number of additional facilities and premises. Such buildings are erected on several floors, trying to locate everything necessary for maintenance in the basement or at the basement level. Typical projects of hotels with 50 rooms usually have a spacious hall, left-luggage offices, places for relaxation and a lot of other areas necessary for receiving guests on the ground floor.

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Also, these hotels often have their own restaurant, intended not only for guests. It is located on the ground floor and is equipped with an additional separate entrance. In fact, the plan of the restaurant itself is a separate project, and they are developing it, focusing on the already finished space allotted during the manufacture of the main building.

Almost all such complexes provide a range of additional services, which include laundry, massage, gym and much more. Therefore, when projects of hotels with 50 rooms are created, this moment must be taken into account, especially if the room needs communications.

Hotel Design Principles

Typical placement of rooms suggests the presence of a long corridor along which the rooms are located. Such a hotel project is considered the most common, and it is used almost all over the world. The fact is that it is thanks to him that you can save maximum space andcreate convenience for future visitors and staff. However, there are other principles of room arrangement that require a special design or level of comfort.


Most often these are projects of mini-hotels. They are made in the form of two-storey buildings with terraces on both levels. These structures perform the function of a conventional open-type corridor. At the same time, this placement of rooms involves the creation of a separate administrative building with a small store. Canteens or restaurants are usually not provided in such options.

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Very often, hotel projects, inns suggest the presence of several rooms for we althy clients. They are located on a separate floor and can have their own administrator's desk and even separate security and servants. At the same time, given the dimensions of these rooms, there can only be two of them.

Some hotel owners, when designing these particular floors, insist on creating a separate entrance from the parking lot. This is very convenient if pop stars or politicians visit the hotel. If this is not possible, it is proposed to make a special elevator with closed access.


This hotel project is rare. However, if it is possible to make such a structural change, then this should be used. The fact is that on this square it is very convenient to create elite rooms for we althy clients or rent them out for banquets and holidays.

Given this specificity, it is very importantproperly organize access for visitors to this floor. Therefore, such projects often include the presence of freight and passenger elevators. However, do not forget about fire safety rules and take into account the possibility of emergency evacuation.

Room Furnishings

Usually a hotel room project is created depending on the desired level of comfort. However, if we talk about the average conditions for living in standard hotels, then you should pay attention to the mandatory criteria inherent in these areas.

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  • First of all, the room must have a bathroom. Almost all hotel construction projects take this into account and take care of all the necessary communications in advance.
  • The area of ​​the bathroom is determined based on the dimensions of the entire room allocated for organizing the room. Given this, many hotel owners are trying to save money and are planning to install a shower cabin, which saves a lot of space. This is especially important if the redevelopment of the old building is being designed, and not construction from the foundation.
  • Typical layout requires at least one window. However, it is worth remembering that it is not recommended to install a bed under it, which means that there should be enough free space in the room. This is often taken into account at the design stage, moving the window as close as possible to one of the walls in the presence of one bed or installing it in the center, taking into account two beds.
  • In general, the question of the layout of such roomsis very individual and depends on the personal preferences of the owners. At the same time, there are certain catalogs produced by well-known publications that offer to adhere to certain foundations in this area. It is believed that the uniformity of standard rooms does not cause discomfort or inconvenience for people who are constantly traveling and using such services.
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When creating a hotel project, it is very important to take into account the arrangement of furniture and household appliances in the rooms. This is required in order to correctly bring the necessary communication and understand what dimensions of the room are needed.

Standard room furnishings include at least a bed, a chair, a table and clothes hangers. At the same time, many hotel owners install a refrigerator, mini-bar, wardrobe and even a TV. This filling of the room requires proper placement and additional space.

Recommendations from experts

  • Before starting to develop a project, you need to familiarize yourself with the fire safety regulations of a particular region and the requirements of the sanitary service. They can differ greatly from each other not only in different countries, but also in regions, which is associated with climate change. At the same time, these recommendations and rules must be strictly observed during development so that the building can be put into operation.
  • If a hotel plans to receive a certain number of stars, then it needs to have all the services and services thatsuggests a particular category. Therefore, before sitting down to the drawings, it is very important to study the requirements of specific publications and authoritative critics in order to take into account, among other things, those shortcomings that were found even in well-known and respectable hotels.
  • If we are talking about a small hotel or the redevelopment of an ordinary house into a hotel, then in this case it is very important to save free space, but at the same time not create cramped conditions for future residents. As a result, the level of comfort will be reflected in the cost of living and the income of the entire enterprise. The most responsible owners of such buildings involve even economists and marketers in the development of the project.
  • It is important to remember that some types of such buildings are subject to mandatory registration and approval in the relevant services. Therefore, it is very important to know all the requirements in advance and make an agreement at the development stage.

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