Modern odnushka interior: features, ideas and recommendations

Modern odnushka interior: features, ideas and recommendations
Modern odnushka interior: features, ideas and recommendations

The interior of a one-room apartment is very difficult to compose, first of all you need to think about the delimitation of space. After all, sometimes a family of two or more people lives in a small room. Therefore, a competent interior of a one-room apartment should be made taking into account the fact that this is both a living room and a bedroom. That is why you first need to plan how to avoid oversaturation of the room with furniture and various details. The layout of a small room should be aimed at expanding space and increasing comfort.


First of all, you should think about folding furniture - a transforming sofa and other models that can be expanded and removed if necessary. If parents and a child live in the same room, the interior of the odnushka requires the use of various partitions that will create a personal space for each family member. You can think of a redevelopment option, and then you can create as much as possiblespace.

single room interior


The interior of a room in a odnushka should be functional. Despite the fact that we are talking about a fairly small area, you can fit everything you need in it, you just have to think through everything to the smallest detail so that it does not oversaturate the space and does not hamper your movements. Do not forget that when organizing a small room, you can also use the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe balcony, if any. You can use this room as a separate room in summer and even in winter, if you install special heated floors. And this is a very good way to expand the space.

odnushka interior

Interior of the living room

Most often, the only room in the apartment is equipped as a living room, that is, it acts as a place for daytime stay and receiving guests. A well-equipped living room is a kind of hallmark of its owners, it is by its setting that they judge the taste, and often the we alth of the owners. But at the same time, one should not forget about the urgent needs of the people living in the apartment, such as sleep, work or rest. This means that the modern interior of the odnushka should be organized in such a way that the room simultaneously performs the function of an office and a bedroom. Therefore, when developing a layout and design solution for a room, one should, first of all, provide for its multifunctionality.

For furnishing, it is better to choose compact upholstered furniture for relaxation, mobile bookcases and wardrobes for clothes. Sofait is preferable to choose a folding one. And the workplace can be a folding secretary or a small folding table.

interior of a one-room apartment with bright details

Living room-study in a one-room apartment

Equipping a room for a cozy office combined with a living room has become an equally popular solution when developing the interior of a odnushka. This layout is most suitable for people who work most of the time at home, at the computer.

A compact folding sofa, a writing or computer desk, a wardrobe and shelving will organically fit into the room. If you have made a choice in favor of cabinet furniture, then it is better to place it along the perimeter of the walls. And you need to choose high structures, right up to the ceiling. This simple technique allows you to maximize the use of the vertical space of the room. Sections in shelving or furniture walls can be divided according to their purpose: in some to place books, in others for trinkets or equipment dear to the heart, or even to organize a small bar.

Living room-dining room

Also often, when decorating the interior of a one-room apartment, a single room is used as a living room combined with a dining room. In this case, when planning the premises, it is necessary to consider the organization of two zones - for rest and for eating. In this case, a table that can be adjusted in height will become a universal piece of furniture. It helps to save space, and if necessary, it can be used as a coffee table. Next to such a piece of furniture it is better to put not bulky softarmchairs, but light wooden or metal chairs.

Shelving as a way to increase space

When creating the interior of a odnushka in Khrushchev, where the rooms are usually small, it should be remembered that even in a small room there are reserves of space, if you use a variety of racks wisely. In the event that the room has one window, or there are none at all, it is better to choose light wooden shelving without back walls. Low structures will look just as good in such rooms.

Mobile racks are very convenient when organizing the interior of a one-room studio. This layout assumes a maximum of open space: the kitchen is not separated from the living space. The use of shelving equipment in this case creates a special comfort.

zoning of a one-room apartment

Space zoning

When designing the interior of a odnushka family for space zoning, professional designers offer many original solutions. Recently, the use of light screens, curtains or even carpets as partitions has become a very popular technique. But most often, the owners of small apartments use a very simple way to organize isolated corners for work or leisure when repairing a odnushka. The interior design of a small room involves the use of partition screens made of plasterboard, MDF or chipboard. Separate structural elements are interconnected by piano hinges, which makes it easy and quick to fold them if necessary.

Color solution

Regarding choicecolors, it is recommended to give preference to one color when designing the interior of a odnushka. Of course, there are options here too. When zoning a room, you can emphasize the presence of zones with different shades, the main thing is to observe the measure in everything. The variety of modern finishing materials allows lovers of experiments to create the desired surroundings even in a one-room apartment - from a modest oriental style to luxurious baroque.

In a small room, it is also very important how all the details of the room decoration will be combined with each other. If we consider the interior of a odnushka of 33 sq. m., for the floor it is better to choose a plain coating of light colors. If you want brightness, a small contrasting carpet laid in the center of the room, multi-colored pillows on the sofa or chair covers will be an excellent accent. When choosing a floor covering, designers advise choosing a traditional laminate or a modern parquet board.

When decorating the ceiling, preference should also be given to light and plain designs. If the room is narrow and high, but at the same time divided into several functional areas, then experts consider it appropriate to use a multi-level stretch ceiling. The use of this option will help emphasize the presence of separate zones in the room.

interior of a one-room apartment

Lighting and accessories

A significant role in the development of the interior of the odnushki is assigned to the lighting of the room. Designers advise using a wide variety of lamps for this. The main thing is that they all be designed in the same style, whichharmonizes with the general appearance of the apartment. If the room is divided into zones, then different types of lamps can be successfully used to illuminate each of them. Note that a massive chandelier for such a room should not be used. Built-in LED spotlights are great for main lighting.

Style in the interior of odnushki

The interior of a one-room apartment, one way or another, cannot do without the chosen style. The modern interior of a one-room apartment can look very original if you approach this issue from a creative point of view. Consider the most unusual styles that can be used to organize the interior of a small one-room apartment.


The interior of a high-tech odnushka is, first of all, lightness, functionality, exclusivity, non-standard approach, the dominance of futuristic notes and maximum mobility of interior details. It is achieved by including transformer partitions in its composition. The combination of these components in the correct proportion allows you to create a kind of futuristic space station from a one-room apartment, including fragments of the interior of the future, brought into the atmosphere and decor.

High-tech room design means that the walls of the room will be painted with paint in one of the four most suitable colors - white, gray, beige or sand. Less often, pasting walls with plain wallpaper of a light color is allowed.

Windows should have blinds - horizontal or vertical, and as an element that softens suchharsh vestments, it is worth additionally using plain, dim and not very thick curtains for the window opening. Curtains and tulle and hi-tech are incompatible. The floor covering is also worth picking up in a single color. If desired, you can put a natural or artificial animal skin on the floor.

high-tech odnushka interior

Doors in a one-room apartment deserve special attention - they must be sliding and with a glass insert made of modern materials. Tinted glass is best suited for this, but there are more spectacular and expensive materials.

Additional attention should be paid to creating the most correct lighting. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the interior of a high-tech odnushka means that when planning lighting, preference is given to simplicity and artlessness, and it is recommended to opt for a mass of small multi-level built-in halogen lamps. String lighting systems that are mounted in a stretch ceiling will also look good in such an interior. At the same time, you can immediately kill two birds with one stone - to achieve the most efficient lighting and delimit the functional areas in the room.

As for furniture, when creating a high-tech odnushka design, one should not forget that the most important thing is the combination of the correct geometry of shapes with the uniformity of colors. So, it is best if the upholstered furniture is of a contrasting red or blue color, creating the effect of a “bright spot” in the room, but it should be said that only one object fromenvironment. Well, as for the form, a furniture modular system is sure to come in handy here, which can be transformed as you wish. Removable covers complete the picture.

Pop Art

Pop art style in the interior of a one-room apartment is usually chosen by bright creative people who simply cannot be in the ordinary atmosphere of an average apartment.

Pop art has always been considered a rebellious style, as it denied all the rules for creating an interior. The pop art style has no boundaries, and many still cannot express what the essence of such an interior is expressed in. It often features repetitive details and bright, bold colors. You can forget about all the rules when creating an interior in the spirit of pop art, multi-colored walls that have a contrasting color scheme are very popular here. Separately, I would like to write about the furniture for the interior of the odnushka in the style of pop art. It should be at a minimum, that is, exactly the items that you use, nothing more.

Furniture should be original and bright: these are ottomans, armchairs of unusual shapes and bold colors. And, of course, a sofa bed, at the head of which it would be appropriate to hang such an interior detail as a bright pop art painting. If the description of styles and the creation of the interior always talk about harmony, which should be present in the overall picture, then in this situation you can forget about it. In this case, everything is aimed at creating an absolutely opposite situation. That is why very often the interior of a one-room apartment in the style of pop art is chosen by young families who have justescaped from the parental nest and dream of creating their own atmosphere, which will embody youth, freshness and new unusual solutions. After all, you can make a lot of original ideas and details that will become an indispensable decoration and will cheer you up every day.

odnushka interior

Pop art in the interior is very popular today, because, as you know, fashion always comes back. Therefore, if your soul requires original ideas and solutions, you can immediately contact specialists who can design your pop art interior. And you can supplement it with your ideas and fantasies, no matter how bright they are. After all, do not forget that this rebellious style has only one rule - no rules.

And most importantly: when defining functional spaces when designing a one-room apartment, think about what can be taken outside the room, for example, into the hallway. Properly built-in mezzanines, sectional furniture will help you significantly unload the main room and make the most of the available space.

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