Children's room for a girl in Provence style: room decoration, selection of furniture

Children's room for a girl in Provence style: room decoration, selection of furniture
Children's room for a girl in Provence style: room decoration, selection of furniture

Each parent strives to create the best conditions for their child. Good food, expensive toys, educational circles, walks to interesting places. The boundless love that fills moms and dads is present in every action. Even in thinking over the design of the room for the future or already growing child.

Children's bedroom in Provence style has been popular lately. What attracts parents in this direction? Why don't they lean towards other options? Having understood the nature of the style, its color features and materials, it will be possible to answer the question posed.

General characteristics of direction

children's room for a girl in Provence style

From French, the word "Provence" is translated as "province". This is also the name of one of the regions of the state, which is associated among residents with small cozy towns and spacious villages.

Children's room in Provence style matches this mood. The name of the picturesque province, rich in agricultural plantations, became the name of the style direction. By the way, in some sources you can find a different version of the name - “Frenchcountry style." Motives close to nature, the mood of agricultural life significantly influenced certain moments in the interior. Provence-style children's room should not be an exception.

Why this particular style?

This direction in design is gaining more and more popularity. A nursery for a girl in the Provence style is becoming fashionable with parents from Russia. Light, sunny shades, mixed with airy and sophisticated simplicity, turn into a real breath of fresh oxygen for citizens exhausted by the greyness of the city's concrete labyrinths.

Some parents, when considering the styles of children's rooms, opt for this because of the decor. Decorating the child's bedroom with small plastic and other items of rural life, they recall with quivering nostalgia their own carefree years in the house of grandparents. Maybe they were not as luxurious as the French province, but there is nothing dearer and warmer than the love of old people in the world.

children's room in Provence style


A Provence-style nursery for a girl is distinguished by an abundance of sunlight, greenery, natural shades, golden strokes of a ripe harvest, the brightness of fruits and flower bouquets - every detail is reflected in the color palette inherent in this design.

One of the most characteristic flowers here is lavender. It combines the coldness of lilacs and the warmth of yellow, white shades. At the same time, it is important to take into account that the colors should be muted, consistent with the sunny autumn motif.

Children's for girls in styleProvence should be shrouded in a mysterious web of past times. Floral motifs and floral ornaments will be the basis of the decorative solution of this design. Both living and painted bouquets will find a place in the child's room, a composition in a vase of dry cereals and artificial flowers will look good. And the basis of the ornament here, first of all, will be a picturesque vine of grapes.


children's furniture for girls in Provence style

Children's furniture for girls in the Provence style, as well as decorative and finishing components of the interior, should be made of natural materials. Stone figurines, wooden chairs and tables, ceramic ornaments, non-synthetic fabrics.

Shiny metal structures and plastic elements will look inappropriate and tasteless in the interior. Particular attention should be paid to the shape of objects. The designer should avoid sharpness, no futuristic forms. The style in question is characterized by conservatism and cozy old-fashionedness. For example, a Provence-style bed should be vintage, with a soft mattress and a delicate blanket.


The presence of forged ornaments in various pieces of furniture (sometimes deliberately rough and simple), in sophisticated accessories, in metal beds (freshly painted or purposely aged) - the main element that forms this design.

Provence-style sofas, as well as other furniture, antique clocks, armchairs, chairs, lampshades, must not be new. Or artificially aged. Bring your idea to life withaccuracy is not so easy for a lover of French Art Nouveau.

It is easy to get all these elements in the homeland of style - the old people are very frugal. However, in Russia it is extremely difficult to find something similar for little money. Yes, and for the big ones too. The Provence style is not characterized by exquisite mirrors, carved chairs and chests of drawers with gilded decorations, it is characterized by simple furniture, very often even painted over varnish.

Provence style sofas

Keeping the right color combinations is extremely important. In this, the style in question has a lot of similarities with Scandinavian interiors. The most popular colors are olive, light ocher, milky white, lavender, cream. Very often you can find a blue pastel binding with yellow - a reflection of the earth and sky.

Colors should not be bright, tenderness and mutedness rule the ball. Basically, all the furniture is light, made of natural wood.

Finishing materials

children's bedroom in Provence style

A nursery for a girl in Provence style requires attention in this direction as well. The walls in the room can be solved in two directions:

  1. Natural materials. The roughness of masonry, textured wood panels, decorative plaster. Each of these materials is great for the Provence style, but some designers are sure that they are not suitable for a children's room.
  2. The second option is wallpaper. The lightest shades, with a small flower pattern, or any other floral ornament.

In village housesnever had other floors than wood. When choosing coverings for a nursery, you can opt for light-colored parquet, a pattern of massive terracotta boards, or a floor painted in cream or light coffee color. If we consider modern materials, it is best to opt for a laminate. The combination of the floor with the walls is very important.

The color of the ceilings, with rare exceptions, is white. No need to combine Provence with the latest inventions of designers. Any ceiling panels, stucco, suspended or plastic will look ugly, unnatural. The dance of the white ceiling with light walls and floor greatly visually enlarges the space of the room for the children's room, which is very useful. Large windows will fit well into the interior.


There are no difficulties in choosing fabrics. In the Provence style, natural textiles such as linen, cotton, chintz, homespun cloth have always been welcomed. They can be easily purchased in every city.

Provence style bed

A Provence-style bed should be decorated with the same fabrics. Pillowcases or bedspreads, as well as decorative pillows, are embroidered with the same floral ornaments. A separate question concerns the aesthetic relevance of old fabrics in a children's room.

Recently, the so-called patchwork is gaining popularity - sewn multi-colored patches, combined into a simple composition of stripes or geometric patterns. They look good in this design.

Delightfully fit intointerior and lace napkins or tablecloths, as well as thin curtains. Cushion covers are a nice decoration for bows and tassels.

kids room styles

Decorative elements

According to the designers, developing pictures and other similar things are not appropriate in this style. In such an interior, it is enough to use a large number of ancient figurines, unusually shaped clocks, and other neat knick-knacks.

Provence-style sofas should be decorated with decorative pillows, soft toys will also look good here. On the walls you can hang pictures depicting an autumn or rural landscape, fruits, vegetables. The works of French painters, who depicted the beauty of the serene province in their works, will look worthy.

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