What should be the pipe for the fence

What should be the pipe for the fence
What should be the pipe for the fence

Before you put a fence around your site, you need to ask yourself how harmonious it will look in combination with the structures already available on this very site. To answer, you need to decide on the material of the intake sections, its quality and, of course, the cost. Agree, the fence of a stone mansion from the Rabitz mesh will look rather ridiculous. While for a plot in a garden cooperative, such a fence is quite appropriate. When the owner of the garden decides on the canvas itself, he will have to think about what it will hold on to. That is, the next "headache" is a pipe for the fence. It is about her that this article will be discussed.

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Pipe for a fence from a chain-link mesh

The determining dimension for the rack will be the height of the section web. As a rule, the grid of this design has three standards - these are 1, 5, 1, 8, 2, 1 m. The pipe should be selected 45 centimeters longer. 40 centimeters will go into the ground. The rack will be 5 centimeters higher than the fence canvas. This is quite enough to make the fence look aesthetically pleasing. I think it is unnecessary to remind that in the case of the chain-link mesh, metal pipes for fences are needed.

Another characteristic is important - the diameter of the pipe. It should not be big or small. In the first case, it will be more difficult (and more expensive) to protect the pipe from moisture getting inside. In the second, it is more difficult to weld the hooks for hanging the net. By the way, about moisture. The pipe for the intake can be subjected not only to corrosion, if water gets inside, it can “freeze” during the first frost. Which, of course, will shorten the life of the entire fence. Therefore, the ideal option is when the pipe for the fence is welded on top with a cap and painted on the outside.

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The shape of the racks is not as important as the material from which they are made. But it is much more convenient for craftsmen if the pipe is square or rectangular.

Pipe for wooden fence

Gone are the days when fence posts made of this material were also made of wood. These pillars are impractical, amenable to rapid decay, labor-intensive to maintain. More and more, for wooden fences, the owners use metal or asbestos pipes. The latter can be called the most protected from corrosion, but it is difficult to give them the title of shock-resistant. To attach a wooden sheet to asbestos poles, it will be necessary to purchase not only self-tapping screws, but also clamps. An asbestos fence pipe is usually installed on a sand and gravel pad, which is placed in holes 50 cm deep. After the post is installed, it is poured with concrete. This method is sometimes used to strengthen the structure. Before installing an asbestos pipe, a metal rod is dug into the center of the pit. And after installing the pillar insideit is poured with concrete. The result is a reinforced pipe for the fence, the price of which is much lower than any reinforcing structure.

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It's not a problem to buy props. A pipe for a fence, the price of which is not high (only 250-300 rubles per meter), is available to almost everyone. The problem is that you always want the purchased materials to last as long as possible, so buy fence pipes from trusted suppliers.

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