What you need to know to make the layout of the house comfortable

What you need to know to make the layout of the house comfortable
What you need to know to make the layout of the house comfortable

There is a wise saying in the Talmud: "A man must first build a house, grow a vineyard, and then marry." It is not possible to grow a vineyard everywhere, but with a house everything is quite realistic and within our power.

house layout

If the issue with the land has already been resolved, then construction begins with determining how the future owner sees his home: how many rooms there will be, their purpose and size. Thus, it is imperative to know what the layout of the house will be.

You, as the future owner of the house, can buy a finished project. The choice is now huge: for all tastes and possibilities. But then you need to set the search parameters based on the number of residents and the wishes of the developer. There are building codes for the minimum area of ​​a living room, as well as for combining bathrooms.

Save space

The layout of a one-story house will be much simpler than a high-rise building. To begin with, it is better to make a floor-by-floor sketch of the communication between the rooms, starting from the front door: entrance - vestibule - entrance hall - dining room - bathroom - living room - dressing room. In this case, it is necessary to draw with arrows whichrooms communicate with each other, and which are walk-through. In our case, the entrance hall should be the central room and communicate with everyone else.

To save money on heating and lighting, it is better to place more window openings on the south and southeast side, and make the north, if possible, deaf (if the location of the site allows it).

What does it cost us to build a two-story house

single storey house plan

The layout of a house with two floors is much more convenient, since private rooms (bedrooms, an office) are usually located on the second floor. In a one-story building, it is difficult to think of a separate passage to each bedroom, as the total area increases due to the longer corridors. For the same reason, the usable area is reduced.

Cost savings should not be in conflict with the regulations: at least one room must be at least 18 m². The average width of the corridors should be 1.2 m, living quarters - at least 2 m along any axis. Ceiling heights from 2.2 m for residential premises, and from 1.9 m for utility rooms.

If two generations of the family are planned to live, the layout of the house is desirable with separate entrances. It was not in vain that it was said before: the parental half should be separate from the dwelling of grown-up children. It is better to make a garage in a complex with a house: savings in heating costs plus a direct connection to the house (save your he alth in winter).

Cozy cottage

country house layout

The layout of a country house is functionally no differentfrom an ordinary house located in the city. Is that the presence of a boiler room and open terraces. Although now in the city, few people dare to connect to central heating, as it is too expensive. It is better to place a bathroom, a boiler room, a kitchen close to each other due to lower costs for sewer networks. When you are planning two floors, then for this you need to combine considerations of economy with regulations: closer to the kitchen and bathroom of the first level, but not above the living quarters. If the layout of the house allows, it is better to place the bathrooms on top of each other. Do not forget about the "eyes" of the dacha - they should be large and facing picturesque places. Therefore, we recommend making at least two large windows facing the sunny side.

Summarizing what has been said: choosing a standard project that provides for all the standards will cost less than ordering an individual one. The cost of the design sketch for today is about 10,000 rubles. It does not contain detailed drawings, but shows a simple layout of the house with dimensions and designation of windows and doors. It is worth remembering that when ordering a project, you will also have to pay for architectural supervision and other types of state examinations.

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