Astrameria - flowers for your home and garden

Astrameria - flowers for your home and garden
Astrameria - flowers for your home and garden

A flower with a variegated color, somewhat reminiscent of an orchid, has long been loved by florists and lovers of indoor plants. Its name is astrameria. The flowers belong to the Alstroemeria family and come from the subtropical and tropical regions of South America. This perennial plant was loved and deified by the Incas. It was brought to Europe in the eighteenth century.

The plant is quite tall, can reach a height of eighty centimeters. Leaves are bright green and lanceolate. Flower color varies by variety.

How attractive the astrameria flower is, the photo shows very clearly. Hybrid varieties are often chosen for breeding. Of the most popular varieties, Pelegrina, Margaret, Parigo Charm can be mentioned. Their flowers can be in the form of a funnel, dark red, yellow, blue, white, orange shades with strokes. The height also varies from forty centimeters to one meter. For the tallest varieties, you need to put props. Flowering time - June-August.

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The plant can be grown in greenhouses or at home. The flower loves spacious rooms, coolness and light, but blooms well in partial shade. The tropical plant isastrameria, flowers therefore prefer a temperature regime of sixteen to twenty degrees and high humidity. They can't stand the heat. During regular and moderate watering, water should be avoided on the flowers, as well as its stagnation in the roots. In winter, the plant needs less moisture.

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Suitable for growing astrameria in the garden, flowers are pre-grown from seeds in April or May before planting in open ground. For a summer cottage, the variety "funny moths" is suitable. Perennials are dug up in October and stored in the cellar.

Propagate the plant can be very easy. For this, its root is divided - a tuber. For planting a flower, a special composition of the soil is required. It should be slightly acidic, it should include leafy soil, peat, humus and sand.

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Very good flower in bouquets, as it retains freshness for quite a long time and is odorless. It is presented as a gift to women and included in the bride's bouquet. When bred at home, astrameria shows its capricious character. Flowers may die if they are not provided with the necessary conditions. This can happen if in winter they lack light and moisture in the air. In addition, the plant needs a dormant period, otherwise it may become exhausted and stop flowering. As top dressing, it is recommended to use fertilizers for ornamental flowering or bulbous plants. Light day for a flower should be 13-14 hours. At home, it canplace on the south window. In the greenhouse, it is desirable to organize the backlight with fluorescent lamps. If you are fascinated by astrameria, flowers, the price of which is quite affordable, can be purchased in specialized stores. Choose for yourself what you like - a ready-made bouquet of these delicate beauties or an elegant flower grown in a small pot.

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