Marble staircase - a combination of practicality and style

Marble staircase - a combination of practicality and style
Marble staircase - a combination of practicality and style

Classic marble and granite stairs look beautiful and expensive. Since ancient times, they have emphasized the social status of the owner of the house. They were installed in government buildings, museums, family estates and noble castles. After reading this article, you will learn about the main features and benefits of such structures.

Main properties of the material used to make these products

Marble staircase is the best suited for private mansions. It is one of the most successful combinations of aesthetics and excellent technical characteristics. For the manufacture of such structures, natural material is used, which is characterized by high strength and practicality.

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The main advantages of marble include not only excellent decorative performance, but also excellent quality parameters. It is considered an environmentally friendly material, as safe as possible for human he alth. Structures made from it have an increasedresistance to the negative impact of external factors. They can easily withstand heavy weight, shock and other mechanical damage. The duration of their operation is more than a dozen years, and despite the fact that they require special care.

The disadvantages of such structures include a relatively high cost. Today, a marble staircase, the price of which varies between 4,000-15,000 rubles and more, is considered quite an expensive pleasure, inaccessible to most average citizens.

The most important features of marble steps

Many years of practical observations have shown that the bottom of this design is the most subject to wear. Therefore, experts recommend purchasing products with removable steps. In this case, you can periodically swap them so that the wear is more even. A marble staircase is poorly cleaned of traces of iodine, ink and brilliant green. Therefore, you need to make sure that these substances do not spill on it.

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It is important to understand that the stone used for turning balusters is not always suitable for the production of steps. In addition, marble is considered a relatively soft material with relatively low friction resistance, frost resistance and hardness.

Styling Secrets

In nature, there is a marble of cold and warm shades. Therefore, in the process of forming treads, it is necessary to use slabs that best match the color scheme of the room.

Installing marble stepsfor stairs, it is important to choose the right shade of adhesive composition. Professionals recommend taking white, as it will not be noticeable through the thickness of the tread. It is advisable to give preference to a short-term adhesive that does not have time to be absorbed into the pores of the material.

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For greater safety of the structure, its surface should be treated with special compounds such as beeswax or impregnations for natural stone. Those who are short of money, but dream of a marble staircase, can be advised to order facing plates that decorate the steps. They will cost much less than solid structures.

Existing technologies

Today, the decoration of stairs with marble is carried out in different ways. Modern steps can be divided into three categories:

Factory products. Some companies are engaged in the production of ready-made standard elements that have standard sizes. Such steps are relatively inexpensive, since after their manufacture there is practically no waste left

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  • Slabs are massive raw stone slabs. Their minimum thickness is 4 centimeters. They are used to make a wide variety of products.
  • Setting steps are ideal for luxury mansions, the floor of which is finished with different grades of natural stone.

Marble staircase: care and maintenance

Products made of durable natural stone are differentspecial durability. They have excellent performance characteristics. However, the owners of such structures should not forget that stains from accidentally spilled liquids may remain on this material.

The marble staircase is not susceptible to sudden temperature changes, so it can be installed at the main entrance. Frosts will not affect the integrity of the structure in any way, and the sun's rays will not cause a change in the shade of the steps.

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Outwardly aristocratic staircase does not require complex maintenance. Marble is considered one of the most practical materials. To keep the steps clean, they should be periodically wiped with a damp cloth. To restore their original gloss and shine, it is enough to refresh them by re-polishing.


Marble stairs can be considered a special element of the interior. It allows you to decide on the basic idea of ​​\u200b\u200bdecorating the room. Spectacular steps made of natural stone have long attracted we althy people who want to emphasize their belonging to the upper strata of society. Today, these monumental grandiose structures are found in many country mansions. The only thing that should not be forgotten when ordering a marble staircase is that a qualified specialist should be involved in the creation of such products. Only a true professional will be able to determine the correct direction of cutting material, allowing to reveal its aesthetic potential.

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