Choosing a table support: a few simple tips

Choosing a table support: a few simple tips
Choosing a table support: a few simple tips

Undoubtedly, one of the most necessary interior items can be considered a table. In the dining room and office, in the kitchen and nursery, in the bedroom and office - the table is used everywhere. The table top is, of course, crucial in interior design, but don't discount the table support. Whether you call it legs, underframes or whatever, its function is to keep the tabletop at a certain height.


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Installing a table support on one, two, three or more legs is a matter of convenience and safety. In each case, there is a certain exact calculation. Many circumstances are taken into account: the stability of the table, the cost-effectiveness of manufacturing, design features and much more. It would be useful to note the compliance with the design of the room.

Widespread popularity in the modern market is acquired by legs-supports for various furniture, which are made of perforated steel. stylish look,long-term reliable service, resistance to external influences make them indispensable both at home and in the office.

It is much easier to make a table support from metal than from wood. Everyone knows the flexibility and strength of this material. A variety of metal supports for tables and chairs allows you to expand the range of furniture products almost unlimitedly.

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The metal pipes used vary in diameter and fit easily into each other, so that adjustable poles can be produced at low cost. By supplying them with a variety of screws, manufacturers get transformer furniture.

This kind of table support is used in various offices where there is a need to change the height of tables and chairs. It can also be installed in the kitchen to turn the dining table into a coffee table with a flick of the wrist.

Ease of use, economy and design are essential criteria for table support. Metal structures are very comfortable and fit perfectly into modern minimalist styles.

Mobility of furniture

The need to move furniture occurs quite often. The wheel supports will allow you to move the table, cabinet, chair and at the same time not damage the coating. When purchasing such furniture, it is worth paying considerable attention to the design of the moving part made of metal, and the swivel joints should not cause the slightest doubt.

Design Features

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You can place the glass top on the table supportin the design of premises for various purposes. Transparent glass does not hide the shortcomings of the legs, but rather, on the contrary, opens them. The graceful support needs special attention.

Aluminum or steel legs for tables enhance the sophistication of classic modern style. Curved, woven into unthinkable shapes, they will add fantastic to the whole interior.

The high strength and stability of glass tables is a necessity and a guarantee of safety. The table support made of cast iron can be combined not only with a transparent tabletop, but also with wood and metal. Such designs harmoniously look in the interior of the country style.

Cafe Application

You can buy a custom-made table support for a cafe or restaurant. The exclusive interior will attract customers. Moreover, you can change the style of the room with new countertops, which often fail.

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Sustainability, reliability and unique design are more important than ever. By spending serious money on comfortable supports, you will save on long-term operation.

The use of wood, metal and casting makes the furniture visually more expensive, creating the image of a cafe or bar.

The same type of legs of metal supports in tables and chairs of different heights support the uniform style of the entire room.

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