Calculation of bathroom tiles - it is important to do it right

Calculation of bathroom tiles - it is important to do it right
Calculation of bathroom tiles - it is important to do it right

Appearance is the calling card of any room. When visiting, everyone first pays attention to how beautiful and neat the walls, ceilings and floors look, and only then to the technical equipment and other points.

bathroom tile calculation

The bathroom is no exception. As a rule, ceramic tiles are used for walls and floors. The success of its laying is largely determined by how interesting the layout was designed and the corresponding calculation of bathroom tiles was made. And the more difficult the first, the more carefully you need to approach the second.

Calculation of bathroom tiles: what you need to know

The simplest thing is to determine the amount of this finishing material intended for the floor. Need to know:

  • floor surface dimensions;
  • layout method (straight, diagonal, consisting of one type of tile or combined);
  • bathroom size, if installed;
  • geometric dimensions of the tile.

With the walls, everything is somewhat more complicated. First, you needdefine:

  • wall perimeter length, ceiling height;
  • height of the bathroom, if it will be installed (after all, it is not necessary to lay tiles behind it, at the same time it can affect the laid out picture);
  • the bathtub will be paneled or tiled;
  • height and width of the doorway, windows, if any;
  • in case a shower cabin is installed - what will the pallet be: purchased or tiled.

This is the basic knowledge you need before planning your layout. To begin with, you can decide whether the pattern will consist only of tiles, or whether it will be combined with a mosaic. Of course, the easiest option is light, for example, white bathroom tiles in the upper part of the room, and under it through the curb - dark. In this case, the calculations are quite simple.

White bathroom tiles

But with the choice of materials that is available today, few people stop at this. Basically, preference is given to more complex combinations, various decorative inserts, and so on. One way or another, you will have to draw each wall of the room and decide on the layout, and only then do the calculation of the tiles for the bathroom.

In any case, consider:

  • tile size;
  • stock (minimum is 5% but can be more);
  • layout method, which should be done taking into account the fact that in prominent places (including corners) it is better to use solid tiles, and not “trimmings”.

bathroom tiles

Calculate bathroom tiles: do it manually or use special software?

Most of the free programs that have appeared in large numbers today allow you to help in order to do the calculations correctly, but only if the layout is standard. The program will help determine the number of tiles, skirting boards, and possibly borders. In the case of a complex drawing, you will have to draw and calculate everything manually. Using the program, you can only roughly check the total.

Another thing - special programs that allow you to design bathrooms. The tile is selected as a finishing material, and at the same time a plan for its layout and calculation is carried out.

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