Pumps for irrigation from a barrel: an overview of popular models

Pumps for irrigation from a barrel: an overview of popular models
Pumps for irrigation from a barrel: an overview of popular models

All vegetable crops require regular watering. The easiest way is to put the barrel in the sun and pour water into it. You can water with a watering can and a bucket, but, unfortunately, it's hard. You can use a special pump for watering from the barrel and hoses. Such equipment will make your life much easier.

Pump for irrigation from a barrel

The easiest and simplest solution for watering from a barrel is to choose a special pump. There are not many varieties, so the choice will be easy to figure out. The most popular is the Karcher pump for watering from a barrel.

pump equipment

A special bracket is installed on this pump. This tube allows you to attach it to the drum and in the place where the hose is attached. The pump for watering from a barrel is submersible. Thanks to a special dry-running protection, the pump automatically shuts off when the drum is empty.

Such a pump for irrigation from a barrel has one significant drawback: the price is too high, which not everyone can afford.

Which pump to choose: barrel or conventional

Experienced gardeners know that one ofThe main device for growing plants is a special device for watering. Some cultures do not tolerate cold water, they start to get sick. In this case, it is recommended to put a barrel on the site for settling and heating water. In order not to carry it with buckets and a watering can, they invented a pump for watering from a barrel.

Water pump

One of the main differences between a barrel pump and other devices are:

  • lower price than others;
  • the ability to pump liquid out of any container;
  • strong pressure;
  • this pump does not take up much space.

What are the criteria for choosing a barrel pump?

When choosing a pump for watering a garden from a barrel, you need to pay special attention to the following characteristics:

  • what is its performance;
  • is it equipped with dry run protection;
  • can pump contaminated liquid.

Speaking of performance, they take into account how many liters of water the pump can pump in one unit of time. It is advisable to choose models with a small capacity, for example 40 l / min. A more powerful submersible pump for watering a barrel is able to pump out liquid in a few minutes, which is not very convenient.

When the barrel is empty, the pump is protected against dry running. If the hydraulic machine continues to work, but there is no water, then it will soon fail. Basically, pumps are used on the site for irrigation from a 200 l barrel. This is a very small container. After all, even with low performancewatering will be carried out in minutes. Therefore, it is quite easy to miss the moment when the liquid runs out. If the pump is equipped with protection, it will turn itself off when the tank is empty. In the photo posted in the article, the pump for watering the garden from the Karcher barrel.

pump assembly

You should also pay attention to an equally important factor: whether the pump can pump dirty water. Many hydraulic machines are not recommended for use with dirty water. Often in garden plots with repeated watering, a small sediment remains at the bottom of the barrel. Also, special organic and mineral fertilizers can be added to such tanks. As a result, the water becomes not quite clean. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase a pump that is designed for this.

Pump Types

Depending on the scope of use, there are several main types:

  1. Wells.
  2. Drainage.
  3. Surface.


This is also called a submersible barrel pump. Such devices are quite demanding on the purity of water. Their cost is low, so they are ideal for pumping water from barrels. As long as it's clean.

Domestic pump without float

Not all submersible pumps are dry running protected. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to this factor. Based on practice, experienced gardeners recommend purchasing models with just such a function.

karcher pump

This unit can also be purchased,if there is a well in the yard. This makes it possible to use the pump for different purposes. For example, not only for watering from a barrel, but also for drawing water from a well.


Such pumps are used to pump out contaminated liquid. It is mainly purchased for pumping water from basements and ditches. The main advantage of a hydraulic machine - the ability to pump out contaminated water - makes it almost indispensable in the household.

Many pumps in this category have dry running protection. They differ from other types in the absence of a bracket and a small pressure. But if watering is carried out from a barrel, then this is not so important and is not a disadvantage.

At the price they are much cheaper than other types of pumps. Therefore, if you want to save money, and watering will be carried out from a barrel, you can purchase a drainage pump.

Standard pump

Pump station or surface pump

This is the least suitable for watering from a barrel. The main reason is the need to install it on the surface of the tank so that it does not touch the water.

This pump is often used in areas where water is extracted from reservoirs or to increase pressure.

The main feature is the mandatory installation of a check valve. To pump water out of the barrel, a hose is attached to the inlet, and a check valve is installed at the other end.

If the check valve is not installed, it can quickly fail, as it will pump air almost all of its time. Also, watering will take verya lot of time and will bring a lot of trouble.

Pumps for drip irrigation from a barrel

In some cases, it is highly undesirable to water in the usual way, as young plants may die from an excess of moisture. In this case, a pump for drip irrigation from a barrel can be used on the site.

The pump is installed in a barrel of a small size, a pipeline is attached to it. Pipes are distributed throughout the beds. You just need to make sure that there is no strong pressure.

Water pump

Each pipe should have special taps that allow you to adjust or stop the water supply at any time.

Water flows throughout the irrigation system, moistens the soil at the root. In this case, you can water the plantings not only in the open field, but also in the greenhouse. Also, it is not necessary to constantly be nearby and follow the work. Especially such watering helps in those regions where the climate is hot and there is practically no rain. This saves water and provides plants with moisture.

How to use the pump

For watering a garden from a barrel, a barrel pump is ideal for small plots and flower beds. Most vegetable crops do not tolerate cold water well. When it is not possible to install a special system on the site, watering from a barrel will be an excellent solution.

The operation of the device depends on the fulfillment of several rules:

  1. Installation of a special container into which water will be poured and stored.
  2. It can be filled with tap water or wait untilit will fill with rainwater.
  3. The pump must be lowered to the bottom or, as required by the instructions, installed on the surface of the tank.
  4. Then you should attach the remote from the pump to the barrel.
  5. It is advisable to attach specially prepared hoses to the pump, a watering can is installed on them.
  6. Connect to the mains.

Operation principle

steel frame pump

A hydraulic device, immersed in water or installed above the surface, begins to draw water from the barrel and, at various pressures that can be created by any means, begins to supply water under pressure to the water supply or irrigation system. Most models have a special float sensor that is able to determine the need to fill the barrel with liquid.

Submersible pumps for watering the garden from the Karcher barrel are installed on the bottom of the tank. They are equipped with special protection against idle operation, i.e. in the absence of water. That is why many gardeners prefer this brand.

Connection and service

Irrigation pumps are quite easy to use. Even inexperienced users can assemble the unit within half an hour and immediately try it in action.

There is a special connection procedure:

  1. A telescopic tube or hose must be connected to the hydraulic machine, which will be connected to the boom.
  2. Lower the pump to the bottom of the tank using a special long hose. In this case, the bar must be fixed on the surface or on the edge.barrels.
  3. A prepared irrigation hose is attached to the rod through the fitting, on the opposite side of which special equipment for spraying can be installed.
  4. An electric wire with a switch is connected to the body of the rod.
  5. Before starting work, the hydraulic machine is connected to electricity. You can turn it on immediately after the pump is immersed in the bottom of the tank.
  6. After the water runs out, some types of units can turn off automatically.
  7. If the pump does not have protection, you need to constantly ensure that it does not run dry. So it can quickly fail.
  8. After turning off the unit, dry it well, reel up the hoses and store in a dry, closed room.
  9. It is better to buy special barrel pumps from well-known and trusted suppliers. They must provide all documentation and issue a warranty card.
  10. When purchasing goods for the garden, you need to make sure they are in good condition, check if all spare parts are available.

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