How to measure battery capacity with a multimeter: step by step instructions

How to measure battery capacity with a multimeter: step by step instructions
How to measure battery capacity with a multimeter: step by step instructions

Today, batteries of various types are used in a wide variety of techniques. This ensures autonomy and comfort when working with the equipment. The functioning of the equipment depends on the correct operation of the battery, so users strive to control the main indicators of the batteries.

Owners of vehicles, devices, mechanisms, tools that run on electricity may have a question about how to measure the battery capacity with a multimeter. This simple process is carried out according to a specific instruction. How to measure yourself, each user will be interested to study in detail.

What is a multimeter

The battery capacity is measured using a special device. It combines the functions of an ammeter, voltmeter and ohmmeter. Therefore, the multimeter is considered a universal instrument.

With the help of the presented equipment, you can check the wire for an open, the voltage in the outlet, the performance of household electrical appliances,as well as assess the level of charge of batteries of various types (car, laptop, phone, household appliances, etc.).

How to measure battery capacity with a multimeter

The device allows you to measure direct and alternating current, its continuity in the network. It also provides information about the resistance of the circuit element. This is a useful device that will come in handy in everyday life for every home master.

Types of multimeters

When wondering whether it is possible to measure the battery capacity of a car, smartphone, laptop or any other household appliance with a multimeter, it is necessary to consider the types of devices presented.

There are analog and digital multimeters. In the first case, the measurement result is shown by an arrow on a special scale. This is one of the cheapest types of devices. However, for those who have never used such devices, it is better to give preference to digital varieties. Also, analog multimeters have a small measurement error.

Is it possible to measure battery capacity with a multimeter

Digital multimeters display the measurement result. This distinguishes them from the previous group of devices. The information on the screen is highly accurate and understandable to any user.

Device device

Getting into the question of how to determine the battery capacity with a multimeter, you also need to understand how the device works. The design of the device has a dial. It displays test information. If an analog version of the device is used, before usingyou need to study the meaning of divisions.

Also, the device has a button or function switch. This design element allows you to switch modes and the scale of the counter. When storing the device, the handle is set to the off position. To start working with the multimeter, turn the lever to the desired mode.

How to measure the battery capacity of a phone with a multimeter

The case must have holes for probes. A probe with a red wire has a positive polarity, while a probe with a black wire has a negative polarity. These are the main points that a novice user should know.

Existing battery types

When using household appliances, the user may be interested in how to measure the capacity of a 18650 battery with a multimeter. This size of batteries is popularly called finger-type.

How to measure the capacity of a 18650 battery with a multimeter

It is most often used in various remotes, flashlights, household appliances. To investigate the performance of each battery, the charge of such batteries is measured.

Also, the user may be interested in how to check the functional qualities of such varieties as a battery for a laptop, smartphone or any other gadget. If, after fully charging the device, the multimeter shows a capacity different from that declared by the manufacturer, the battery will soon have to be changed.

Different power tools may use a battery that requires proper charging. If this manufacturer's requirement is not met, the capacitybattery is gradually depleted. You can determine such problems using a multimeter.

One of the main areas of application of the measuring device is the assessment of the capacity of a car battery (battery). In this case, a special measurement technology is used.

Measuring battery life

Considering how to measure the battery capacity of a phone with a multimeter, as well as other types of household batteries, you should study the technology of this process. First of all, you need to turn on the measuring device. Its mode switch lever is set to the "Constant Current" position.

The maximum range when measuring these types of batteries should be 10 to 20 MA. Next, the probes are brought to the battery contacts. In this case, the "minus" must be connected to the "plus" and vice versa. If the action is performed correctly, the test indication will appear on the screen. For example, for a AA battery, the value can range from 0 to 1.5 V.

How to measure battery capacity with a multimeter

After measurements, the electrical circuit is quickly disconnected. For all batteries that are tested in this way, you should compare the result with the indicators on the box. If there are deviations, you need to draw conclusions about the further use of the battery.

Car battery

Car owners may also be interested in how to measure battery capacity with a multimeter. The instruction for this process contains a number of features. Batteries may have a sensor that allows you to determine their capacity and changecharge. However, not every car battery has such a function. In this case, the multimeter will help evaluate the indicators.

How to determine battery capacity with a multimeter

During the test, the voltage at the terminals is measured. A fully charged battery will read 12.6V. If the reading drops to 12.2V, the battery is partially discharged. In this case, the owner of the car must recharge the battery.

If the multimeter shows less than 12 V without load on the battery, it means that the device is completely discharged. Readings of the device less than 11 V are considered critical. In this case, the battery can no longer be used. Also, the battery cannot be charged, so you will have to purchase new equipment.

How to check the battery?

When learning how to measure battery capacity with a multimeter, consider the procedure for a vehicle battery. A full check of the autonomous power source will help to avoid problems in the car's electrical network, extend the life of the battery.

First, the battery must be disconnected from the machine system. It is allowed to disconnect only the "minus" contact. Next, you need to turn on the multimeter. The test mode is set in the range from 0 to 20 V.

Measuring battery capacity

The multimeter probes are connected to the battery contacts. A red wire is connected to the positive terminal, and a black wire is connected to the negative terminal. If this procedure is performed correctly, the result will appear on the instrument screen.measurements.

Capacity measurement with a multimeter

When learning how to measure battery capacity with a multimeter, you should consider the main features of this process. There are several ways to do it. A less commonly used approach is to measure capacitance using a control discharge. Capacitance is measured at a load that can take half the battery current.

When carrying out this process, the vehicle owner must take into account the density of the electrolyte. If the battery is fully charged, this figure will be 1.24 g / cm³. If the battery is discharged by one fourth, the indicator will be 1.2 g / cm³. Accordingly, a half-discharged power supply will show 1.16 g/cm³.

The check is made if the car does not start well. The capacity and charge of the battery must be within the limits specified by the manufacturer, otherwise the operation of the equipment will be defective.

Capacity measurement

Knowing how to measure the battery capacity with a multimeter, you can perform the procedure yourself. To do this, you need to prepare a multimeter. When measuring, a load must act on the battery, taking half the battery current. For example, if the battery capacity is 7Ah, then the load should be 3.5V. You will need a car headlight bulb (35-40V).

The load is connected. Next, you need to wait a few minutes. A load in the form of a light bulb will immediately determine the low battery charge. If the light is dim, the battery can no longer be used.

If the light is bright, you can measure. Voltageon terminals 12, 4 V indicates the he alth of the battery, its full capacity. If there are certain starting problems, the problem is not with the battery. If the capacity is less than 12.4 V, you should consider purchasing a new battery soon.

If the parameters of the equipment during measurements do not match those indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions, the car, telephone, power tools will not be able to work correctly. This will cause them to quickly break down and lead to the need to purchase new expensive equipment.

Having considered how to measure the capacity of a battery with a multimeter, you can evaluate the functionality of a battery of any kind. This will avoid the malfunction of any electrical equipment powered by an independent source of electricity.

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