What is a lancet arch? Building a pointed arch

What is a lancet arch? Building a pointed arch
What is a lancet arch? Building a pointed arch

Arches are quite popular in interior design. In almost every stylistic direction of housing decoration, you can find its own unique form of construction. The lancet arch is used to create a unique oriental or gothic interior.

Role in history

Initially lancet arches adorned medieval castles in the Gothic style, as well as oriental palaces. The element played not only a decorative role, but also served to redistribute the floor load, reduce the vertical reaction of the supports and thereby reduce the pressure on the foundation.

pointed arch

The design feature of the lancet arch made it possible to significantly lighten the weight of the walls. That is why ceilings were used at all levels of the building and were often mounted as a doorway. At the peak of popularity, window openings could be made in the form of lancet arches.

Arch design

The lancet arch has its own unique design, which distinguishes it from the rest. It has a pointed vault and sloping sides. Its form maybe both simple and complex, depending on the stylistic direction in which the construction is used.

The vault of an unusual shape is the main decoration of the interior, so the rest of the decoration of the room may be modest. The pointed arch is designed for rooms with high ceilings, only in this case it can emphasize the majesty of the interior.

lancet arches style

How to build a lancet arch

The construction of a pointed arch in the classic version begins with a schematic drawing, which indicates the dimensions of the structure. Then the material to create the architectural element is determined. After that, the approximate amount of necessary building material for the construction is calculated.

Today, the wooden lancet arch is the most popular, and the construction made of plasterboard does not lag behind it. The latter is easy to build and does not require special financial costs, while wooden structures require a lot of time to create.

lancet arches stained glass windows

The creation of a lancet interior arch made of plasterboard takes place in several stages:

  1. Metal profile cut on the sides for softness and arching.
  2. The desired shape of the arch is formed from the profile and fixed with long screws.
  3. Metal profile is sheathed with drywall cut to shape.
  4. Finishing work in progress.

This design optionit is quite possible to perform at home without the use of special building skills.

Materials for building an arch

The material for making the vault must match the stylistic design of the room. The most commonly used building materials are:

  1. Stone is a fairly independent part of the interior, which does not need additional decoration. Stone imitation tiles can be used to decorate arches made of other materials.
  2. Wood looks as natural and natural as possible in any interior. The disadvantages include only the high cost of the material, which varies depending on the type of wood.
  3. Drywall is the most affordable and popular material for decorating arches of any kind. With it, you can create designs of all shapes and sizes. The finished structure can be decorated depending on the interior design of the room.
  4. Polyurethane refers to fully synthetic materials that can withstand high humidity and ultraviolet light. The advantages include ease of installation.

The choice of material for creating arches in the Gothic style depends on the personal wishes of the person and his financial capabilities.

pointed arch wooden

Stylistic direction

As mentioned above, the lancet arch is a piece of furniture that is used in the Gothic or Oriental style. It is often decorated with mosaics or stained-glass windows, which are designed to become the center of attention of the entire interior of the room.

In order to create a gothic style with a pointed arch, it is important to use other interior elements and compositions. For example, the pointed vaults of doorways in combination with the individual design of the door itself will help to embody the unique atmosphere in the room. In addition, forged elements and massive wooden furniture will help to emphasize Gothic sophistication. Specific accessories are used: candlesticks, chandeliers with crystal, paintings in large frames. Stained-glass windows made on the vault of the structure or the windows of the room will help emphasize the uniqueness of the lancet arches.

lancet arches

In the oriental style of interior design, pointed arches are also often used, but, unlike the Gothic, they are decorated with figured carvings and the complexity of the design. Carpets, upholstered furniture with wooden elements and accessories in oriental style will help emphasize oriental notes.

Why do we need arches in the house?

The versatility of arches can both delimit the space of a room and unite it into one whole. By combining rooms, you can create the effect of a studio apartment with unlimited space. In addition, the design is able to divide a large living room into zones.

In practical terms, the installation of arches instead of interior doors is justified in small apartments, where every centimeter of space is expensive. The bulky door takes up a lot of space, and the arch, in turn, looks compact and neat. In addition, it can be used to combine two rooms into one, for example, a kitchen with a living room.

Architecturalan element can be both simple and complex - it all depends on the desired result in interior design. In some cases, complex structures with arches can open up a view of several rooms at once.

Where arches are used

Practical and decorative purpose of lancet arches is multifaceted, they can be used for framing:

  1. Door and window openings - a design solution aimed at creating an individual style. The nuance is that doors and windows will need to be made to order, which will entail considerable costs.
  2. Zoning with arches is a well-known design move to increase the space of rooms. Using arched structures, you can visually enlarge the space, while maintaining the privacy of each of the zones.
  3. Decoration of transitional areas, for example, small narrow corridors. At the same time, the vault of the ceiling repeats the pointed shape of the arch. This way of decorating rooms is only suitable for rooms with high ceilings, as it visually reduces the space.
  4. Decorating with imitation arches can be used in rooms of any size. Inside the false vault are often bookshelves and accessories.
  5. construction of a lancet arch

Modern interior designers will help match the type of arch to the configuration of a particular home. At the same time, the space will not visually decrease, and in some cases even increase.

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