How to make a boat out of plastic bottles

How to make a boat out of plastic bottles
How to make a boat out of plastic bottles

Spring is the traditional start of the fishing season. What is fishing without a boat? Learn how to make a boat out of plastic bottles in this article.

Required Materials

In order to start building your boat, collect all the appropriate material. It consists of approximately the following basic elements:

1. Plastic bottles. They need to collect as many as possible. Well, if they are large.

2. Scissors or sharp knife.

3. Tape for holding bottles.

4. Thin wire.5. Crossbars made of wood or plywood.

how to make a boat

DIY boat: work steps

We will tell you step by step how to make a boat yourself. Stage one involves preparing the bottles for use. Wash them, remove the stickers and the adhesive itself, using a solvent if necessary. Then fill the bottles with pressurized air so that they do not deform.The bottles are placed in the freezer. After they are filled with cold air, you need to screw them on with lids. As the bottles move from the freezer into the heat, the air expands. Thanks to this, the bottles are no longer subject to deformation. When all procedures are done, put on gluebottle caps, and it is better if the glue is waterproof.

So, how to make a boat with your own hands? When describing the second stage, everything will become somewhat clearer. You will need to collect plastic bottles in the so-called "logs". The first two bottles are fastened with bottoms: the protrusions of one are connected to the hollows of the other. For their connection, a third bottle is used, the frame of which is stretched over the other two. Adhesive tape connects the joints of the containers. At this stage, it becomes clear to you how to make a boat. You can see that it is simple and inexpensive.

how to make a boat

To continue, you need to cut off the neck of two more bottles. Each of them is put on already fastened bottles from its side. The joints are connected and sealed with adhesive tape and glue. As a result, a workpiece with bottoms at two ends was obtained. As in the first stage, we connect the notches and protrusions. In this way, you can get whole "logs" from plastic bottles. Surely the question of how to make a boat yourself does not scare you now.

how to make your own boat

The third stage begins with the connection of "logs" into floats. There should be eight of them in one float. "Logs" are fastened with adhesive tape, wire, you can also use waterproof glue.

Now that the work is almost complete, you can brag to your friends and tell them how to make a boat yourself. Only one step separates you from victory. It remains to assemble the boat itself from the components. They stick togethercrossbars. Assembly schemes and frames are very different. It depends on what kind of boat you are going to make. If desired, the boat can be upholstered with plywood sheets, paint it or draw something.

Now you know how to make a boat from improvised means. It doesn't cost much. Most often they make rafts or simple boats, but even a yacht can be made from plastic bottles. Show your imagination and make your boat unique, one that will delight your friends and relatives.

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