How to make a bas-relief with your own hands

How to make a bas-relief with your own hands
How to make a bas-relief with your own hands

Today it has become extremely fashionable to use a bas-relief in the interior. Doing it with your own hands is not at all as difficult as it might seem at first glance. But some effort will have to be made.

Make a simple bas-relief with your own hands

If you want to turn an ordinary home into something special, you can not spend money on a new environment at all. It is enough to change the design of the room, breaking the stereotype that the wall must be even. For a novice master, the simplest bas-relief is suitable, which you can create with your own hands using ready-made, store-bought polyurethane molds. The diluted gypsum solution is carefully poured into the mold so that there are no air bubbles. The gypsum solidifies completely within a day, then the part is removed from the mold. This simple bas-relief, made with your own hands on the basis of purchased forms, should be pasted on the wall, getting a semblance of natural stone or old stucco.

do-it-yourself bas-relief

Bas-relief of cord

The second rather simple way is to make bas-reliefs in the interior with your own hands, using an ordinary clothesline and plaster mortar. On thea piece of foam or fiberboard is applied to the drawing, then, in accordance with the applied lines, a rope soaked in a gypsum solution is laid. After drying, the bulges, along with the rest of the surface, are treated with a plaster solution using a brush. The finished bas-relief can be used for decoration by gluing it to the wall. But it is also allowed to use this method for decorating furniture, such as a garden bench. In this case, it is not at all necessary to finish the object with tiles, it is enough to put the bench “on the butt” and first make a bas-relief on one side of it. Then, after drying, the procedure is performed on the other side. The last step will be painting the bench “under the stone” or “under the metal”. Such an object, covered with black paint, looks luxurious at home, when creating an imitation of a cast-iron ancient thing.

bas-reliefs in the interior with their own hands

Bas-relief from stencils

The drawing of the future bas-relief is transferred to penofol and cut out. The gypsum-fiber sheet of the required size is coated with a primer, on which a figure cut out of foam foam is superimposed. All the irregularities on the stencil are rubbed with a diluted putty. If it is decided to make a bas-relief based on a stencil directly on the wall, the same algorithm is used, only the penofol figure (stencil) is glued immediately to the wall, rubbing voids and irregularities with putty. You can sculpt smaller details on a stencil, using, for example, s alt dough - it holds its shape well, does not dry out so quickly, so there is time to correct the bas-relief, to work on the “little things” more painstakingly.

how to make a bas-relief with your own hands

Make the master's fantasy come true

Many lovers are concerned about the question of how to make a bas-relief with their own hands according to their own design? Here they usually use the method of casting bas-relief parts in molds, followed by gluing to the wall. But the master will make the form unique. To do this, he will need a silicone sealant and a sample template from which the mold will be cast. An old engraving, a figurine can be used as a template, but you can also sculpt a sample from plasticine at your own discretion. It is very important to lubricate the sample with petroleum jelly or oil before lowering it into a mold filled with silicone sealant. After removing the sample from the master, the form for casting the bas-relief remains in his hands. The second stage in the production of a unique room decor is the casting of a bas-relief detail. To do this, put a gypsum mortar in the resulting form and wait until it hardens. The third step will be attaching the bas-relief detail to the wall and painting it. In some cases, the entire wall, along with the bulges, is covered with one color, in others it is worth thinking about how to highlight the three-dimensional image in order to emphasize its outlines. The result of his work depends on the patience, accuracy, imagination and taste of a person who decides to decorate his home with a bas-relief.

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