Instructions: how to make a glow powder with your own hands

Instructions: how to make a glow powder with your own hands
Instructions: how to make a glow powder with your own hands

Undoubtedly, everything new is attractive and inviting. Today, the use of elements of light-accumulating energy, the so-called phosphors, is becoming more and more popular. Such elements are actively used on signs in settlements, on road markings, etc., they are increasingly being used in interiors, highlighting certain objects or entire expositions. Naturally, many people have a question about what a phosphor is.

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Luminophor is a special chemical composition with a light-accumulative memory. Light is absorbed from the environment and released as light energy under dimming conditions. Phosphors in finished form exist in nature. According to the classification, they are of organic and inorganic origin. If you have the necessary substances, you can prepare a glow powder with your own hands.

Photoluminophores are more often used in production and everyday life. They do not dissolve in water, perfectly tolerate ultraviolet radiation, do not emit harmful fumes and radiation. Phosphors of this type are fireproof, easy to use and operate. glowsecreted by such drugs is retained for a day. Of course, interested users are wondering where to buy the phosphor. You can buy phosphors of the required color from suppliers of various industrial products, or in specialized online stores.

Reflective paints have an unlimited scope, from body art to interior design and car tuning. Following the fashion, of course, many will try to decorate the surrounding objects with interesting glows, trying to make a phosphor with their own hands. Theoretically it is possible. The main thing is to choose the right proportions of consumables and create optimal conditions for a chemical reaction.

In order to make a glow powder with your own hands, you must have boric acid and coniferous concentrate.

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In order for the result to be, all elements must be taken in their pure form without impurities. They can be purchased in the right quantity in pharmacies. The concentrate is dissolved in pure water in a ratio of 1 g per 50 ml. You can determine that there is enough coniferous concentrate by color - it should be bright yellow. Separately, it is necessary to weigh the same norms of boric acid, approximately 2 grams each. This can be done with a scale or a teaspoon.

A portion of boric acid is applied to a pre-prepared aluminum plate, mixed with a coniferous solution (10 drops), leveled over the surface (approximately, the mixture layer should be about 2-3 mm). The plate is placed on the tile forwarming up. It is important that the water completely evaporates, the resulting bubbles must be carefully pierced using a needle. A do-it-yourself phosphor made in this way will glow in the dark after complete hardening.

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Here is one way to make a phosphor. In fact, there are about a dozen recipes, some of them are complex technological processes that require special equipment and conditions.

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