Stone wall decoration: bold decisions in a modern interior

Stone wall decoration: bold decisions in a modern interior
Stone wall decoration: bold decisions in a modern interior

Stone wall decoration has recently become one of the options for creative interior design. Decorative stone looks great, great for any room, can carry any stylistic content, it is multifunctional and picky in operation. Unique characteristics make this material more and more popular both for interiors or their elements, and for exteriors of houses and cottages of any type.

Stone wall decoration

Working with stone is easy, so decorative wall decoration with stone does not require more costs than purchasing the necessary material and tools. And this is a significant savings. Craftsmen who have been doing repairs long enough will complete the decoration job within a few hours, but if you do it yourself, it will not take much more time.

Wall decoration with decorative stone begins with a project, that is, initially it is worth considering where and how it will be placed. There are a lot of options here. You can lay out a panel of the usual rectangular shape, later using it as a frame to highlight any element - a fireplace, a picture, or, by laying out oblique edges with a herringbone, move away from symmetry in the interior,creating your own intricate pattern. As a rule, any unconventional solution will certainly be successful.

Artificial stone wall decoration requires certain tools, such as:

  • spatula;
  • rubber mallet;
  • capacity.
wall decoration with decorative stone

Begin work by leveling the surface of the wall. It must be perfectly even, otherwise the overall visual effect will be spoiled. You will have to level the wall using plaster. This is the fastest and most economical way. If the surface does not need to be leveled, the walls are finished with stone immediately.

Unlike tiles, the surface of the stone is uneven, which makes it much easier to work with it, without requiring alignment of the front surface and strict fitting along the edges. The only drawback of the stone is its weight. In order for the fastening to the wall to be maximum, it should be primed and not save on consumables.

The stone is fixed to the wall with tile adhesive, but there are also special mixtures for mortar on sale, they can also be effectively applied. You can cut a decorative stone with a grinder with a disc for concrete. It is important that cutting is carried out at low speeds.

Finishing the walls with stone is carried out in accordance with a certain sequence. So, laying should begin from below, gradually establishing each subsequent line of material. Don't forget the seams. In order to make them even, thin slats or drywall can be placed between the stone tiles. Aftercompletion of work, these elements are removed, and the seams are sealed with plaster.

wall decoration with artificial stone

When working with a stone, do not forget about the aesthetics that it should carry. Therefore, work must be carried out very carefully, observing the uniformity of the seams, the absence of chips that violate the integrity of the surface. It is equally important to choose the right color shade, which will effectively highlight the decorated element of the interior, and not make it an incomprehensible blot that has no semantic load.

Decorative stone perfectly borders on any other finishing materials. It is effectively used for exterior decoration, creating beautiful practical and sustainable facades.

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