PVC panel: A choice of luxurious yet affordable finishes

PVC panel: A choice of luxurious yet affordable finishes
PVC panel: A choice of luxurious yet affordable finishes

PVC wall panels are a fairly popular decorative material used for ceilings and walls.

PVC panel

To begin with, we can say what advantages this decor option has. In rooms with high humidity, it is appropriate to use a PVC panel, since it is not at all afraid of moisture, therefore it is actively used in swimming pools, as well as in bathrooms of industrial and residential premises. In unheated rooms, it is appropriate to use such material, as it is resistant to frost, which allows the use of panels on loggias, balconies, country houses and other premises of this kind. The PVC panel may well be used in office and residential areas, as it is environmentally friendly and does not emit any toxic substances. It can be used in polluted rooms due to the fact that it washes well, and this allows such elements to be successfully used as decoration for ceilings and walls.

PVC panels for bathroom

The PVC panel has a decent appearance, which is ensured by the offset printing used to apply the patterns on the top surface. A layer of glossy or matte protective coating is applied on top, providing frost resistance and antistatic, increased resistance to various aggressive influences and ultraviolet radiation.

PVC bathroom panels are quite practical and convenient, which is due to the lack of need for surface preparation (that is, it is not required to peel off the paint, plaster the walls and prime them). The owner of the premises can completely install such elements on his own, without the need for a whole team of craftsmen, as well as special equipment and a set of tools. If you choose this material as a finish, the cost of repairs will be significantly reduced, as well as its terms will become shorter.

PVC ceiling panels

PVC panel has a number of advantages:

- Insulation. The material has the properties of sound and heat insulation, which provides coziness and comfort of premises for work and housing. Utility systems can be hidden between the wall and the panel.

- Ease of installation. Installation is allowed in various directions. For example, PVC ceiling panels should preferably be mounted diagonally.

- Strength. Polyvinyl chloride is the most durable material in existence. Products made from it are resistant to temperature extremes, damage, are not subject tomold and mildew, corrosion and pests.

- Antistatic. Due to the fact that the surface of the material is made of plastic, it does not retain dust, which greatly facilitates cleaning. For cleaning, simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

PVC wall panel comes in a variety of options. They differ in cost, size and color. There is such material as lining, which is quite affordable, while it looks great. Another option is laminated panels, which are more decorative.

All types of panels are actively used in the renovation of modern apartments.

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