Vinyl non-woven wallpaper: customer reviews

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Vinyl non-woven wallpaper: customer reviews
Vinyl non-woven wallpaper: customer reviews

Modern wallpapers are designed to perform several functions. First of all, this is wall decoration. The density and color of the coating affects the illumination, general appearance and character of the room. In some way, non-woven vinyl wallpaper can serve as a sound-absorbing material for walls. Customer reviews are evidence of this.

What is vinyl wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper is one of the most popular materials for decorating indoor walls. In addition to decorative, they perform hygienic functions: they cover bumps, cracks and pores on the walls. Back in 1947, an American company introduced the world to the first vinyl wallpaper. It was a two layer washable wallcovering. The upper component is a polymer foam called polyvinyl. It is so dense that it can be given a different texture.

Non-woven vinyl wallpaper reviews

Such wallpapers do not require preliminary application of finishing putty on the walls. The bottom layer of the product can be either paper ornon-woven. Often, antifungal ingredients are added to the composition to prevent mold.

Main characteristics of wall materials

Vinyl wallcovering can be smooth without embossing or domed to give the wall some relief. Wallpapers are produced by hot stamping (silkscreen printing, chemical stamping, compact vinyl, heavy vinyl). Embossed material requires more careful handling.

Non-woven vinyl wallpaper palette reviews

Wallpaper with a flat vinyl surface is dense and durable, it looks out of the ordinary. Despite this, the PVC layer has a porous structure and some air permeability. Non-woven vinyl wallpaper reviews are positive. If subsequent surface painting is foreseen, it is better to purchase a coating with a high relief. Since with each subsequent staining it will be less and less noticeable. If it is supposed to cover the wallpaper with paint several times, then the color scheme should go from lighter to darker shades. It is problematic to convert, for example, lilac into beige.

Vinyl floor base

When choosing vinyl wallpaper, you need to decide on what basis they will be. Products on paper are cheaper, but they are afraid of high humidity. The non-woven base is a non-woven material consisting of textile fibers and cellulose. It is used not only for the manufacture of wallpaper, but also for tailoring. Usually non-standard vinyl wallpapers on non-woven base have non-standard sizes. Customer Reviewsthey say that the meter width of such material is more convenient, since the number of required strips decreases, and, consequently, the number of joints.

Vinyl wallpaper on non-woven base photo reviews

Non-woven base is stronger than paper, it does not shrink. Despite the fact that the strips are twice as wide as standard, gluing them is not so difficult. The fixing composition is not applied to the canvas, but to the wall. There is no need for a long and laborious process of carefully coating the wallpaper and removing adhesive residue from the floor! Making the next repair, non-woven vinyl wallpaper (reviews of people dismantling the old coating confirm this) are easily removed from the walls.

Varieties of vinyl

Can be divided into four main groups of non-woven vinyl wallpaper. Reviews, photos characterizing the variety of textures, colors, functional features of materials can be found in building supply stores.

Dense, smooth vinyl is a durable material that won't tear. Wallpaper can be embossed or copy the surface of other materials: stone, plaster, ceramic tiles. Most of all, such products are suitable for pasting kitchens and bathrooms, as they are easy to clean. The material is easy to care for, but is afraid of mechanical damage, for example, by pets.

Vinyl wallpaper on non-woven base reviews harmful

The main feature of hard vinyl is that it is not afraid of mechanical damage and moisture. This is a relatively new type of coating that passes air well.Such wallpapers can look like leather, suede or Venetian plaster.

Durable textile coating is silk screen printing. The special method of applying the pattern allows you to combine beauty and durability at a relatively affordable price.

The most common wallpaper group is foamed vinyl. Along with a low density, the coating passes air well, and the high relief hides wall defects. This group also includes wallpaper for painting.

Choosing vinyl wallpaper

There are some guidelines to consider before choosing a wall covering for your home, office or apartment. When decorating children's rooms, it is not recommended to use non-woven vinyl wallpaper. Reviews: harmful volatile compounds in a small amount that the material emits. Vinyl glossy wallpaper with a high density is suitable for the kitchen. An ideal option for a room is silkscreen printing.

Purchase better goods from trusted brands. Before buying, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of the wallpaper of the selected type and recommendations for pasting.

Non-woven vinyl wallpaper reviews what kind of glue

Annotation is available on each roll. You should compare the articles of all selected products, check the quality of the packaging. The thinner the material, the better the surface should be prepared, especially when vinyl wallpapers on non-woven base "Palette" are used. Reviews: after pasting, it turned out that spots of a poorly painted wall were visible through the material.

Wall finishing technology

Beforewhen decorating a surface, it is useful to know that visually light wallpapers will increase the room, and dark ones will reduce it. A very large drawing looks bulky, and a small one ripples in the eyes. Vertical stripes will add height to a room, while horizontal stripes will make it wider.

Even if the selected wallpaper is dense and embossed, it is easier and more convenient to work on a well-prepared surface. To remove dust after grinding the walls, they must be treated with a primer. Non-woven wallpaper is not smeared with glue. The roll is cut into strips of the desired length, corresponding to the height of the room. Glue is applied to the wall. Wallpaper is glued end-to-end, without overlap. You can smooth it with a special plastic spatula. Use a rubber roller if a particularly thin material is selected.

Repair vinyl wallpaper on non-woven base reviews

What you need to know before buying non-woven vinyl wallpaper? Reviews. What is the best glue to use for thin coatings? Experts recommend using a universal composition for vinyl wallpaper. Its difference lies in the cooking process, the proportions are indicated on the package. For thick and heavy wallpaper, the adhesive should be thicker.

Product Care

Proper care of the wallpaper will extend its life. Screen printing can be gently vacuumed with a soft brush. Antistatic wipes can be used to remove dust. Some coatings are washable. The moisture resistance of the wallpaper is usually indicated on the roll. Three horizontal wavy stripes indicate that the products can be washed with a wet cloth. Onethe stripe means that the material can be wiped with a wet cloth. The "brush" sign indicates that it is allowed to treat non-woven vinyl wallpaper with soapy water.

Customer reviews say that it is better to take not aggressivedrugs for washing, but a regular dish detergent. Care of painted wallpaper depends on the type and quality of paint.

Pros and cons

Vinyl wallpapers have their own preferences over other types. First of all, it is their beauty and variety.

  • The texture and colors allow you to create an imitation for any material.
  • Thick wallpaper enhances the sound insulation of the walls.
  • Relief allows you to hide surface imperfections.
  • Moisture-resistant wallpaper will protect the walls from moisture penetration and mold.
  • Damage resistant and durable.
  • Simplicity and ease in pasting and subsequent care.

With all the positive reviews, there are some negative aspects that characterize non-woven vinyl wallpapers. Reviews: products do not bring harm to he alth, at room temperature evaporation from them is minimal, but still there are some nuances. Let's take a look at them:

Vinyl wallpaper on non-woven base harm
  • With a lack of experience and skills, problems arise during pasting and joining seams.
  • Some light and thin wallpapers are translucent and require high-quality preliminary surface preparation.
  • When buying, you need to check the quality certificates of materials and the availabilityenvironmental safety mark.

The high price of wallpaper is not a disadvantage, especially since beauty, reliability and quality are worth it.

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