How to care for a Port Sunlight rose? Photos and reviews

How to care for a Port Sunlight rose? Photos and reviews
How to care for a Port Sunlight rose? Photos and reviews

Roses are an integral part of any suburban area where the grower lives. Beautiful flowers with a delicate smell and beautiful buds will decorate any flower bed. One of the favorite species is the Port Sunlight rose (photo and description below). Since 2007, they have become available to gardeners. The delicate peach shade of the buds attracts gardeners, but in order to grow a beauty on your site, you need to know how to properly care for her.

Buds of Port Sunline

Key Features

Rose belongs to the group of English roses and a subgroup of Muscat hybrids. They grow in the form of a bush, reach a height of 120 cm, and a width of 60 to 80 cm. The Port Sunlight rose variety is relatively frost-resistant, the maximum tolerated temperature is -20 … -18 ° С.

The color of the buds is in the spectrum of peach-apricot tones. Delicate inflorescences reach a size of 6-8 cm, often they are arranged in several pieces together. Due to the heavy load, branches with buds haveslight tilt towards the ground.

blooming roses

The story of the rose

The selector for Port Sunlight is David Austin. From an early age he helped his father on the farm and at the same time was engaged in selection. His plans were to develop a variety of large roses with old-fashioned buds, the hallmark of which was repeated flowering during the season.

By 1983 Austin's work was massively recognized. The varieties bred by him are loved by the whole world, they attract with their unpretentiousness, quality and reliability. The place that contains Austin includes all varieties bred. You can visit the nursery like a museum - beautifully decorated alleys of roses with ponds, sculptures and pavilions will pleasantly surprise visitors. Pleasant aromas that fill the space of the nursery will not leave flower growers indifferent.

Place to land

Spruce rose should grow in an open place that is clearly visible, because they are intended to decorate the territory. The flower bed can be diluted with the neighborhood of other flowers. Like other varieties of roses, they love the sun. But in such a location there is also a minus - the buds quickly fade.

flower bed

If the rose is grown in the southern region, the chance of getting a burn on the bush increases due to the constant scorching sun. According to reviews, Port Sunlight roses are best planted in places with little shade at midday. It is recommended to choose a well-ventilated place where the air around the bush will circulate freely. This will provide the flower with good he alth and reduce the chance ofpest reproduction. Lowlands are considered an unfavorable place for roses, the accumulation of cold air and excessive moisture will lead to frequent disease of the bush.

How to plant a rose

Before planting bushes, pay attention to the soil. These flowers love fertile and airy soil, in which the root system will receive all the necessary vitamins and the right amount of moisture and oxygen.

If the soil is sandy or clay, before planting Port Sunlight roses, the ground must be fertilized by adding humus, manure or compost to it. Acidity bushes prefer weak, no more than pH 6, 5. In order to reduce acidity, ash is added, and to increase - peat or manure.

It is also worth considering that the roots of a rose grow deep into the soil. So it is preferable to choose a place for them without closely spaced groundwater. If it is chosen incorrectly, then the rose will begin to suffer from black spotting.

Soil preparation

When the place is chosen and the soil is ready, you can start planting roses in the flower bed. For regions with a cold climate, it is better to plant in the spring, and for the southern regions in the fall, but in the early stages, because the root system should have time to get stronger before winter. Next, you must follow the following rules:

  • Digging a hole 50–60 cm deep.
  • Drainage is poured into it, about 7–10 cm.
  • Compost about 10 cm is poured on top of it.
  • The next layer of garden soil of the same thickness.
  • It is necessary to lower the Port Sunlight rose seedling so that the grafting sitewas located 3–4 cm below ground level.
  • It is necessary to fall asleep a flower carefully, straightening the root system. It is desirable to slam the earth a little. Carefully ensure that the root neck of the rose does not remain above the ground. With this planting of the bush, new sprouts will appear above the vaccination.

It is worth paying attention to the preparation of the root system of the flower. It is required to soak it in a nutrient solution for the roots before planting. The duration of soaking is about a day, this is important for further growth.

Essential Care

Basic care consists of manipulations to help provide favorable conditions for the growth of the bush:

  • The soil around the bush is cultivated by loosening the earth and removing weeds.
  • You need to feed the plant 2 times per season: in spring nitrogen is used as fertilizer, and in summer potassium and phosphorus are preferred.
  • Ensure proper watering of the plant, it is carried out with warm water 2 times a week. One bush requires about 15 liters of water.
  • Pruning rose bushes is done in the spring. Depending on the desired result, it is strong, medium and weak. With strong pruning, it is recommended to leave 2-4 buds, such a procedure is carried out to rejuvenate the flower. If the goal is to get early flowering on the bush, then you need to leave 6-7 buds (medium pruning).
blooming rose bush


Those who have planted Port Sunlight roses note that they begin to bloom a few years after they are planted. The bush needs time to strengthenroot system. Buds may appear next year, however, their number will be small, and the buds will be small.

This variety of rose is very beautiful, fits perfectly into any design solution for flowerbeds. It is impossible to convey their true beauty and incredibly gentle and deep smell in the photo.

Flower growers recommend following the outlined scheme for planting roses so that there are no problems. They easily take root in a new place. However, you should pay attention to watering. If roses are planted in the southern regions, then watering will have to be carried out as moisture evaporates from the soil.

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