Bedroom in bright colors: design features and interesting ideas

Bedroom in bright colors: design features and interesting ideas
Bedroom in bright colors: design features and interesting ideas

It's no secret that the design of the bedroom raises many questions for many apartment owners. This is not surprising, because every person wants this room to be especially comfortable, conducive to good rest.

Benefits of a bright bedroom

Bedrooms in dark and light colors can be very comfortable and original. Which option is more suitable for your apartment? A room in dark colors is very effective, however, as well as combining contrasting colors (black and white, burgundy and gray, etc.). However, this option is more suitable for a spacious and high room.

bedroom in bright colors

Meanwhile, the interior of the bedroom in light colors is universal. It is good in a spacious bedroom and in a very small room. A bedroom in bright colors in the morning pleases the eye and makes the sun's rays even brighter, and in the evening it does not allow darkness to completely cover the room. In such a room, only light shades can be used, and alternating with dark ones, when an emphasis is placed on a certain fragment of the interior.

Which color to choose?

Many owners believe that a bright bedroommust be white. With proper design, this option can really be refined and sophisticated. However, there are many other options, and we will now try to deal with them.

The bedroom interior in light colors is created in accordance with the design rule: the better the room is lit, the lighter the color of the walls should be, including white. In practice, it has been observed that well-lit rooms, in which the walls are painted in beige, cream and other light colors, have an amazing feature: as night approaches, the walls seem to become darker.

bedroom interior in bright colors

For a spacious classic bedroom, a light beige color is ideal. Painting the walls or wallpapering the bedrooms in light colors will bring a feeling of homeliness and warmth into the room. This is especially true for rooms facing the north side of the house.

If your bedroom is shaped like a polygon and the surface of the walls is far from perfect, then it is better to use white or light shades of green or blue, as beige shades emphasize the unevenness of the surface. The bedroom in peach tones looks very impressive. She is always very warm and friendly. Someone thinks that the interior of the bedroom in gray tones is boring. It's a delusion. Gray has many shades, so a bedroom in gray always looks sophisticated and stylish.


In order for a bedroom design in light colors to be truly comfortable, you will need several sources of lighting. These are the bedside lamps.and floor lamps, and a ceiling chandelier (if the ceilings are not too low). In a small room, lighting is usually not a problem, as a rule, the owners are limited to the classic combination: bedside lamps and a chandelier.

bedroom design in bright colors

In a spacious room, the number of light sources should be increased. In this case, small wall lamps or sconces are suitable, giving diffused light, which will create gentle evening lighting. Do not give up LED lamps or panels that allow you to change the light and adjust the brightness. They are suitable for both large and small rooms, will help emphasize the desired elements of the interior. Another advantage of LED panels, designers consider the ability to project images stored in the controller's memory.


A bedroom in light colors should be furnished in accordance with the main style decision, as well as the size of the room. In a small bedroom, this choice is small: the bed is usually placed near the window. This makes better use of natural light. All other items are arranged so that they do not occupy the passage to the window, bed or door.

The lack of space in a small room is compensated by multifunctional furniture. For example, a bed that retracts into the wall will allow you to turn the bedroom into a living room with one movement. If you install an ottoman to the end of the bed, then you can save free space. So that a small bedroom does not seem even smaller, do not use dark-colored furniture - youbeige, cream or white furnishings are more suitable.

bedroom wallpaper in light colors

Spacious bedroom in bright colors allows you to pay attention not only to the functionality of the interior, but also to beauty. Such a room provides room for creativity - you can put all the furniture next to the bed, or you can evenly distribute it throughout the room. The main element of the interior of such a bedroom is a large and comfortable bed. Its headboard can be made of wood or decorated with fabric or leather. Armchairs, couches and ottomans are essential interior elements of any bedroom.


A light-colored bedroom needs a few color accents. It is allowed to use 1-2 colors, you can use multi-colored elements, but only on condition that the base light tone is one and it has no transitions. Saturated colors look especially impressive in combination with white. This option came out of the Scandinavian style.

bedrooms in dark and light colors

Saturated tones will help to add vigor to the rest room: sunny yellow, green, orange, red. They will add intimacy and soothe burgundy, dark green, wenge. Respectability will add the color of oak (dark and light), all natural shades. A too hot and sunny room will be cooled by light blue and blue. Any interior details can become accents: textiles, lamp shades, pillows, carpets. In addition, one wall can become an accent. Usually it becomes the one above the head of the bed.

classic bedroom in bright colors

Classic bedroom in bright colors

A bright bedroom in a classic style combines several trends: luxurious baroque and empire, more modern classicism with its commitment to simple lines and somewhat pompous rococo. This interior attracts many owners. It is practically not subject to fashion trends, and therefore can please the owners for many years. In a bright classic-style bedroom, you will not be annoyed by cold, catchy, bright or acid-neon colors. Natural natural shades (both background and in combination): beige, light brown, dark green and other natural colors, slightly diluted with white - will make the bedroom very attractive and comfortable.


In the classic bedroom, furniture made of natural wood in light colors is allowed. Luxurious, but at the same time calm textiles are appropriate, which should be duplicated in the upholstery of armchairs, couches, and ottomans. All furniture is distinguished by elegance, without losing convenience and comfort. With external decorativeness, it is not at all devoid of functionality, so it is possible to design such a bedroom even in a small apartment.

A classic bedroom is characterized by symmetrical decor: two mirrors located on opposite walls, two identical nightstands or two armchairs. This technique allows you to create a harmonious and complete design of the room.

living room bedroom in bright colors

A classic bedroom can't do without art: antiquesfigurines, vases, paintings, chandeliers, etc. This decor gives the bedroom a luxurious look, but it does not evoke any association with a museum - the classic style is created for a comfortable stay.

Living room-bedroom in bright colors

In small apartments, the living room and bedroom are often combined in one room. The design of such a room raises many questions. How to make it as comfortable as possible? For the living room-bedroom, decoration in light colors is especially suitable: the room seems more spacious and higher. But it is especially important to correctly distribute the furniture.

It should be noted right away that a double bed is appropriate only if the room has a large niche. In this case, you can organize a bedroom in it and separate it from the main room with a sliding partition.

living room bedroom in bright colors

If the area of ​​the room allows, it is necessary to zone it. The living area is separated from the resting place by light open shelving, on which decorative indoor plants, books, figurines, etc. are installed.

But most often the living room-bedroom is furnished with more functional furniture. A comfortable sliding sofa serves as a sleeping place, wardrobes are preferably built-in, in light colors. It is desirable that in such a room there are more mirror and glass surfaces that will help make the interior lighter and more airy.

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