Turquoise color in the interior of the living room: ideas, color combinations

Turquoise color in the interior of the living room: ideas, color combinations
Turquoise color in the interior of the living room: ideas, color combinations

A sophisticated combination of blue and green tones creates a turquoise color that fits perfectly into the design of various styles. The turquoise color in the interior gives calmness to overly active people, and energizes pessimists.

Turquoise color is not only very attractive visually, but also carries a certain message. The beliefs of the ancients say that the semi-precious stone, which gave the name to this color, attracts material well-being, is a symbol of purity, purity and eternal love. In many Eastern cultures, turquoise is considered to bring creative inspiration, determination and independence. And first of all, this shade was associated with the emotional and sensual side of life.

We will talk about the use of turquoise color in the interior of the living room in this article.

Turquoise living room design

Color Features

Today, turquoise is popular and relevant in interior design. Few people think about the mystical properties of this color, and, nevertheless, many prefer it. Catchy and eye-catching, he is notdefiant. At the same time, it is characterized as rather cold, radiating coolness and pleasant freshness.

For most people, the turquoise color in the interior of the living room is associated with cleanliness, which eliminates unnecessary emotions. Shades of turquoise have a beneficial effect on the psyche, relieving fatigue, overexertion, irritability.

Combinations of turquoise with other colors

The great advantage of color is its harmonious combination with many other tones and the creation of interesting, memorable compositions with them. Turquoise partners include white and blue, beige and black, gold and brown. We will dwell on some combinations in more detail.

A color scheme

Living room in turquoise and white colors

Noble and versatile, white can be the perfect base for interiors. A turquoise and white living room is a good solution for everyone who wants to achieve freshness and cleanliness in their home.

So that the room does not seem too cold, include in the interior a few accessories in warmer shades: yellow, brown, green. And since elements of the same color should support each other, giving preference, for example, to turquoise wallpaper, add a few details to the design of the room to match them.

Turquoise with white

Turquoise and beige

Shadows of turquoise blend beautifully with soft pastels that envelop this fresh color with their warmth and softness. Such an environment will appeal to dreamy and calm people. In the interiorliving room turquoise color in this case is used to a limited extent. It can be separate decorative elements or wallpaper on one wall. Beige, on the other hand, you can decorate other walls, floors, pick up furniture from light woods.

Beige-turquoise interior

Grey-turquoise living room interior

Efficiency, rigor and elegance will give the interior a gray-turquoise combination. This combination is quite often used when decorating a living room in the style of functionalism, hi-tech, minimalism. Designers recommend decorating the walls with gray finishing material, and purchasing accessories and furniture in turquoise. This combination allows you to enjoy freshness and, at the same time, fully relax and unwind.

Gray-turquoise interior

What styles use shades of turquoise?

In the interior of the living room, turquoise color always looks stylish and modern. Every year its popularity is growing, because it can be used not only in modern, but also in classic interiors, for example, Empire, Baroque or Art Deco.

Turquoise looks very advantageous as separate details and accessories in techno, fusion and loft styles. Particularly fond of shades of turquoise, as well as silver, gray colors Scandinavian style, which in itself is considered a little cold. In order to “revive” it, contrasting furniture is often installed in the room. However, its main colors remain all shades of turquoise and white.

Living room with turquoise accents

Retro styleturquoise is present most often in upholstery and textiles. Unusual curtains and carpets perfectly complement the interior. The turquoise color is used quite often in ethnic styles, however, mainly in accessories: these are various pillows, carpets, lamps and vases.

Features of the interior of the living room in turquoise color

Everyone is especially attentive to the design of this room. After all, I want the room where the whole family rests and where meetings with friends are held to be beautiful and cozy.

Turquoise color brings to the design of the living room a feeling of sea freshness, a certain note of positive. However, the use of this color as a base is allowed in a very bright room. Otherwise, it will transform and turn dirty blue, turning the room into a gloomy and boring room.

Turquoise color is used in the design of the living room as:

  • Background shade in wall decoration. In this case, it is important to observe proportions: the color of turquoise should not exceed a third of the shades used. Otherwise, the room can turn into a marine aquarium. Designers believe that to create a turquoise interior, it is enough to fill 1-2 walls with the main color or use contrasting inserts on a neutral background.
  • The second significant color. This technique involves the use of neutral tones for wall decoration. Against their background, turquoise furniture looks as bright as possible. Spectacular armchairs with comfortable high backs, soft sofas of rich turquoise tone - all this will decorate the living room space.
  • As accents.Sometimes homeowners dream of this color, but are not always ready for radical interior changes. In this case, a living room with turquoise accents is suitable for them: for example, a scattering of sea-green pillows on the sofa, heavy curtains, a stylish lamp or a blue-green triptych.
Style selection


The design of the turquoise living room will effectively complement the glossy stretch ceiling of the corresponding shade. Photo printing in the center and lighting around the perimeter will emphasize the originality of the design. In this case, it is better to decorate the walls in white or cream colors. The luminous ceiling will help turn the living room into a beautiful sea lagoon.

You can place small accents with spotlights on the ceiling. And as a central use a chandelier. Glass and crystal are in perfect harmony with turquoise tones.


It is important to decide on the coating material when decorating the walls of the living room. For example, paint will help achieve the desired shade, since today a wide color palette is presented in stores. It can be applied to almost any surface.

Despite the fact that today the construction market offers a variety of wall decoration materials, when decorating the living room, wallpapers that create real family comfort are the most popular. However, care should be taken when choosing turquoise wallpaper with a pattern - many of them can simplify the overall look of the room. Designers recommend giving preference to plain or striped canvases.

Turquoise color features

The wallpaper in turquoise tones with silver splashes looks original in the living room. The same effect can be achieved if the walls are painted and then painted according to the main color with thin silver patterns. Decorating one (smaller) wall in turquoise will expand the space.

In recent years, photo wallpapers have become popular again. The beautiful seascape is sure to brighten up any living room.

What should the gender be?

You should not use turquoise-colored finishing materials to decorate the floor in the living room - it will simply merge with the walls, and the room will lose its clear boundaries. Of the floor coverings, it is recommended to give preference to laminate or parquet in natural brown or milky tones. Sand or beige shades of wood are harmoniously combined with shades of aqua.

Quite often, carpet is chosen as a floor covering. This option looks attractive, but keep in mind that caring for it is much more difficult than for parquet, laminate or linoleum.

Now about the color. Ideally, a white floor is suitable for turquoise walls. This interior looks amazing, but think about the appropriateness of such a solution if you have small children or pets. You might be better off with white walls and beige floors.

Floor decoration


If your room is not as spacious as you would like, get functional and compact furniture in the living room. Where natural daylight is not enough,the ideal solution would be just turquoise-colored furniture. By choosing the right upholstery headset, you will turn the room into a bright, stylish and dynamic room.

Today, manufacturers produce many models of upholstered furniture in the living room, made in several colors. And so choosing a good environment is not difficult. For example, a white and blue sofa or armchairs can perfectly complement the interior in turquoise tones. Here, depending on the chosen style, use coffee tables made of wood, glass or plastic. Moreover, models with a glass top are preferable, since glass gives airiness and does not look bulky, which is important for small rooms.

Turquoise curtains

Window decoration

Turquoise curtains in the living room look impressive and expressive if the walls are decorated in neutral or very light turquoise colors. Saturated turquoise in curtains does not require a complex design solution. Experts recommend choosing the most simple forms. The most commonly used fabrics are organza, silk, tulle, satin.

Most often, these curtains are used in the Scandinavian style, where all shades of turquoise are basic. In minimalism, bright and juicy accents are added to the curtains.


In the living room, accessories matter more than anywhere else. With their help, the interior becomes complete. For this room, indoor plants are suitable, which perfectly complement the turquoise color of the walls or furniture. If the room has a fireplace, then you can place a picture or family photos above it.And on the fireplace shelf - candles and small figurines. Place a small vase with shells, flowers or stones on the coffee table.

As you can see, creating a living room interior in turquoise colors is not very difficult. It is important to follow the recommendations of experienced designers and, of course, focus on your preferences. But if you are not confident in your abilities, entrust this work to experienced professionals.

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