How to design a Provence-style bedroom with your own hands? Adviсe

How to design a Provence-style bedroom with your own hands? Adviсe
How to design a Provence-style bedroom with your own hands? Adviсe

Modern life in the metropolis is intense and fast-paced. Sometimes you get tired of it. I want the house to become a cozy, serene, calm island in the frenzied ocean of passions of a big city. Provence style will give your home comfort, add rustic charm and romance of the French coast. Provence is the embodiment of silence, peace and tranquility.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the wonderful atmosphere of the south of France. Learn how to design a bedroom in Provence style. Find a piece of design inspiration. To create such an interior, you will need natural materials, vintage items and a little of your imagination.

Provence style bedroom design

Embodiment of tenderness

For a productive and relaxing holiday, it is very important that the colors are chosen correctly when decorating the sleeping area. Of course, someone is crazy about red or black, but it is better to choose calm shades for the bedroom. Let's use the experience of the French and create a bedroom in the right color palette.

The interior design of the Provence style bedroom consists mainly of pastelcolors: brown, pale yellow, turquoise, white and pink, pale green and blue, emerald. Such colors give the interior of the bedroom romanticism and lightness. The hallmark of such an interior is a combination of "flashy" bright and neutral bleached colors.

As you know, southern France is a place with a hot sunny climate. To escape from the heat of the day, the inhabitants used cold shades to decorate their houses. Olive, gray and blue options, cool beige and soothing peach color - this is the cozy design of a small Provence-style bedroom. A very popular color is lilac. Moreover, give preference to pale muted shades. Provence style will be perfect for a little lady's room. A nursery in white and beige shades will look airy, light and spacious. White color allows you to add a variety of bright interior details without overloading the space.

bedroom design in Provence style photo

Aged walls and white ceiling

Special attention should be paid to the design of the ceiling and walls. The design of the Provence style bedroom is light beige and white ceilings. As you know, the dark shades used to decorate the ceiling create an oppressive depressive atmosphere. A light ceiling adds air, space and uplifts the mood. If you want to add color to the ceiling, then use wooden beams. You can decorate the ceiling in a dark color, and paint the beams white and vice versa.

The walls are decorated with plaster. Moreover, the true chic of the Provence style is deliberatelycareless application of several layers of plaster on the wall. Use wooden panels to level the walls. They look great in the interior, as an independent element. But if this option does not suit you, then they can always be painted. Create shabby walls in the house and slightly shabby corners on the wallpaper and the Provence style bedroom design is ready. Photos of such artificially "aged" interiors confirm that the more carelessly the design is made, the more it corresponds to the original idea of ​​the French.

A very popular Provence style element is a floral print. If in other areas of the house floral wallpaper would look a little out of place, then in the bedroom you can easily use them.

Provence style bedroom interior design

Furniture and vintage effect

The main material used in Provence style furniture is natural wood. If possible, furniture should be functional, as simple and comfortable as possible. Basic furniture items: bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers, a small cozy chair and a couple of bedside tables. To create a Provence-style bedroom design with your own hands, you do not need much effort or financial investment. When choosing furniture, you can give preference to inexpensive options. Later, with the help of special sandpaper, wood paint and clear varnish, you can turn an inexpensive dull wardrobe into an aged Provence stylish design element.

Bed selection

In the design of the bedroom, you can go two ways. Some designers today prefer wooden furniture,others are metal with forged details. A metal bed with wrought iron legs and a headboard will look very stylish. The combination of rough metal and delicate color of textiles will create an amazing atmosphere.

If you are designing a Provence-style bedroom for a child, then it is better to choose an elegant, light, white bed. For an adult bedroom, choose an option that is rougher in shape and darker in color.

Provence bedroom curtain design


The binding component that connects wall decoration, furniture, floor and ceiling decoration is the right textile. Provence style bedroom design is an abundance of textile details. When choosing fabrics, give preference to natural materials: chintz, linen, cotton. If you want to use plain fabrics, then it is better to choose textiles in blue, turquoise, purple and white, azure and olive shades. Most designers combine plain fabrics with floral patterns. A small flower on pillowcases or bedspreads is the signature style of Provence.

Since we are talking about pillows, we immediately note that a large number of them are used in the Provence style. Moreover, the pillows are not only on the bed. We advise you to place a few pillows on chairs and window sills. If you have enough flowers in textiles, but you want to add an original zest to the design, then feel free to use fabrics with polka dots, small cells or stripes. The main thing is that the shades are combined with each other and do not stand out from the general color concept.

small bedroom design styleprovence


One of the most important details of the bedroom is the window. Its design should be approached especially carefully. Often, translucent curtains are used to frame windows. The absence of an ornament on the curtains is welcome. Delicate thin tulle will only emphasize the stylish design of Provence-style curtains. Bedrooms with this window design will appear lighter and more spacious. If we talk about "night" curtains, they are always thick and dark. Here you can already give preference to floral motifs. Curtains are better to choose long to the floor. Ruffles, lace, braid and ribbons are used to lighten heavy and dark "night" curtains.

Of course, the main source of lighting in the bedroom is a large window. But the Provence-style bedroom design provides for additional light sources. In the central part of the room we have a voluminous iron chandelier with forged elements. Such a chandelier in France has long been a symbol of the hearth, comfort and family reunification. In addition to it, we choose small lamps for bedside tables and wall sconces with fabric lampshades. Again, do not forget about the floral ornament.

how to design a bedroom in the style of Provence

Flowers and small details

An integral part of Provence style design are flowers. The choice is great: fresh flowers in vases and pots, artificial flower arrangements in pots and still lifes. Flowers can be painted on walls or pieces of furniture. Floral ornament can decorate floor vases, carpets or candlesticks.

Another important style detailprovence - numerous cute trinkets. Photo frames on the walls, clocks, mirror frames, figurines and lamps, coat hooks, old toys - the choice is limited only by your imagination. Use in the decor everything that is dear to your soul, that warms it with pleasant memories and gives vivid impressions. Various paintings depicting the landscapes of the south of France or animalistic scenes will help to revive your new interior. If you carefully and thoughtfully select small details, they will become the main component of the design, like a small cherry crowning a birthday cake.

do-it-yourself Provence style bedroom design

Designed with love

Try to add as many "personal" details to your new bedroom interior as possible. Know how to sew: make a small bag of flowered fabric and hang it on the window. You can put flower petals, a sprig of lavender or mint leaves in it to create a "fragrant" atmosphere in the room. Make friends with knitting needles or crochet: make a cozy blanket and throw it over the chair. To decorate flowers, it is not necessary to use purchased standard vases. You can make a vase from improvised materials. Old pots, jugs, buckets and kettles will do. A little imagination, a couple of drops of paint, and a unique exclusive interior element is ready.

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