Loft-style walls: how to paint, finishing order and reviews

Loft-style walls: how to paint, finishing order and reviews
Loft-style walls: how to paint, finishing order and reviews

Modern designers use different styles to decorate rooms. The new direction is the loft. It combines modernity and factory furnishings. How to decorate the walls in the loft style is described in the article.

Style history

Many people appreciated the idea of ​​arranging large storage and industrial facilities that are suitable for living. The spaciousness allows you to embody different ideas, and the rough finish is perfectly complemented by elegant details. In fact, this style appeared from poverty, but gained a symbol of we alth.

loft style walls

In America in 1940-1950. old warehouses began to be made into apartments. It was then that the loft style appeared. There were many abandoned warehouses on the outskirts of American cities. The owners rented out the property for a small fee. Poor musicians and artists were not able to choose expensive apartments. And creative people even decorated storage facilities.

This is how a great direction in design appeared. Entrepreneurs began to use it for themselves. To do this, they built spacious rooms in which they did not make repairs. The walls were left undecorated,There was little furniture in the rooms. Gradually, characteristic signs of an industrial interior appeared. Since then, rooms have been decorated in this style all over the world. It has its own features, which are important to adhere to in order to obtain a harmonious space.

Who suits the style?

Not every person is able to live in this environment. The loft is not suitable for romantic natures. And creative individuals will feel comfortable in it. Rich people also like to equip housing in this vein. But the loft style can be afforded by people with average incomes.

To create a style, you do not need a lot of money for repairs, the purchase of furniture and expensive finishes. Plenty of space, large windows provide room for imagination. Young people do not want to be like everyone else, so they can arrange housing in this vein. This interior is not standard, it is original and not suitable for everyone.

Do not choose this style in a room where a small child lives. It negatively affects his unformed psyche. For family people, it is desirable to choose a classic interior.

Style Features

The interior in this style involves not only large room parameters, but also a special color scheme. For registration of housing, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. It is important that the layout is open, without unnecessary walls and partitions. This applies to the bedroom, living room, kitchen. The bathroom and toilet should be closed.
  2. Do not hide windows with curtains or curtains. Panoramic or roof windows look beautiful.
  3. Wall decoration is performed without wallpapering and plastic cladding. Often only brickwork or concrete trim remains. Sometimes walls are painted. If you don’t want to make all the walls in a loft style, then leave one as an accent.
  4. The floors are usually concrete, but this finish is not suitable for a living space, so wood is used. Less common is artificial stone or marble.
  5. The room should have a high ceiling height.
  6. Lighting devices are installed in groups. Their designs can be modern.
  7. An excellent solution would be to install a fireplace, an open stove or barrels of firewood. These items are important for the loft style.
  8. Colours for cladding and furniture should be sober and include a few contrasting tones.
wall decoration in loft style

There are 3 styles of direction: bohemian, glamorous, industrial. Depending on the type chosen, the features that should be in the room may differ. According to reviews, the loft style has its fans. They appreciate its comfort and functionality.

Wall decor

To get a harmonious room, you should consider materials and colors. You can not use a lot of finishes, combine metal, wood, brick and concrete in 1 room, especially more than 2 materials in one wall.

It is necessary to carefully select materials, harmonizing concrete or plaster with bright brick or wood. Background walls are complemented with wooden and metal structures, modern minimalist pieces and antique furniture. And thanksdetails, accessories and textiles will be able to live in this design, where it will be pleasant to be.

Wall colors

Cold colors are often used. Black, white, gray shades are used as predominant. They should be the basis for the interior, even if concrete, plaster, brick will be used.

And bright accents will be brick red, blue, blue shades, as well as green details to get coziness. These bright spots can create an interesting contrast. This effect is applied to the whole room, that is, one wall is different from the others. This approach will help to place accents and zone the room.

Pros and cons

Loft style has the following advantages:

  1. No need to hide communications.
  2. Finishing is optional.
  3. There is an opportunity to save on furniture.
  4. Gives room for creativity.
how to make a brick wall in loft style

But the style is not suitable for those who like to retire. In addition, some people find it inappropriate. The loft is not exactly suitable for living with children.

Different rooms

Loft style is chosen for different rooms. It's perfect for:

  1. Bedrooms. To decorate the walls, you need to choose neutral light colors, and one wall should be dark. Usually, the head of the bed is placed near it. If the ceilings are low, then it is advisable to plaster the walls or paint them white. This will create the appearance of a large space.
  2. Kitchen and bathroom. White looks great in the kitchenbrickwork in the working area, combined with painting the walls, decorated with plaster. The accent can be put on the dining area, highlighting it with color and adding a catchy detail.
  3. Living room and hallway. It is advisable to put an emphasis on the load-bearing wall, use a dark color for it. Graffiti or other non-trivial image looks great. This will be the main location of the composition.

Loft-style walls are original. It is important that they are combined with the rest of the design of the room. And for this it is important to adhere to the design of the style completely. Then the room will be comfortable and cozy.


Loft-style walls can not be decorated with all materials. The best for this are:

  1. Concrete slabs. They are used not only for walls, but also for the ceiling, floor.
  2. Wooden planks. Used for sewing walls and floor cladding.
  3. Glass. They are chosen not only for windows, but also for overlapping between levels.
  4. Brick. They are the basis for wall cladding.
loft wall painting

Metal pipes can be used in decoration. Loft-style wall decoration with any materials looks impressive, creating a cozy atmosphere in the room. According to reviews, painting can also be used.

Correct wall decoration

Rough concrete loft-style walls are the most common. Often the walls are replaced with glass blocks or plastic partitions. In the kitchen, instead of a wall, there can be a bar with different drinks.

Rear-bearing walls are designed inindustrial style, they have some roughness and an exposed concrete area or with brickwork. Wall decoration in the loft style is not done by wallpapering. But other materials are used instead.

How is a loft-style wall painted? To decorate a living space, choose gray or matte paint. Surfaces are also covered with decorative bricks or plywood sheets. White loft-style walls are needed for rooms with low ceilings. Moreover, surfaces can be plastered or painted. If the room has high ceilings, then you must follow simple rules:

  1. They are equipped with wooden beams.
  2. Create an attic atmosphere by building wooden structures.
  3. You can hang lamps on chains.

According to reviews, the walls in the loft-style living room look great if painting is chosen for decoration. The following of the materials provided may also be used.

Preparing for painting

Often, painting is chosen to decorate the walls in the loft style. The work does not use many tools. You need a paint bath, brush and roller. A brush is needed to penetrate hard-to-reach areas, so it is better to choose 1 wide and 1 narrow. A roller with a short pile is used when painting smooth walls. Medium pile is used for textured and rough, matte walls. If the walls are textured, then you need a long pile.

Wall preparation required before paint application. This affects the accuracy of the result. This stage is:

  • trainingrooms;
  • surface cleaning;
  • removing cracks and irregularities;
  • primer.

While covering the walls, the paint may spread around the room. Therefore, the space must be blocked with a film. The electricity should be turned off. The joints between the floor and walls are sealed with masking tape. This is also done with sockets.

The walls need to be washed. They remove stains, fungus, mold. Vinegar or ammonia may be used. You also need to remove the old coating, if any. If you purchased paint that is applied to another finish, then you need to check that the old layer is holding up well. Otherwise, these shortcomings must be eliminated. Old paint from the walls is removed with a special tool. If there were wallpapers, then they are removed with a spatula and warm soapy water.

Primer is also a necessary job that should not be skipped. It serves to protect the walls from the appearance of fungus and mold. It also makes the surface smooth. Apply preferably in 2 layers. If the base is made of concrete, then 3 layers will do. After priming, large cracks and holes must be repaired.

Performing painting

White paint and color must be diluted. In a small container, dilute to the desired color. You should fill in the proportions and transfer to the bucket. Painting is done as follows:

  1. Paint one surface at a time. You can not leave a half-painted wall for a long time, otherwise the border will be very noticeable.
  2. The entire surface is painted from top to bottom. It is not worth doing work from below, otherwise smudges will appear, which are then difficulteliminate.
  3. After coating with a brush, paint over hard-to-reach areas and corners. After applying the first layer, you should wait for it to dry. The duration of this procedure is indicated on the package. After drying, you can apply the next layer. During drying, the temperature must be controlled. Do not expose to direct sunlight.
loft wall design

Painting is an easy job. The cost of such repairs is minimal, and the result is excellent. The main thing is to choose the right paint. For a child, you need to choose the safest remedy. And since children love to draw on the walls, it is important that she wash herself. And for the bathroom and kitchen, you need to choose waterproof types. If there is no desired color, then you can purchase standard white paint and dilute it with color.


The main focus is the brickwork. How to make a brick wall in loft style? It is not necessary to make all the walls of brick, you can make only one, but it must be combined with other surfaces. The rest can be decorated with plaster or painted in a cold color.

walls in a loft apartment

How to make a loft-style brick wall without using bricks? Now for this there are materials imitating brick. They are perfect for stylish decoration of the room. Which brick to choose - red or painted, it all depends on the desire. Each material is original in its own way. For example, white helps to expand the space, it fills it with light, and red looks cozy. Bold choicewill be matt black. Against the backdrop of a loft-style brick wall, gold and copper accessories look good.


How else to make a loft-style wall? Concrete can be used for this. Plain gray material is not a symbol of comfort and warmth, but it can look different in the right hands. It is important that a specialist work with the design.

Concrete surface can look different. Light and dark colors, different textures. Textured, sometimes damaged walls look ascetic. Original concrete slabs that are neat and minimalist. Loft-style concrete walls can be given expressiveness with classic skirting boards or ceiling moldings.


Do-it-yourself loft-style walls can be made with wood. It is a warm material compared to concrete and brick. So that wooden walls do not look like a chalet, they are combined with other materials that are typical for a loft.

It is possible to decorate with vertical boards, which will visually raise the ceiling when extending the wooden trim from it. Wood goes well with brick.


The walls in a loft-style apartment can be decorated using metal. Only the material is applied as part of the project. It is undesirable to choose too much metal, as the design may resemble high-tech. It is advisable to decorate the walls with metal objects: pipes, beams and frames. The metered use of metal lends a discreet sheen to urban energy.


Wall design in stylethe loft is diverse due to different materials. Plaster should be used for neutral walls, shading or emphasizing textured places. Choose light and cool tones.


There are no walls in the loft, but this condition is difficult to observe in private houses and city apartments. Residential space requires some rooms to be insulated.

white walls in loft style

To solve this problem, designers are advised to use glass. The construction of such walls will be appropriate. With the help of transparency, the walls retain the volume of the room. Thanks to modern features, it will be possible to perform high-quality sound insulation.

Designing a loft style is easy, especially if the room has the necessary elements. You should not overdo it with the filling of the apartment, the lightness and feeling of a large area should be preserved. Even a small apartment can be transformed.

You should implement your ideas. You can use samples of the best apartments. If it is difficult to do everything on your own, you can turn to specialists. Designers take into account all the nuances to get a harmonious room.

These are the main types of loft-style wall decoration. This is a creative direction in interior design, so each owner can decide for himself how best to decorate his home.

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