Log cabin from a gun carriage: materials and tools, technology description, photo

Log cabin from a gun carriage: materials and tools, technology description, photo
Log cabin from a gun carriage: materials and tools, technology description, photo

Modern developers are increasingly offering the technology of building log cabins from a gun carriage. She came to us from Norway. Carriage is a semi-oval log, sawn from two sides. This word also refers to the type of connection. It is also called a cunning castle, as it is one of the best.

What makes Norwegian technology good

Due to its high quality and its shape, this masonry is able to provide a tight connection, which protects the corners from the penetration of cold air and freezing. Over time, shrinkage will occur, which will only lead to greater compaction. This indicates that the structure of the house will become even warmer and stronger. The walls are flattened, making the interior of the house more spacious and creating more space.

Technology description

log cabin bath carriage

Before erecting a log cabin from a carriage, preparatory work is carried out. The logs must be stacked one on one in a horizontal position, which allows the formation of crowns. Logs have a standard length of 6 m. Forin order to obtain the strength of the joint, grooves are made located on top of the element. A sealant is placed there. There should be special cuts in the corners of the logs. They are called locks and have wedge-shaped profiles.

For the construction of log cabins, it is important that the tree has natural moisture. This technology involves the shrinkage of the material in the finished log house. After installation, the house is aged for some time, then it is dismantled. Logs are stacked using a Norwegian lock. In the process of shrinkage, it self-locks under the influence of its own weight. This lock in buildings is the most reliable, since the carriage does not rotate when jammed and is strong enough. The strength of the castle will depend on the shrinkage density.

Before you start assembling a frame from a gun carriage, you need to approach the selection of material with all seriousness. The logs must not be damaged. They must comply with specifications and standards. This allows you to build high quality houses. As soon as lumber has been chosen that is suitable in all respects, it is cleaned of bark, treated with turpentine antiseptics and resinous substances. Particular care should be taken to process the end part of the wood, as well as those places where the grooves and cuts are located. The logs are then sorted by size and shape. For this, measurements are taken. At this stage, defects in the form of protrusions and outgrowths can be removed.

Second construction phase

After carrying out such processes, the log is transported to the felling site. Log cabinscollected taking into account natural sizes. After the felling is completed, the logs are marked depending on the assembly drawings. Then the log house is dismantled and the material is loaded onto transport. It is delivered to the assembly site of the house. Assembly work is carried out on a finished foundation. Installation is accompanied by the installation of dowels and dowels. They are hardwood nails. These elements are located inside the bars. Pins are required to prevent alignment of the edges of the bars during shrinkage. They keep the walls vertical.

As soon as the Norwegian frame from the carriage is mounted, the roof is mounted, the doors and windows are installed. Then you can carry out finishing work related to the improvement.


Norwegian frame carriage

For the manufacture of a carriage and the construction of a house, certain tools should be prepared, among them should be highlighted:

  • band sawmills;
  • compass;
  • drill;
  • chainsaw;
  • axe;
  • planer.

The sawmill must be equipped with hydraulic and electronic systems. The compass should be selected such that a level is built into it. The drill must have an impact function. Any ax will not work. It must have a special configuration. Among the special equipment that will be needed, it should be highlighted:

  • truck crane;
  • lifting equipment;
  • trucks.

Construction Features

log cabins using Norwegian technology

Bath housefrom the gun carriage is built almost according to the same technology, which involves the use of round timber or timber. The foundation will be the same as for the roof. The main difference is expressed only in the construction of walls. Standard log cabins have a bowl in the connection. The obvious disadvantage here is the expectation of shrinkage. This may take a year or more.

The more dry the logs are, the better. So they sit down faster and less. As for the log houses of the gun carriage, logs of natural moisture are used for them. This is due to the fact that when erecting walls, the angular method of fastening is used. When drying, the logs fit even more tightly to each other, they cling to each other. Shrinkage is not so significant.

What material to use for the construction of the bath

It is better to use cedar for a bath, as this wood is not exposed to temperature extremes and chemicals. Among other things, cedar has healing properties.

Ventilation. Does she need

do-it-yourself log cabin

If you want to build a log house from a gun carriage with your own hands, you must worry about ventilation. Usually, in the presence of wooden walls, the premises are ventilated due to slots in the joints. But in the design under consideration, there will be no gaps. In this regard, holes for air exchange should be made under the roof. These holes are called air ducts, they must be located around the perimeter of the building. They should be in every room. The steam room should have one opening at the top and twobottom.

How to markup yourself

log cabins

The markup begins with the marking of the extreme lines and axes of the joined bars. In this case, it is necessary to use a hydraulic level. The upper beam is set vertically and along the axis of the walls. If you look at the beam from above, then you should see a square. The elements of the castle will be drawn from it.

Before you build a log house from a gun carriage with your own hands, you must mark up. The next step is to look at the side of the lower beam. In this section, the lines of the drawn square are extended so that they connect with the center of the beam. This line will be a conditional horizon. By looking at the top of the lower beam, you should be able to figure out where to draw the straight lines. They will go through the corners of the square.

Final marking stage

Now you can cut and remove excess wood. A similar marking is carried out on the other side of the beam. Next, the wood is sawn. To do this, you must perform a series of actions that were described above. After that, you can work with the lower plane of the beam located on top. Now you can pair the node.

How to build a house with your own hands

log cabin photo

If you decide to assemble a frame from a carriage using Norwegian technology, you must first select the material. An excellent solution would be northern pine. It is relatively inexpensive. If the trunk diameter varies from 28 to 36 cm, then after processing the diameter may be 21 cm. Preliminaryprocessing will involve the manufacture of a gun carriage using specialized equipment. The log will need to be sharpened and marked on it. These works are carried out by craftsmen, since the quality of the log connection and the subsequent performance of the house depend on the correctness of this stage.

Marking is carried out by a line, which is applied with a special tool. It is important to cut out the castle, which will represent the Norwegian bowl. With the help of the line, you will have to mark the longitudinal groove, which is selected with an ax. It is also called Tesla. The next step is to grind the boards to ensure maximum tightness and smoothness of the joints.

felling of a log cabin

At the final stage of preparation, the material is treated with an antiseptic. This is done with the help of special compounds that prevent the appearance of mold spots and rot. At the next stage, you can start cutting the log cabin from the gun carriage. The basis of the structure is a strip foundation, which has the form of a monolithic concrete base. Before assembling the house, a layer of waterproofing should be laid on the foundation, which will prevent damage to the lower rims.

Then assembly takes place, which takes a lot of time, because it requires the most durable fit of the elements. This is the only way to achieve an accurate connection. After examining the photo of log cabins from the gun carriage, you can understand which project to choose. But at the described stage, you will have to deal with the selection of grooves in window and door openings. The groove width is 50 mm. It is inserted intoguide beam, which will be the basis for attaching the boxes and the door block. This will ensure the safety of windows and doors during shrinkage of the log house. After that, they will fall into place, dry out and be pressed against the logs, which will guarantee the absence of cracks.

Wooden beams with a section of 150 x 200 mm should be used for ceiling mounting. In order to make the interior of the house original, the ceiling is left open. As for the decoration of the house, it can be carried out using different stylistic solutions. Usually, craftsmen advise treating the wall with translucent protective compounds that allow you to preserve the natural beauty of the material. The use of boxes is welcome, because the treatment with different paints and varnishes increases the degree of protection of the building and makes it as attractive as possible.

In conclusion

Lafet houses are among the most reliable. If you live in a region with a cold climate, then this solution will be the best. The technology is unique. The logs are connected as reliably as possible, thanks to which the operational life of the building is quite long. The house is subject to operation for tens and hundreds of years. Such houses in Norway have recently become more and more popular, with regard to the northern regions of Russia.

The prevalence of this technology cannot be called accidental. After all, it is due to the fact that it has been tested for several years abroad. The assembly process can be carried out independently, because the logs are delivered to the construction site already numbered. But if you don't have experience, then youyou may encounter difficulties. After all, such a house must be assembled exactly according to the instructions.

This technology is also good because the house allows you to save on insulation and decoration. In favor of the latter belief, it can be said that such buildings have a natural beauty.

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