Construction and finishing dry mixes "Prospectors": review, characteristics, reviews

Construction and finishing dry mixes "Prospectors": review, characteristics, reviews
Construction and finishing dry mixes "Prospectors": review, characteristics, reviews

"Starateli" is a well-known throughout Russia manufacturer of building materials intended for interior decoration. As practice shows, dry mixes produced under this name are quite popular, as they are characterized by high quality material and amazing performance.

Let's consider further the main features of dry mixes from "Prospectors", their varieties, as well as the reviews left in their address by masters in the field of construction work.

General information about the manufacturer

The Starateli company has been operating since 1992. The place of its creation is the city of Lytkarino, located in the Moscow region.

As for the products manufactured by the company in question, it is represented mainly by dry materials, including putties, plasters, as well as various options for building adhesives and primers. Construction specialists note in their reviews that each product produced under thisname, fully complies with all established standards, and also pleases with an amazing level of quality.

In 2006, the Starateli company was recognized as the best manufacturer in the field of construction products. In addition, for the entire period of its existence, she was awarded various awards, including the All-Russian Prize "Catherine the Great".

About plasters

Special attention of consumers is attracted by plasters from "Prospectors". This series of materials is represented by a large assortment, some of which include the following types of plasters:

  • gypsum;
  • cement-sand;

Considering the main qualities of these positions, it is worth noting that gypsum plaster is presented in two forms: for manual and machine application. Any of these products are easy to apply. Moreover, in reviews of the dry mix "Prospectors" of this type, it is very often noted that their undeniable advantage is versatility - these types of materials can be applied to any surface. Speaking about the disadvantages of the product, many note a small number of colors - the proposed palette contains only two types of coloring: white and gray.

Cement-sand plaster is also represented by a small assortment: Prospectors' plaster of this type is suitable:

  • for facade decoration;
  • for manual use;
  • for machine application.

The product in question is based on lime and cement seriesM-500. The reviews of the builders say that in order to create the most durable layer of this type of material, it is necessary to apply a solution with a thickness of no more than 10 mm.

The main feature of the dry building mix "Prospectors" MIXTER is that it is a moisture-resistant material made on the basis of cement and gypsum. This tool is used, as a rule, for work in the interior of the premises.

Dry mix "Prospectors"


"Prospectors" is a company that offers an excellent selection of putties among dry mixes. The presented range captivates with its diversity. The list of products includes the following types of putty:

  • front;
  • facade finishing;
  • basic;
  • finish;
  • finish CR.

In addition to all of the above, the company offers a unique product - "Prospectors Finish Plus", which is based on white cement and is safely used for interior work.

In addition to the "Prospectors Finish Plus" putty, some other types of the product listed in this list were created on the basis of white cement: facade and facade-finish. As for the base material, it is based on ordinary cement.

When considering the list of putties from the Starateli company, you should pay special attention to the finishing putty based on gypsum, as well as the KR-type product, which includes various polymer additives andmarble flour - these materials are considered especially strong.

dry mix "Prospectors" reviews

Self-leveling floor

Considering the list of mixes "Prospectors", it is necessary to pay special attention to a special type of product - self-leveling floor, which is also presented in a wide range. To date, the company offers to the attention of interested parties the following types of mixtures for creating a floor:

  • "Practical".
  • "Fat".
  • "Quick hardening".
  • "Thin".

In addition to all of the above, the buyer should also pay attention to the S-10 and light ties, which are also available in the proposed assortment. These products are necessary for the formation of a flooded floor and to give perfect evenness to its top layer. As for the S-10 screed, it is the most advanced product, as it has properties such as frost resistance and moisture resistance, and also contains reinforced fibers.

Reviews of this type of product left by builders say that it tends to harden quite quickly (within 15 hours), and the average material consumption is about 14-15 kg/m2.

Self-leveling floor "Prospectors" price


In a number of dry mixes "Prospectors" there is a worthy choice of tile and assembly glue. As for the mounting product, it is designed for fastening thin-layer blocks (even in winter), as well asmineral wool and polystyrene foam boards. Speaking of tile adhesive, it is worth noting that the product is presented in the following variations:

  • thermal insulation;
  • luxury;
  • fast;
  • plus;
  • premium;
  • standard.

Special attention should also be paid to the fact that in this group of materials the company presents a mixture for laying fireplaces and stoves, which has a special heat resistance.

Dry building mixes "Prospectors"

Grout "Prospectors Calcite"

Considering the list of dry products presented in the catalog of the Prospectors company, one should pay attention to a special grout, the main purpose of which is to fill the space in the seams between slabs and blocks, as well as glazed mosaics and marble elements.

Reviews of this product, left by builders, very often note a number of positive qualities, among which it is worth noting its frost resistance, color stability, as well as water resistance and plasticity.

Grout for seams "Prospectors"

Product Features

All of the listed products, classified as dry mixes, put on the market by the Starateli company, have certain features, which are often mentioned in the positive reviews of builders. These benefits include:

  • presence in the composition of antiseptic products that prevent the appearance of fungus;
  • inclusion in adhesiveadditives;
  • presence in the composition of components that exclude the formation of foam;
  • strength of materials;
  • fast drying.

Many craftsmen in the field of construction have also noticed that every product put on the market has a well-thought-out composition, which ensures not only high wear resistance of the material, but also other favorable indicators of its quality.

Putty "Prospectors"


The reviews left about the Prospectors dry mixes often talk about an acceptable pricing policy, within which there are quite high-quality products.

So, the average cost of plaster from the manufacturer in question is about 250-300 rubles per bag weighing 25 kg, putty is approximately in the same price range. Speaking about the cost of "Prospectors Calcite" grout, it should be noted that this irreplaceable material costs around 120 rubles per pack, and the price of the self-leveling floor "Prospectors" can vary from 210 to 340 rubles, depending on the desired type of material.

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