How to equip an attic: furnishing options, original design, photo

How to equip an attic: furnishing options, original design, photo
How to equip an attic: furnishing options, original design, photo

Attic is an additional living space in the house, which is located under the roof itself. Thanks to the non-standard shape of the ceiling, you can give free rein to your imagination and realize even the craziest ideas. How to equip the attic so that it combines convenience and comfort? Furnishing options, interesting ideas and materials - in the article.


The presence of an attic in the house instead of the usual attic gives the following positive aspects:

  1. The usable area of ​​the house is increasing.
  2. Reduce heat loss through the roof, as the room becomes heated and insulated.
  3. Unusual room layout.

The presence of an attic in the house makes the home especially cozy. In addition, this room can be used for almost any purpose. It can serve both as a bedroom and as a living room, nursery, office.

attic bedroom

Window decoration

Availability of sources of naturallighting in the attic makes it possible to feel comfortable being in the room. In addition, windows make it possible to save on electricity during the daytime, as well as to ventilate the room. In addition, the large size of the windows visually expands the room. You can use ordinary windows, or you can use designs that are designed specifically for sloping walls. As well as the size, the shape of the window can be completely different.

Window frames can be made of both wood and plastic. The color scheme is either traditionally white, or repeats the main color of the interior of the room. Windows that are located on sloping walls are quite problematic to decorate with curtains, so blinds are used to protect from the sun.

Bevel design

The classic gable roof has longitudinal beams that serve to support it. It is not necessary to try to hide them and sew them up with clapboard or drywall. Their original appearance is perfect for decorating an attic in the style of an Alpine chalet. Wooden beams can be the highlight of the whole interior.

large attic

In the attic, darkened or artificially aged beams against the background of light walls will look spectacular. To paint them, you can use ordinary paint or stain of the appropriate shade. To enhance the effect, you can use LED lighting placed between the beams.


How to equip the attic with your own hands? The choice of furniture plays an important role, as with its help you can create a cozy atmosphere. It should be remembered aboutthe fact that the usual large-sized square cabinets, as well as large sofas, are not recommended, since the attic most often does not have large enough dimensions, and this kind of furniture will only clutter it up.

How to equip the attic as a bedroom? To do this, you can use it as multifunctional furniture, such as a small sofa that folds out and has two full beds. You can also put bedside tables, which are useful for storing various small things, or a floor lamp. If it is decided to put a bed, then it must be placed against the lowest wall. Opposite, you can put a coffee table with chairs or a small wardrobe or hanger.

Arrangement of a nursery in the attic is justified only if it is a room for a teenager. It is undesirable for a small child to have a room in the attic, as he requires increased attention from his parents.

nursery in the attic

The photo (how to equip the attic is of interest to all owners of this type of room) shows interesting options for locating the living room under the roof. To do this, it is enough to place a comfortable sofa, chairs where guests can sit, a coffee table, a TV in front of the sofa, as well as a small chest of drawers for storing useful things.

Wall design

How to equip an attic in the country? Since the attic itself is a rather unusual place, you can show imagination when choosing finishing materials for wall design. To decorate a room oftenthe following finishes are used:

  1. Wooden panels that can be kept in their original color or painted in any color. In this case, you can use a lining board, which is recommended to be sanded beforehand.
  2. Wallpaper with different textures and shades. When choosing them, you need to adhere to the overall color scheme of the room.
  3. Textured or smooth plaster, which can also be the highlight of the room.
living room in attic

Also, the classic finishes include painting with paint. To do this, it is recommended to pre-paste the room with wallpaper for painting or plaster the walls.

As decorative elements, walls can be decorated with clocks, photographs in beautiful frames, paintings or other interior elements. These little things will help make the room much more comfortable. At the same time, it is recommended not to overdo it with the number of such decorative elements.

Lighting nuances

Unfortunately, light from natural sources is not always enough, so you need to supplement them with artificial ones. At the same time, it is important to correctly maintain a balance, otherwise, with an excess of light, any romance of the room under the roof will be lost, and with its lack, the room will remain a dull attic. Fortunately, today it is possible to choose and combine a large number of different lamps, which will not only give the right light, but also become full-fledged decorative elements.

kitchen in the attic

How to equip the attic in the house? Most often usedcombinations of spot lighting using spotlights, a cozy floor lamp above an armchair or near a sofa, a large chandelier with soft light above the bed or in the middle of the room. It is important that the light is warm and unobtrusive. Also, the backlight must be functional. This is necessary to feel comfortable in the room.

Finish options

How to equip the attic with your own hands? Photos show a wide variety of modern finishing materials that are used to create interesting interiors:

  • Natural wood. It fits perfectly into the concept of the attic space, is completely environmentally friendly and looks great. Most often they use wooden panels for sheathing, lining board, edged board, blockhouse. If desired, wood can be stained or painted.
  • Drywall allows you to build beautiful multi-level ceilings or niches in the walls. Despite all the external beauty of the structures, they are strictly forbidden to be used in small rooms, as they can visually reduce them.
  • Tension structures for the ceiling are the best option, as they have the most unobtrusive appearance. In addition, it is possible to choose the most suitable shade from a rich color palette.
  • Decorative plaster is used for both walls and ceilings.
cozy room

As flooring most often choose carpet, linoleum, parquet or laminate. In some cases, the choice stops on tiles

Insulation and waterproofing

How to equip the attic with your own hands? It is difficult to imagine a room under the roof, designed for comfortable living, without insulation and waterproofing. To do this, you need to take into account the following points:

  1. Insulation should be laid out on the inside of the rafters. The most commonly used material is bas alt mineral wool.
  2. The next step is to install the vapor barrier. It comes in the form of a film that needs to be fixed over mineral wool.
  3. Window insulation should be located around its perimeter, as slopes are the coldest place.

Without performing these simple manipulations, the attic will remain a cold attic.

Stylistic diversity

How to equip an attic room with your own hands? This is quite simple to do if you decide on the style of the interior. Most often, the following design directions are used to decorate a room under the roof:

  1. Loft is well suited for an attic with high ceilings. It is characterized by brick walls, large floor beams and other aggressive elements.
  2. Provence is a French style dominated by light shades and light floral ornaments.
  3. Scandinavian style is characterized by simplicity and functionality, as well as the predominance of white.
  4. small attic
  5. Chalet - interior, the highlight of which is the predominance of natural materials and warm colors.

How to equip the attic? Important rightchoose furniture and finishing materials that will match the chosen stylistic direction of the interior of the room under the roof.

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