Plastic mounting wedges: specifications

Plastic mounting wedges: specifications
Plastic mounting wedges: specifications

Recently, mounting wedges have become quite common. They are convenient for alignment and wedging of building systems and elements. Without them, the installation of doors and windows in the opening is practically impossible, which is very convenient, but not yet very common among private craftsmen.

Key Features

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If you decide to use mounting wedges in your work, it will be important to know that they have different sizes, which allows you to balance building elements with great accuracy. The master needs to remember that the alignment accuracy is provided by the teeth, which are located on both sides of the wedge. The distance between them is 0.5 mm. Mounting wedges have air chambers and provide a sufficiently tight fit, which eliminates the problem of freezing in the winter season. They are able to increase the adhesion area by 2 times.

Positive features of wedges

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BesidesSince the use of such products significantly increases the adhesion area, you can be sure that slipping on the surface will be completely absent. You can not be afraid of the lack of opening, the manufacturer guarantees this characteristic, because the products are made according to the exact dimensions. You can count on product reliability that remains unchanged even at critical temperatures (their range varies from -40 to +80 degrees). Plastic mounting wedges can serve for a long time, they are resistant to all kinds of negative environmental influences. During operation, the wedges have internal chambers, which exclude the occurrence of cold bridges, which may appear when wooden blocks are used in construction.

Installation recommendations

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Before using plastic mounting wedges, it is important to familiarize yourself with the technology of their use. These products are mounted when fixing the window block to the wall openings using fasteners. It is necessary to install the side blocks as tightly as possible, however, no force should be exerted on the box profile. Dimensions and pitch must be selected depending on the design of the product to be installed. Plastic mounting wedges, the dimensions of which will be described below, must be moved until the part is at the desired level. Mounting products must be installed along the window unit. After fixing the mounted product, it is necessary towill get rid of the mounting seam by sealing, in the process, you can use construction foam or vapor barrier tape.

What else does the master need to know about mounting products

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Plastic mounting wedges, the manufacturer of which guarantees excellent performance, have an unlimited service life. Products are not able to absorb moisture, which prolongs the life of materials that are in close proximity to products. The teeth will not need to be dismantled after installation. It is very attractive for professional builders and home craftsmen. On sale you can always find a huge range of products that may be required for various kinds of installation work. Plastic mounting wedges, the manufacturer of which says that you can count on a reduction in construction work, do not imply the need for a preparatory stage. Thus, the installation time is reduced by 4 times. Such figures are due to the fact that when using wooden linings, the master would have to prepare them in advance.

Features of using wedges

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When you use wedges during installation work, you can count on more accurate alignment of the structure in the opening, this is achieved by changing the height of the product by just one tooth, its parameter is limited to 0.5 millimeters.

Camera similar productscorrespond to the indicators of thermal conductivity, which are characteristic of the window. This indicates that the thermal conductivity of the installed product remains unchanged. Due to the fact that the wedges have a significant width, the products completely eliminate the slipping of the frame support profile. Mounting wedges for windows have equal angles, this allows you to use them in an odd number. During installation, these products can be covered with building foam, which improves the quality of the window's heat saving, and also stops the decay process for many decades. The wedge technology eliminates complaints that may be associated with the human factor when installing doors or windows.

Varieties of mounting products

What you need to know before you buy plastic mounting wedges? characteristics of this product. So, on sale you can find small wedges, which, as a rule, are used when installing windows without dismantling. This applies to cottages and new buildings. Among other things, such products can be used when installing parquet or laminate. Alignment accuracy is ensured by special teeth, the distance between which is 0.5 mm. If you want to purchase them, you can count on the average market value, which varies between 3-5 rubles per item.

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Medium wedges

The mounting wedge, the specifications of which are presented in this article, may havethe average size. The maximum load per support block is 1700 kg, which is true at 100 percent intersection. Most often, these products are used when installing windows, as well as floors. In the latter case, we are talking about equalizing the lag. With their help, roofing work can also be carried out, as well as the installation of doors. Alignment accuracy is guaranteed by the same teeth that are located on both sides of the wedge, the distance between them is 0.5 mm. Air chambers and a good fit in this case also have a place to be. You can buy such products at a price that varies at the level of 4.5 rubles.

Large wedges

The above-described mounting wedges for logs are of medium size, while large mounting products can be found on sale. The highest load per support block is 2200 kilograms, which is true at 100 percent crossing. Most often, these wedges are used when installing windows that have a rather complex configuration. This is due to the fact that in these cases high accuracy is required; when dismantling the window, it is impossible to guarantee this in the area of ​​the opening. This applies, for example, to the buildings of the Stalin era. These products are also used when installing floors, with regard to leveling the lag. You can meet them when carrying out roofing work, as well as when installing doors. Alignment accuracy is ensured by the same teeth located at the same frequency. You can buy such wedges on the building materials market within 7.5 rubles. for 1 unit As for the manufacturer, the mostproducts of Firmax, Bauset, KlinPlast are in demand.

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Additional specifications of wedges with different sizes

If we are talking about small products, then their length, width, and height are 91, 43 and 15 millimeters, respectively. If you need to calculate how many packages you need to purchase for work, then you need to consider that one package contains 700 units of products. When it comes to medium wedges, it is important to consider that their length, width and height are 115, 30 and 19 millimeters, respectively. When purchasing such products, keep in mind that one package contains 600 units of goods. Large wedges have a length, width and height that are 143, 43 and 22 millimeters, respectively. There will be 200 pieces in one package.

Advantages of plastic wedges over wooden ones

If you cannot decide which wedges to choose - based on wood or plastic before installation, it is important to weigh all the positive and negative sides of each of these materials. First of all, it should be noted that the wooden wedges will be made by you yourself, which cannot guarantee accurate dimensions, as is the case with plastic supports that are manufactured in a factory.

It is also important to take into account the fact that plastic wedges have excellent bearing capacity, which does not change over time, because the products are based on high-strength material. This cannot be said aboutwood, which eventually loses its original moisture, dries out and changes its linear dimensions. Plastic, unlike wood, does not rot. It is water resistant and frost resistant. If the wood gets wet, this will cause it to dry out later. You can use plastic wedges without limitation on the service life. According to this indicator, plastic also wins over wood.

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