Installation of LED lamps: features, instructions and recommendations

Installation of LED lamps: features, instructions and recommendations
Installation of LED lamps: features, instructions and recommendations

Modern design often involves the presence of LED lamps, the installation of which is not difficult, but requires certain knowledge. Such devices are more often used as auxiliary elements that highlight certain zones, but if necessary, they can act as the main sources. LED technology is one of the most promising areas of artificial lighting, so it is worth paying attention to.

Installation of LED lamps

Why did appliances become popular in such a short time?

Recently, traditional incandescent lamps are gradually losing demand. In modern premises, LED lamps are increasingly being installed, which have many important advantages over conventional counterparts. They are listed below:

  • economical use of electrical energy;
  • possibility to obtain special spectral characteristics without any filters;
  • compact dimensions that allow you to successfully place appliances in the interior;
  • lack of inertia during circuit breaker operation;
  • high level of operational safety;
  • provision of directional radiation without a reflector.

Some consumers will be deterred only by the cost of devices. Unlike the prices of traditional appliances, it is higher, but in the process of long-term operation, it is possible to save money.

Tools and fixtures for work

When installing LED ceiling lights, use the following tools and auxiliary elements:

  • tape measure at least 5 m long;
  • stepladder for climbing to heights;
  • wire cutters;
  • drill with hole attachment;
  • duct tape;
  • junction box;
  • stationery knife;
  • power supply (when using low voltage devices);
  • switch.
Installation of ceiling LED lights

Marking and cabling

Distribution of wiring begins immediately after the acquisition of all elements of the system that were reflected in the estimate. Installation of LED lamps requires competent thinking over the cable layout. After it is drawn up, the markup is applied directly to the ceiling.

First, the place where the new electrical circuit will be connected is determined. The junction box is installed here. Usinglow-voltage devices, a power supply must be purchased separately, the power of which must correspond to the total indicators of all devices.

When installing a suspended structure, the wires are distributed only after the assembly of the metal frame. For protection against electric shock and possible replacement, the cables are best placed in a corrugated pipe made of plastic or metal. The material is selected taking into account the level of flammability of the supporting elements.

It is recommended to leave leads at least 15 cm long at the installation sites for easy connection. The wires are fixed to the base with plastic clamps or special brackets.

Punch holes

When installing overhead LED luminaires, there are no special requirements for openings, but they must be located at the location of the frame jumpers in order to be able to attach them. Built-in appliances can be located between structural members.

Installation of LED lamps: price

A tape measure is used to accurately determine the installation location. If necessary, you can attach a sheet of finishing material, marking with a pencil the areas with the location of the lighting devices. A hole in drywall or plastic is cut using a special nozzle or a clerical knife.

Connection and installation

When the openings for the appliances are ready, it is necessary to expose the wires protruding from them. One core is connected to the corresponding terminal of the lighting device, and the other is twisted directly withpower cable. The joints must be wrapped with insulating tape. To simplify the work, most models are equipped with markings.

When installing recessed LED luminaires, the brackets located along the edges should be pressed against the ceiling. After tensioning them, inserting the device into the hole made is not difficult. They must securely hold the device inside throughout the entire period of operation.

When installing overhead products, a connection is made to the main cables, after which the lower part is screwed through the facing material directly to the crate. After the fixation is completed, the internal cavity is closed with a special cap.

Installation of recessed LED luminaires

Recommendations for determining the number of appliances

Before installing LED fixtures, in any case, you have to count the number of lighting elements in the room. With incorrect calculations, you can spoil the visual perception of the intended design. It is necessary to determine the role of appliances in the interior and the required level of illumination.

The easiest way to calculate does not require knowledge of special formulas or features of complex calculations. It is based on the optimal level of illumination directly for a square meter. Usually, 20 W of traditional incandescent lamps is enough for these purposes.

Product placement rules

You should be engaged in the layout of lighting fixtures in compliance with certain recommendations, otherwise achievemaximum effect will not be achieved. The rules for installing LED lights are as follows:

Installation of LED lamps: estimate
  1. The optimal distance between adjacent lighting elements can be considered an indent from 100 to 150 cm. As for the minimum allowable gap, it should be 300 mm.
  2. Appliances must not be installed in close proximity to a wall. It is necessary to retreat from the side surface of at least 20 cm. It is also not recommended to mount the devices in the corners of the room.
  3. There are the most successful layouts for LED fixtures. The first of them consists in the arrangement of elements along the perimeter, and the second - in a checkerboard pattern.

In conclusion about the cost of installation work

Installation of a surface-mounted LED lamp

The final price of installing LED fixtures may depend on many factors, but in standard situations, you can start from the data presented in a simple table. It presents the cost of the work being done.

Type of activities carried out

Price in rubles

Installation of a surface-mounted ceiling light


Installation of a spot type appliance


Preparing the hole for the built-in appliance


Installing the power supplywith low voltage lighting system


The table below gives a rough idea of ​​how much you can save by connecting LED lights yourself.

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