Sauce dispenser - what is it and what happens? Types of dispensers and some models

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Sauce dispenser - what is it and what happens? Types of dispensers and some models
Sauce dispenser - what is it and what happens? Types of dispensers and some models

Today, sauce dispensers are in high demand among consumers. Such an accessory is a special container with which a cook or pastry chef serves sweet and s alty additives in a dosed manner. The sauce dispenser is very often used in a variety of service areas, for example, in restaurants, cafeterias, pastry shops. The device will definitely facilitate the work of a cook who works with large volumes of products. In addition, the sauce dispenser is actively used in the manufacture of fast food.

Types of dispensers

Today there are several types of dispensers on the market, among which stand out:

  • Automatic. Their feature is that they are equipped with a control pedal. This makes the work of the confectioner or cook easier.
  • Semi-automatic. Such devices are additionally equipped with a special pump, as well as a mechanical handle. In addition, some modelssuch products have a digital display. The pump is needed in order to supply a mass of different consistency. But with the help of the handle, the volume of the product is regulated.
  • Mechanical models. If a cook or pastry chef uses such a device, then in this case the sauce is dosed by pressing on the handle. Also, mechanical dispensers include various pistols, plastic bottles with a special spout, and so on. Such devices are most often used among confectioners. With their help, pastries are filled with sweet sauce just before they are sent to the oven.

Pistol from Mustard

gun dispenser

An original and very handy sauce dispenser is a gun from Mustard. It allows the sauce to hit the target. Thanks to this, the cook can decorate hot dogs and hot sandwiches, as well as other dishes quickly and easily.

This sauce dispenser is designed for ketchup and mustard, made of food safe plastic. Two cartridges are supplied with it, the culinary specialist fills mustard in one, and ketchup in the other. After refueling, the cartridge must be inserted into the gun. Next, you need to pull the trigger to water the dish. After you have used the device, you need to plug the muzzle of the gun with a stopper. This prevents the sauce from curdling. The gun can be filled with anything. It doesn't have to be mustard or ketchup. The main thing is that the consistency is suitable.

Plastic dispensers

plastic dispensers

Plasticdispensers are a regular bottle for sauces with a dispenser. They come in different sizes, but the best option is products with a volume of 450 ml. This model is inexpensive. Many users are attracted by the convenient shape of the vessel. Thanks to this, an ordinary plastic dispenser turns into a professional tool. Also, plastic dispensers are made of soft material. It is light, practical and easy to wash.

Thick Sauce Dispenser

metal dispenser

If you are looking for a thick sauce dispenser, choose the SERVER SS1 67580, 77059, 24754 model. It is made of stainless steel and designed to dispense sauces from a 2.8L can. This is a dispenser pump. You can also install a special container with a volume of 3.8 liters if desired. The volume of one portion of the sauce is 30 ml, but it can be reduced to 3.7 ml. With this equipment you will be able to serve thick mixtures such as mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup, as well as salad or barbecue dressings. In addition, the device can be seasoned with heterogeneous sauces, such as tartare. As standard, the tip on the pump is black. However, at the request of the customer, the dispenser can be equipped with a spout of a different color. A feature of the model is that fingerprints are almost invisible on the surface of the case.

San Jamar Frontline P4800 Tabletop Dispenser

modern sauce dispenser

This model consists of:

  • case equipped with a lid;
  • soft pumpsTouch;
  • container for sauces.

The peculiarity is that sauces here can be poured directly into the container. In addition, a can with a capacity of 3.8 liters is placed in the case. This kitchen utensil is ideal for fast food establishments, canteens, self-catering areas and fast food outlets.

Dispensers of this series are designed to serve mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, and other sauces. They are designed specifically to maintain the image of the institution and ensure the uninterrupted work of the chef. Highly reliable.

Effecting the latest soft-touch pumps in all Frontline series dispensaries, sauces are dispensed evenly and effortlessly. The device is very easy to care for. This pump is cleanable without disassembly. And this means that the daily care of the device is greatly facilitated.

Dispenser Star CD1PG (USA)

Comfortable model from an American manufacturer made of stainless steel. This is a rectangular container with one or two zones. A different sauce is poured into each of the zones. In addition, each of the compartments is equipped with a pump pump.

Gastrorag Dispenser JW-BSD12

This dispensary is push. The container is made of polypropylene. The volume is 350 ml. Each of the containers can be of a different color. So, the JW-BSD12 RED model is red and is designed for ketchup, JW-BSD12 WHT is white and is designed for mayonnaise, and JW-BSD12 YEL is yellow. Mustard is poured into it.

4-pump sauce dispenser Bartscher 100324

sauce dispenser 4 pumps

This model is equipped with four pumps, which is very convenient. The device is suitable for dispensing mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise. The product is made of chrome steel and the pump is made of polycarbonate. Inside such a sauce dispenser are polyethylene containers. Their volume is 3.3 liters each.

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