How to use fillet? Is it easy or difficult?

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How to use fillet? Is it easy or difficult?
How to use fillet? Is it easy or difficult?

Fillet is a ceiling plinth that is used by professional builders to close the gap formed between the ceiling and the top of the wallpaper. For the manufacture of such a plinth, the material is foam and polyurethane. The color of the fillet is initially white, and manufacturers do not provide for other shades. It goes on sale in elements having a length of 1.5-2 meters and a width of 20-80 mm.

fillet it

Determination of the required quantity and purchase

Before buying a fillet in a store, you need to decide on its quantity. It can be calculated easily and simply, since it is glued around the perimeter of the room, and to obtain the necessary data, you only need to calculate the total length figure. It is more expedient to buy a two-meter fillet. This will avoid a large number of joints. In addition, one or two additional sticks should be purchased as a reserve. When buying ceiling fillets, be sure to choose them from one batch supplied by the manufacturer.It is not worth buying one made of granular foam, as it will dry out over time, and cracks will form at the joints. Immediately reject fillets that have dents or scratches on the spot.

Additional materials for the fillet

Along the way, you should purchase the necessary tools and glue for the job. We need a tape measure, a mounting knife, plaster tape and a miter box.

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The last of these devices will greatly facilitate cutting the skirting board at the appropriate angles for the joints. The fillet skirting board is glued to a special polymer adhesive in a transparent or white color, and, as a rule, the difference lies only in the manufacturer and price.

Starting to work with fillet

To determine the primary side of gluing, attach one fillet to the ceiling. This will help you choose the most convenient point. You need to make sure that it covers the existing gap between the edge of the wallpaper and the ceiling. Before gluing, it is recommended to practice cutting corners, which should be 45°. It is for these purposes that the miter box is purchased. For learning purposes, use clippings, and when you get the right result, they can be used as templates. Having received the joints of the inner corners, you can do directly gluing the plinth. At the beginning, we fix one part of the existing segments, and then we join the second with it. The glue is applied in narrow strips, closer to the middle, on both surfaces of the fillet, as one is pressed against the ceiling, the other against the wall. Before gluing, wait two to three minutes,as with most adhesives.

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If the adhesive is applied too thick, excess may come out. Use a dry soft cloth to remove them. Most likely, in the process of work there will be gaps at the joints, but there is nothing to worry about. They are easily sealed using white silicone sealant or the same adhesive. If, however, the gaps are large enough, they are plugged by fitting the strips of the existing scraps.


It should be remembered that the fillet is a soft material, and you should not get carried away with strong pressure on it, as dents will remain. In addition, clean hands are required during work: due to the white color of the skirting board, there is a risk of leaving dirt spots on its surface.

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