The best corded screwdriver: manufacturer reviews

The best corded screwdriver: manufacturer reviews
The best corded screwdriver: manufacturer reviews

It's good to have all the necessary tools on hand, including a screwdriver, drill and puncher. But buying three devices at once can cost a pretty penny. As a good alternative to these three tools, many manufacturers offer corded screwdrivers.

This technique is good for drilling, screwdriving and grinding. Naturally, here we are talking only about the best corded screwdrivers that have a high-quality component and meet professional requirements. Therefore, it’s not worth taking any model, and we are talking not only about the cost of the device.

We will try to understand this issue and determine which cordless screwdriver is better than the other and why, and also identify the most promising manufacturers of this type of equipment in terms of choice. The article provides the opinions of experts in this field and reviews of ordinary owners of screwdrivers.

Difficulties in choosing

The power tool market is simply bursting with an abundance of models of different price categories, as well as manufacturers. Sometimes it is difficult for an experienced consumer to choosethe best option, not to mention inexperienced users. Even reviews about corded screwdrivers do not always help, because they are mostly just bought on large Internet sites. Therefore, it is better to collect information about the device you like on specialized forums and resources, and not on the shelves of online stores.

All corded drills have a similar design: motor, body, chuck, trigger, reverse lock and speed controller. And some critical difference is determined in the course of using the device. Not all companies that produce this kind of equipment are good at every point, so you need to approach the choice in a balanced and theoretically competent way.


All manufacturers can be conditionally divided into "us" and "them". Domestic equipment attracts primarily with its democratic pricing policy and an abundance of inexpensive spare parts. Yes, and it will not be difficult to figure it out yourself.

drill manufacturers

Imported models mean quality, reliability and a long history with authority. Of course, here we are talking about venerable brands, and not about those who are just taking their first steps. Unlike domestic devices, foreign network screwdrivers cannot be called ascetic or uncomfortable. Foreign manufacturers spend huge sums on research and development of not only technical innovations, but also on the ergonomic component.

Foreign manufacturers

Among import suppliers, the following brands can be noted:

  • Makita.
  • Bosch.
  • Hitachi.
  • Metabo.

Reviews about these manufacturers are entirely positive. Their equipment turns out to be reliable, efficient in work, high-quality in many respects. If there is any negative feedback, it mostly refers to local service centers and delivery. And as a rule, there are no complaints about the work of the network screwdrivers themselves.

Domestic producers

Among domestic suppliers, the following companies are enviably popular:

  • Interskol.
  • Zubr.
  • Energomash.

Reviews on these manufacturers are mostly positive, however, the series must be chosen with due care so as not to run into marriage or some critical design flaws.

Next, consider some of the most successful corded screwdrivers from the above brands from different price categories. All models can be bought both in branded offline and online stores, so there should be no problems with “feeling” it.

Interskol DSh-10/260E2

The 260-watt Interskol cordless screwdriver is very popular with domestic consumers. The model received a gearbox for two gears - at 450 and 1800 rpm. Speed ​​1 is great for screwdriving, speed 2 is great for drilling wood and steel.

drill interskol

The device has a ladder mechanism with 20 tightening steps and an intelligent reverse, which is triggered when the bolt is pinched. Modelturned out to be quite reliable and with an attractive price tag.

Device benefits:

  • optimum power;
  • keyless chuck;
  • ergonomic handle with rubber inserts;
  • blocker of accidental activation;
  • speed setting;
  • quality assembly and reliability of the design as a whole;
  • more than affordable price tag.


  • no spindle lock;
  • Cable is short (2m) even for small spaces.

Estimated cost is about 2000 rubles.

Zubr ZSSh-300-2

The 300 W Zubr corded screwdriver is very similar to the previous respondent, not only technically, but also visually. Here we have the same two speeds that provide both screw tightening and drilling.

drill bison

The screwdriver is comfortable to hold in your hand, but due to a decent mass (1.6 kg), you won’t hold it on weight for a long time. Unlike Interskol, this model received a long five-meter power cord, which greatly contributes to better user maneuverability.

Pros of the model:

  • non-impact drilling;
  • good power indicator;
  • 23 lingering moments;
  • auto speed;
  • reverse;
  • flexible and long cable;
  • design reliability;
  • ergonomic handle with rubber base;
  • attractive value.


no case included

Estimated price is about 2000 rubles.

Hitachi D10VC2

This is an imported 460W power drill from a famous manufacturer. The model works in a wide range of revolutions, but only at one speed. The device does not have any remarkable structural diversity, but the existing characteristics are quite enough for efficient operation.

hitachi drill

The model is equipped with a keyless chuck, a convenient trigger, a small wheel for adjusting speeds and a locking button that allows you to release the trigger and drill without stopping. As for the assembly, the users have no complaints: there are no cracks, nothing creaks, no backlash and no crunches.

Model benefits:

  • good power indicator;
  • 24 positions per clamp;
  • rubber body and comfortable holder;
  • there is a hole for an optional handle;
  • quality assembly and reliable design;
  • light weight (1.3 kg);
  • long manufacturer warranty along with quality service.


  • at low revs tightening torques are practically useless;
  • gearbox sometimes makes noise.

Estimated cost is about 3,500 rubles.

Metabo SBE 600 R+L Impulse

This is already a 600W percussion instrument. The model proved to be excellent both in everyday life and on construction sites. The device perfectly copes not only with drilling wood, metal and tightening self-tapping screws, but alsomakes holes in brick, stone and concrete.

metabo drill

In addition, a high power rating allows you to use the device as a tool for mixing some building mixtures, as well as grinding or polishing surfaces. The speed of rotation of the cartridge is regulated both automatically and with the help of a special wheel. It is also worth noting that the functionality of the drill provides for drilling without punching using an impulse gearbox.

Pros of the model:

  • high power rating;
  • presence of impact functionality;
  • extra handle included;
  • Ergonomically thought-out design;
  • high build quality;
  • low noise threshold;
  • good looking.


expensive parts and service in general

Estimated price is about 6,000 rubles.

Bosch GSB 1600 RE

This is a 710W professional instrument. All three tools are fully implemented here: a screwdriver, a drill and a puncher. The model perfectly copes with both screwing screws and drilling concrete walls. The device can also act as an auxiliary tool for mixing building fluids and grinding surfaces.

Bosch drill

The model has everything you need on board: a keyless chuck, a start and lock key, a drilling and tightening mode switch, as well as an intelligent depth gauge. The latter will be especially useful forspecific jobs where greater precision is needed.

Users have absolutely no complaints about the build quality. The model turned out to be excellent and there are not even any indirect shortcomings here. The only thing that consumers complain about is the lack of a case in the delivery set, and sometimes the backlight, which would obviously not be superfluous here. In general, this is not only a high-quality, but also perfectly balanced in terms of "price / return" drill.

bosch cordless screwdriver

Model benefits:

  • professional tool level;
  • electronic control;
  • excellent build quality and overall high reliability;
  • excellent ergonomics;
  • includes depth gauge and additional handle;
  • more than adequate value for the features available.


no case included

Estimated cost is about 5,000 rubles.

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