How to properly hang a TV on the wall: location height and mounting methods, recommendations

How to properly hang a TV on the wall: location height and mounting methods, recommendations
How to properly hang a TV on the wall: location height and mounting methods, recommendations

Now it is difficult to imagine modern life without TV. Many people even have several at home. TV is always associated with a pleasant pastime with friends or family. But in order to watch your favorite movies or TV shows comfortably, you need to know how to properly hang the TV on the wall. In today's article, we will analyze this issue in detail.

Which part of the room to hang?

First you need to decide where exactly our TV will be located. The choice depends on where you will be watching the programs from.

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This can be a dining table, sofa or kitchen work area. Sometimes there may be several data points. Also, when choosing a site, you need to pay attention to the window. Experts do not recommend placing the screen on the opposite wall of the window. Even if the screen is matte, glare is inevitable.If there is a need to place the TV in front of the window, it is worth foreseeing blackout curtains or blinds in advance, closing which you can limit the access of sunlight to the room.

Determining the height

How to hang the TV on the wall? It is comfortable for a person to view programs when the screen is in front of the eyes. At the same time, rays from all angles enter the retina in parallel and there is no fatigue. Therefore, the optimal height for placing the TV is at eye level. This applies to most rooms, be it a bedroom or a living room. In the latter case, the screen should be located so that you can comfortably sit on the couch and watch the picture without tilting your head.

The bedroom is a little different. Here the TV is installed a little higher than in the living room, as it is usually viewed while lying down. How to hang a TV on the wall? To determine the most suitable height, you need to lie on the bed and watch an imaginary TV. It is at this distance from the floor that the future structure should be attached.

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If we talk about numbers, often the screen is placed at a height of 70 centimeters to 1 meter. But in the kitchen, the location should be different. Here they often get distracted from the TV and just listen to it. Therefore, it makes no sense to place it at a height of 1 meter. Most often, the screen is installed at a high height, near the ceiling. Firstly, it does not take up much space (and the area of ​​​​the kitchens of most apartments is quite small), and secondly, they are often standing in the kitchen. So looking at the picturewill not be uncomfortable if the screen is at a height of more than two meters. Where exactly should the TV be placed? Often it is installed in the corner of the kitchen (above the refrigerator or microwave). Fortunately, today there is a large assortment of brackets that allow you to fix the structure anywhere.


We looked at how high to hang the TV on the wall. But distance is also important. So, if it is a small LCD screen, it is placed at a distance equal to 3 screen diagonals. How to hang a large TV on the wall? If it is a large plasma panel, the distance should be about 4 screen diagonals.

Install the TV on the bracket

Let's look at how to hang a TV on the wall with a bracket. The operation is performed in several steps:

  • First, marks are made for drilling points on the wall. To do this, using a tape measure, you need to measure the distance from the holes on the back of the bracket to the bottom edge. Then we measure one meter from the floor and add the value that we received earlier. This will be the height at which the bottom holes for mounting the bracket should be drilled. Also, using a level, you need to draw a horizontal line through this point.
  • Attach the wall mount so that the line passes through the bottom hanger holes.
  • Are drawn through the holes in the drill hole bracket. Please note that in some cases it is required to check the wall for hidden wiring before drilling.
  • Making sure thatthere are no wires in the wall, several holes are made using a puncher according to pre-made marks. In the absence of a hammer drill, you can use a drill, but you will have to make more effort.
  • Use a hammer to hammer the dowels into the holes made.
  • The bracket is attached to the wall.
  • Bolts (or self-tapping screws) are screwed into the dowels with a wrench or a screwdriver.
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How to hang a large TV on the wall? Next (if the panel is large) we need an assistant. Together, you need to bring the TV to the installed bracket and hang it. Everything, the installation is completed. It remains only to connect the appropriate cables and plug in the wire with the TV antenna.

Hanging without bracket

Many flat panels over 42 inches are now factory-fitted with grooves (ears) for wall mounting. In this case, it is not necessary to mount the bracket. The hanging algorithm is practically no different from installing a mirror or a picture. It is enough to create holes and screw in the dowels, on which the "ears" of the TV will be fixed in the future.

If the wall is drywall

Very often, walls are made of drywall in apartments. It's simple, practical and beautiful. But you need to understand that a plasterboard wall is less durable than a concrete one. Therefore, installation of structures with a total mass of not more than 30 kilograms is allowed here. How to hang a TV on a drywall wall? Some for thisuse a dowel-butterfly. But experts say that such an element is able to withstand no more than 15 kilograms of load. That is, installing a TV with a diagonal of more than 42 inches will not work here. Otherwise, the plasterboard wall will collapse.

More reliable option

How to properly hang a TV on a drywall wall if the screen diagonal is more than 42 inches or the weight exceeds the allowable rate? To do this, you can use the following method. You will need a powerful magnet, by passing it along the wall, you can determine the screws that fasten the drywall sheet to the guides. What will it give us? Using the screws, we will determine the location of the metal profile. It will be much more reliable than drywall itself. That is, the installation is carried out not just to the wall, but to the profiles themselves. To do this, experts recommend using a hairpin-screw.

By the way, this anchor can be screwed into both brick and concrete walls. But first you need to drill a hole of the appropriate diameter. It is important to choose the right length of the hairpin. This is done taking into account the distance from the main wall to the drywall sheet. Please note: the deeper the anchor is screwed in, the more weight it can withstand. After all, the entire load is not placed on the sheet, but on the load-bearing wall.

Other situations

What if drywall is used not as a cladding, but as a partition? In this case, it is not recommended to install a TV. But there is a way out. How to hang a TV on the wall? Fastening will not be to sheets, but to a special rack. It is already on saleform. It can be mobile, on wheels. There are also stationary solutions.

how to hang a tv on the wall

Another option is to install a strip of chipboard (laminated chipboard). Additionally, shelves can be made on such a strip. If you need to hang a large diagonal TV, for reliability it is recommended to use several strips of chipboard. An example of such structures is shown in the photo below.

do-it-yourself TV on the wall

The strip can be dyed in absolutely any color. The structure will be quite strong, as the fastening to the plasterboard wall is carried out at several points.

Hiding cables and wires

If the room is still under renovation, it is recommended to design and prepare in advance the location of the TV, as well as the corresponding conclusions. Three ordinary sockets and one television are required. All of them should be located behind the TV panel. If it is equipped with an additional tuner or Wi-Fi adapter, we will not have a shortage of sockets for connecting devices. It is convenient to place sockets at a distance of 10 centimeters from the bottom edge of the display (or from the top - it does not matter). If there is a cabinet with other equipment under the TV, these sockets will not interfere either.

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If the repair in the room has already been done, you need to hide the cable in a special box and bring it to the TV. Then this box can be designed to match the style of the wall so that it does not stand out so much ongeneral background.

How beautiful to hang TV? Designer references

Experienced designers advise decorating a wall with a TV in a special way. There is such a thing as the design of a TV wall. The main goal is to decorate the surface so that it does not seem empty and dull. A fairly popular option is to finish the entire wall or fragment where the TV is located with another material (or the same, but in a different color). For example, a TV wall is pasted over with contrasting wallpaper, covered with fabric, or faced with stone tiles. Some even decorate the wall with parquet boards. It looks pretty good.

like on the wall with your own hands

You can go the other way - install the TV on a plastic or wooden panel. Different niches and ledges also look attractive. And in order not to be "wiser" with decoration, you can purchase special furniture for video equipment. It can be a wall-rack or a stand with a spacious TV niche.


So, we figured out how to hang the TV on the wall with our own hands. As you can see, the operation is not very complicated, but you need to accurately measure the distance so as not to drill extra holes. Also, installation can be complicated in the case of a plasterboard wall. In such a situation, it is better not to take risks and make fasteners to the profile or to the wall. And if you need to beautifully hang the TV on the wall, you can install it on a chipboard strip.

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