Bellows water connection: reviews

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Bellows water connection: reviews
Bellows water connection: reviews

The bellows water inlet is a corrugated sleeve made of special quality stainless steel. Such a device is very convenient, but it should be remembered that it is not as flexible as a rubber-metal hose. Bellows connections are used to connect water, air conditioners, gas and plumbing fixtures such as sinks, showers, and cistern. Flexible hoses in water pipes are installed at the last sections of the water pipe, connected from the main to the devices with which the consumer interacts.

Bellows water connection

The modern market offers a large number of bellows connections from different manufacturers for selection, differing in price category, models, functional purpose, color, size, quality, service life. Such hoses are very convenient in everyday life and are always popular with consumers. Now you can safely forget about outdated metal pipes. Almost always, during the repair or renovation of plumbing, a bellows water supply is used. Customer reviews of these devices onlypositive. With the use of quality materials, all everyday problems fade into the background.

Select eyeliner

First of all, you should consider the quality of the materials used by the manufacturer to make the eyeliner. It is worth paying attention to the products of Italian companies, made of durable quality materials, aluminum and stainless steel. The eyeliners of many manufacturers, having good technical indicators, are distinguished by an affordable price. Some manufacturers are developing anti-vibration eyeliner, which has a large diameter and eliminates noise and hum when connected to household appliances. Such devices have no analogues in the domestic market.

Popular Manufacturers

The main manufacturers of such eyeliners are Witzenman, Pagri, G-beka and Hydraflex. If a boiler or some other plumbing is used in the bathroom, the presence of fixtures that will catch the eye cannot be avoided. In such situations, the Hydraflex bellows water connection is recommended. The products of this company have a modern, clean appearance that complements the aesthetic design of the bathroom.

Bellows water connection reviews

Such eyeliners, of course, are of high quality and can serve customers much longer than ordinary flexible hoses. These devices can be used for both cold and hot water. Keep in mind that the cost of branded eyeliner is several times higher than usual.


From the proposed rangeit is recommended to give preference to hoses whose fitting nuts are made of austenitic steel, since the quality of brass is very low. You can recognize this material by cracks and dents. The seam between the spiral part and the fitting must be made by argon-arc welding, and not by rolling, as on carved connections. Dark spots are rust, and a too rounded shape of the joints indicates the unreliability and tendency of the material to oxidize. Good seams have a thin and even profile and are almost identical in color to the hose.

Hydraflex bellows water connection

A quality bellows type water line is free from dents, rust spots or chips. Their presence indicates the use of low-grade steel. This is considered a sign of poor metal strength. The protected eyeliner is, as a rule, coated with a PVC film. The difference between products for gas and water most often lies in the rigidity of the spirals due to the calculation for interaction with more or less pressure. This is checked by the method of ordinary stretching of the hose.

Features of operation

Many manufacturers officially guarantee that their hoses will last 15 years. A good bellows water supply "Aquaprof", for example, can be easily operated for 30-35 years, and with gentle operating conditions, this figure can be extended up to fifty. The service life also depends on the fitting materials. The minimum service life is observed for elements made of carbon steel and brass. nuts fromstainless steels are the most durable when compared to other materials.

Bellows type water connection

The design of the spirals makes it possible to twist the hose, and the bend will be fixed. A high quality stainless steel bellows water inlet can be stretched 1.5-2 times in length without any risk. Due to the rigidity of the corrugated structure, its diameter should not change. When choosing a hose, you can ask the seller to step on the eyeliner or put some kind of load under it.


Modern bellows water supply makes it possible to quickly install plumbing, various water supply devices, gas and heating equipment in the most inaccessible places in the country house, cottage, apartment or office. High-quality hoses have high technical performance, anti-vibration properties and are indispensable for organizing comfortable conditions in any room. The wonderful aesthetic properties of flexible hoses make it possible to emphasize the stylish interior of an apartment or office.

What is the difference between a bellows water pipe and metal pipes?

The well-known iron pipes are used less and less. When connecting water supply, heaters, bidets and other devices, bellows hoses made of polymeric materials, rubber and metal are increasingly used. Such a water supply is very flexible, does not rust, is resistant to various aggressive environments, as well as temperature extremes, and has an increased service life.

Eyeliner design

The hose is the most important element of the bellows connection. It can be made of non-toxic rubber of different brands, as well as other materials. The components used must be environmentally friendly, not form harmful compounds on the walls and withstand relatively high temperatures. Rubber hoses are protected from the outside with a braid of stainless steel, aluminum and other materials so that the bellows water supply is not subject to mechanical stress and has a sufficiently high strength.

Bellows stainless steel water connection

All connecting elements - fittings, nuts with gasket, nipples should always be made of sufficiently high quality materials.

How to install a bellows water line

Reviews from numerous users testify to the simplicity and ease of installation of such hoses. It will not be difficult for an inexperienced master to understand the installation process. Installation of a bellows liner begins with the removal of pipe structures. Work near sources of fire and at low temperatures is strictly prohibited. The water line must be carefully examined for kinks, bends or other damage. With the help of special valves, such hoses can be interconnected.

You need to make sure that everything is sealed at the joints. All stainless steel bellows water connections should be checked for leaks every six months.

Washing machine liners

In many modernwashing machines, dishwashers, air conditioners, water heaters and other household appliances are installed in apartments or offices. A suitable bellows flexible water connection is always required for connecting appliances. Manufacturers provide standard hoses with equipment no more than 1.5 meters in length.

Bellows stainless steel water connection

If necessary, everyone can purchase a longer eyeliner. Italian products have proven themselves in the best way. It has a fairly high strength and heat resistance. There are no domestic-made eyeliners on the market yet.

Consumer Reviews

A bellows water line is available in many speci alty stores or online marketplaces. Reviews of purchased products left by customers indicate that preference is mostly given to Italian manufacturers, despite the high cost of fixtures. It is much more profitable to buy a bellows eyeliner in online stores.

What is the risk of purchasing low-quality fixtures?

Buying bellows from unreliable suppliers can cause a lot of trouble during operation. Poor fixtures have a very short lifespan and the entire system requires regular inspection.

Bellows flexible water connection

This type of bellows connection must be replaced with a new one six months after installation. There is a bigthe likelihood that a low-quality hose will burst and water will flow into the apartment located on the floor below. Naturally, after that, you will have to pay for repairs.


Metal pipes are no longer used when installing water pipes. The old ones have been replaced by convenient flexible devices that are easy to attach and look aesthetically pleasing, they are distinguished by durability, quality and reliability.

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