Soldering station Lukey 702: scheme, characteristics, features and disadvantages

Soldering station Lukey 702: scheme, characteristics, features and disadvantages
Soldering station Lukey 702: scheme, characteristics, features and disadvantages

A soldering station can be called one of the main tools of any master working in the field of repair and maintenance of any kind of electronics. With it, you can simplify the tasks of soldering small elements, such as resistors and capacitors in SMD packages. A hair dryer allows you to replace chips of almost any size, planted using BGA-mounting. However, in order to comfortably perform these works, the station must be simple, easy to use and of high quality. This is how you can characterize the rather well-known Lukey 702. The scheme of this station is simple, so many craftsmen modify it almost immediately after purchase. By understanding what exactly can be improved in this tool, each master can expand its capabilities and speed up their own work.

What's in the box

The station is supplied in a universal branded box, which is used by the manufacturer forpackaging of several different models at once. That is why it shows various options, and there is also a marking which model is inside the package. Opening it, you can find that some elements have yet to be mounted on the station itself.

lukey 702 soldering iron diagram

Various components are tightly packed inside the package. These include a stand for a soldering iron, a special mount for a hair dryer that has yet to be screwed to the side wall of the station, the soldering iron itself, and a sponge designed to clean it. It should be noted right away that the hair dryer is not disconnected from the Lukey 702 digital soldering station, unlike the soldering iron. It is this nuance that is primarily corrected by many masters. In order to change the air flow, there are three nozzles with different nozzle diameters and a wrench to change them.

Among other things, the box contains accompanying documentation, including a warranty card and instruction manual. It briefly outlines the main points regarding the basic setup, as well as the calibration of thermal sensors after receiving the station.

Key Features

One of the key indicators related to soldering is the maximum power of the soldering iron. It depends on what details you can work with. In this model, it is 75 watts, which is quite enough not only for soldering small elements, but also for replacing large capacitors in the main power circuits, and similar elements. The maximum temperature to which the soldering iron can heat up is equal to480 degrees.

Depending on the modification, both nichrome and ceramic heaters can be used in the soldering iron. A little later we will look at their main differences, as well as the upgrade options and the scheme of the Lukey 702 soldering iron. Thanks to a simple clip on the end of the soldering iron, the tips can be easily replaced right in the process, which allows you not to be distracted if you need to change the profile or shape of the tip.

lukey 702 hair dryer diagram

The hair dryer is made in the form of a separate tube, in which both the heating element and the turbine supplying air pressure are located. This arrangement has a number of advantages over the option with a compressor located in the body of the station itself. So, the wire is much more flexible than the hose, which makes it easier to work with the hair dryer and its positioning during the heating of the part. In addition, the air flow from the turbine is more uniform, which also makes work easier.

The turbine is capable of distilling up to 120 liters of air per minute. Thanks to the simple control circuit of the Lukey 702 hair dryer, the operating temperature of the heating element can be from 100 to 480 degrees, depending on the selected mode.


The front panel of the station deserves special attention. No wonder the Lukey 702 station is digital. It has two displays with buttons, with which you can set the desired temperature for both the soldering iron and the hair dryer. Electronic control allows you to set accurate values ​​up to 1 degree, which makes it easier to work with those elements that are afraidoverheating. The only analogue controller is for setting the air flow rate. Since in most cases accuracy is not required when setting this parameter, the manufacturer decided that analog control would be sufficient.

Displays work in two modes. When you press any of the buttons, they display the temperature setpoint, which allows you to make adjustments. However, a couple of seconds after the last press, they switch to the current temperature display mode. Thanks to this, it is possible to determine whether the soldering iron or hair dryer has warmed up to the required value before starting work. In addition, if the Lukey 702 soldering iron does not work due to the fact that it is not connected to the station, a corresponding notification will be displayed on the display. It is very convenient.

Connecting a soldering iron

In order to read information about the current temperature, it is required to install a temperature sensor directly near the soldering iron tip. That is why when connecting it, two wires could not be dispensed with. However, the manufacturer chose not the best nest option. So, it is well known to everyone involved in the repair and maintenance of computer equipment - this is the so-called PS \ 2 connector. And if it is quite suitable for connecting mice and keyboards, then the soldering iron constantly strives to fall out of it during operation.

lukey 702 circuit diagram

To prevent this from happening, many craftsmen prefer to make it either clamped or completely soldered directly into the board, according to the scheme of the Lukey 702 soldering station,making the structure unbreakable. Another modification option is to install a pair of a connector and a Europe-type plug. This type of contactors is more massive and confidently holds, despite periodically occurring loads.

Removable hair dryer

Another detail that is missing from the factory version of the soldering station is the ability to turn off the hair dryer at a time when it is not required for work. As mentioned above, this model has a turbine version installed, which allows you to easily select a connector that is suitable for the number of contacts and power throughput, which will ensure the disconnection of the hair dryer. This can be useful when most of the work is related to simple soldering. At the same time, the hair dryer takes up space on the desktop, and, frankly, it interferes. By disconnecting it and removing it, you can free up the necessary working area. In addition, if desired, you can prepare an additional soldering iron and a hairdryer for the Lukey 702 soldering station, so that in case of an unexpected failure of the main one during operation, it can be replaced in a few seconds.

lukey 702 digital

Power off

You can turn off the hair dryer and soldering iron using two large buttons located on the front panel of the station. However, even after this, the electronics and the power supply continue to work, waiting for new commands. This may be redundant, especially if the workshop is not completely de-energized at night. In order to solve this problem, it is enough to install an interrupt switch, for example, at the rear of the housing, which will openone of the power wires. So that when the button is turned on and off there is no interference pulse reaching the circuits of the Lukey 702 soldering station, a filter capacitor is installed.

Additionally, you can ease the issue of compactness and transportation of the station by installing a computer or television socket for the power cable on the back. In this case, it can be unfastened at any time. If before this work was done to install a connector for a hair dryer, then the station will become completely mobile and compact, since all cables can be disconnected from it.

lukey 702 soldering iron not working

Refining the soldering iron

Sometimes the ordered soldering station comes with a nichrome soldering iron, not a ceramic soldering iron. In this case, it is noticeably felt that it heats up longer, which complicates the work with it. In order to solve this problem, it is recommended to replace the Lukey 702 nichrome heater with a ceramic one. Of course, you can buy a whole new soldering iron separately, but there is no point in doing so, since the replacement will only take a few minutes and will be much cheaper.

Even if the soldering iron came originally with a ceramic heater, it can also be improved. If you pay attention to how the heater is located in relation to the sting, you will notice a rather large space that remains before its tip. To correct this and speed up the heating of the tip, it is recommended to slightly push the heater out of the housing. Sometimes this distance can reach 5 millimeters. As a result, the heater will be immersed deeper into the sting. What will do the jobmore comfortable, as the soldering iron will heat up faster and better cope with soldering large items.

soldering station lukey 702 digital

Positive feedback about the station

To understand the advantages and disadvantages of a particular tool, it is best to refer to verified reviews left by experts who have already tested it in practice. Among the positive aspects of the station in question, the following are most often emphasized:

  1. Low cost. Compared to professional equipment of similar quality, this station has a very pleasant price. Therefore, even a novice master or student can afford it.

  2. Compact. Due to the absence of a compressor in the case, the station received very modest dimensions. If it is modified to remove currently unnecessary elements, according to the scheme described in the article, Lukey 702 will take up a minimum of space on the desktop.

  3. High reliability. The station is able to withstand the loads associated with daily work for quite a long time. You only need to replace consumables.

  4. Common parts. In case of failure of the soldering iron or hair dryer, it will be easy to replace it. You can buy suitable parts in almost any specialized store. In addition, there are often simple repair kits available that will allow you not to change the entire part, but to carry out repairs, guided by the Lukey 702 scheme.

  5. Electronic control. Possibilitysetting exact values ​​allows you to select the optimal soldering modes based on your experience, which improves the quality of work and allows you to encounter fewer defects or errors during soldering.

  6. Possibility of improvement. The station is very simple, so almost every radio amateur can modify not only individual elements, but also the board design itself, starting from their own preferences, based on the Lukey 702 circuit diagram. With the help of such manipulations, you can significantly expand the functionality of the station.

  7. Low noise level. Compressor stations usually make a rather unpleasant sound during operation. In the case of the turbine version, there are practically no negative noises, it only quietly rustles under load. Its sound can be compared to the operation of a computer cooler at high speeds.

As you can see from this list, many masters like the station. And far from all the advantages got into it, because some of them relate to a purely specific area of ​​\u200b\u200bwork and may not be relevant for other professionals. However, she also has a number of some disadvantages that should also be considered before buying.

lukey 702 diagram

Cons of the presented model

Of course, there is no point in listing the shortcomings that can be eliminated using the methods described above in this article. Of the key disadvantages, many users note that the station does not show the temperature quite accurately from the factory. Sometimes the error reaches a couple of tens of degrees, which can becritical. In order to solve this problem, it should be calibrated using a reference thermometer. The manufacturer made sure that the Lukey 702 diagram that comes with the station indicated which elements are used to set up. However, most craftsmen simply get used to their station, memorizing the values ​​required to perform certain jobs.

Another disadvantage is that the station uses conventional cables, not heat-resistant ones. As a result, one inaccurate movement with a soldering iron may be enough to damage the insulation. Such damage accumulates over time, as a result, the wire is completely "bandaged". To prevent this from happening, you can either protect the wires with special heat-resistant casings, or immediately replace them with heat-resistant ones. The same goes for the station body.


The soldering station presented in the review is one of the best options designed to work with different types of soldering. It can be used both for home use and for large workshops, as it has high wear resistance and can work for a long time without damage, and the characteristics of Lukey 702 put it on par with a professional tool.

Possibilities for improvements allow you to improve the station exactly as much as it is required to perform specific tasks. Each master can decide for himself whether or not to perform this or that modification. Due to the presence of simple circuits, the station can be easily repairedin the event of a breakdown.

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