White decorative plaster: pros, types and reasons for popularity

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White decorative plaster: pros, types and reasons for popularity
White decorative plaster: pros, types and reasons for popularity

How you will feel in it depends on the interior decoration of the room. A neat and pleasant performance will allow you to relax in the room and will not strain your eyes.

An interesting alternative to classic wallpaper and tiles can be white decorative plaster. For interior decoration, it fits just as well as the coatings we are used to. Read about the types of plaster, its types and benefits of use in this article.

Why use this plaster?

decorative plaster for interior decoration

When applying white decorative plaster to the walls, designers can pursue the following goals:

  • White will make the room look bigger.
  • The room will seem brighter and more lit even if the lamps are placed in the wrong place. Shadows will not accumulate in the corners.
  • This stucco will go with any design.
  • You can change the design of the room at any time: white goes well with any other color.
  • You can decorate the wallsto your liking: stick photos, add accessories or make small stencil drawings.
  • White is considered a catalyst for everyone else. Against its background, color schemes stand out and seem more saturated.
  • You can limit yourself to applying plaster to part of the wall to highlight its elements and decoration.
  • White walls will have a calming and calming effect on you. The room will feel cleaner and fresher.


white decorative plaster

White decorative plaster has many significant advantages over others:

  1. It is environmentally friendly, does not release toxins and does not evaporate in the sun.
  2. You can choose the texture of the plaster that you need: stone or wood imitation, smooth or silky, with the effect of antiquity or unbearably fashionable.
  3. The strength of the material allows you to withstand light impacts without damage. The plaster retains its color and does not turn yellow in the sun.
  4. If you choose textured plaster, then in addition to diversity in the interior, you will also get soundproofing.
  5. Manufacturers of white decorative plaster promise that it will last up to 60 years on your walls. Good time, isn't it?
  6. It is possible to choose plaster for any type of premises. It can be moisture resistant and does not absorb odors.

Types of white decorative plaster

  • Silicone. The most durable, but also the most expensive. Repels dirt, holds temperature changes and ignoresultraviolet.
  • Mineral. Produced with the addition of gypsum and is great for the bathroom: this plaster absolutely does not absorb moisture.
decorative white bark beetle plaster
  • Silicate. Made from liquid glass. Hydrophobic, does not allow the development of fungus and mold, does not burn.
  • Polymer. Repels dust, does not absorb moisture and does not react to sunlight.

Types of decorative plaster

Having decided what parameters the plaster should have, you need to select the texture that interests you:

  1. An interesting design solution would be the use of white decorative bark beetle plaster. In the final version, it looks like a tree heavily eaten by insects and has an extremely pleasant texture.
  2. Imitation of natural stone. Like the "bark beetle", this plaster is quite difficult to clean, so you should not use it for kitchen design. You can choose plaster with inclusions of the size you are interested in.
  3. Flock or silk plaster. From the name it is clear what this coating imitates. Thanks to such plaster, the room will look expensive, but not pretentious.
  4. Marble chips. Added to the plaster, it gives the coating an interesting effect: the wall becomes like frozen sand to the touch.
  5. Venetian. This plaster imitates the effect of natural stone, most often onyx. It is almost impossible to distinguish it from the original.

So, having chosen the parameters and determined what you want to see on yourwalls, you can go to the nearest hardware store. Find the best plaster!

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