Surface-mounted household fan for bathroom and toilet

Surface-mounted household fan for bathroom and toilet
Surface-mounted household fan for bathroom and toilet

An active ventilation system is provided for in the technical requirements for any building. Another thing is that the execution may be different depending on the nature of the use of the premises. Most often, this engineering component is thought about when arranging the kitchen space. But in other rooms, in one way or another, the circulation of air flows must be organized. In particular, a compact overhead fan will be the best solution for a bathroom. It will not cause much difficulty in the installation process and will provide ease of operation.

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Features of overhead fans

The surface-mounted design provides the easiest way to fix the fan. At the same time, such a device has its drawbacks. First of all, in comparison with integrated analogs, such a device loses significantly in terms of protection against dust and moisture. Secondly, this is not the best option, in terms of decorative value. Nevertheless, a household overhead fan often becomes the only right solution. For example, if the channel is connected to the wall and it is not possible to apply a ceiling-type structure, and the built-in model is not suitable due tomine features. For all their shortcomings, wall mounted fans also have a significant advantage - in the maintenance process, this is the least troublesome solution for arranging forced home ventilation.

Key Features

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According to the rotational speed, which determines the efficiency of the fan, models of this type can be attributed to the range of 2200–2400 rpm. The same indicators determine the productivity of the plant, which averages 80–95 m3/h. The power consumption required to perform the function of the device rarely exceeds 15 watts. A compact household bill fan most often runs at 8 watts. At the same time, do not forget that we are talking about a room in which the feeling of comfort is important - accordingly, the level of sound insulation will also be of great importance. In devices with an effective noise reduction system, this figure is 26-28 dB. As for the weight and dimensions, here the range of standard sizes is very extensive, although in most cases these are small devices weighing 0.5 kg, which do not take up much space.

Advantages of Silent Models

As an example of the successful performance of a light household fan, we can cite the Silent-100 line from Spanish developers. Models of this type are characterized not only by balanced performance with moderate air flow maintenance in 95 m mode3/h.

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To technical and operational featuresthis series also includes wide functionality, strength of materials used in the construction and the availability of modern technological solutions. The latter include the possibility of programming, thanks to which the models of the Silent-100 family can work at certain periods, automatically switching from one mode to another. It also implements the ability to autonomously process external factors in the room, on the basis of which the system makes a decision on the choice of operational parameters.

Additional optional

Almost all modern room fans in residential buildings are endowed with ergonomic controls, complemented by a thoughtful set of useful options. Already basic low-cost models are provided with timers that allow you to set the fan for a certain operating time. Of course, this is not yet an intelligent control system, as is the case with premium Silent models, but for an entry-level it is quite decent equipment. If we talk about what features the most technologically advanced overhead fan provides, then among them there will be a set of sensors for monitoring microclimate parameters, motion detectors, an automatic speed controller, etc. It is important to note that all of these components are interconnected, which increases performance and device autonomy level.

How is the fan installed?

In terms of installation, the advantage of overhead fans is that they can fit into any shaft shape. For example, it can be round, rectangular, and square.Directly working activities begin with drilling holes in the corners of the shaft. At the same time, 2-3 cm should be left from each installation point to the passage of the line of the channel itself. Next, the overhead fan is fixed with the help of complete hardware into the holes made. As an addition, you can also use insulating materials that will protect the case from external influences.

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How much does an overhead fan cost?

The simplest options can be purchased for 1.5 thousand rubles. This is a typical solution with a simplified filling and the absence of most modern functions. But the main difference between this system lies elsewhere. The very material for making cheap models often raises doubts - not only in the strength of plastic, but also in its environmental friendliness. Still, a high-quality overhead bathroom fan should be looked at in the segment from 3 thousand. Again, it will not just be about the presence of useful options and ergonomic solutions, but also about increased operational stability, security and the same noiselessness. Many problems with fans are detected at the first cleaning - the more expensive the model, as a rule, the more stable it performs its function, regardless of the loads. The most expensive modifications with hygrometers, sensors and speed controllers are estimated at 5-7 thousand

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How to choose the optimal model?

The purchase of expensive models is far from always justified. It depends on what tasksstand in front of the device. Almost any modern fan is able to effectively perform the function of air circulation. Another thing is that in different cases, durability, and manufacturability in the form of functional content, and elementary ease of maintenance can come to the fore. The optimal fan for the bathroom and toilet, as practice shows, is the one that requires less attention in maintenance, but at the same time performs its tasks properly. The model with a timer, supplemented with a basic set of regulatory capabilities and its own intelligent data processing system from microclimate sensors, will best correspond to this idea. But, of course, this decision will cost at least 5 thousand


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Manufacturers strive to make household fans as accessible as possible in control, and at the same time multifunctional. However, against the background of assessing the need for various options, one should not forget about the elementary quality of the device. For example, the Silent invoice fan shows a good level of assembly performance. Models of this series are made using high quality materials - from the plastic housing to the check valve membranes. Largely due to the careful selection of the element base, the developers of this line manage to achieve impressive results in the market.

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