Bed "Ascona": reviews of the Swedish company

Bed "Ascona": reviews of the Swedish company
Bed "Ascona": reviews of the Swedish company

The bed is the holy of holies of every person, a place where he disconnects from the hustle and bustle of the day, indulges in relaxation and peace, retires with his soulmate and shares his innermost. Of course, the bed occupies a special place in our lives, and if we also consider that a person spends one third of his life on sleep, then the degree of importance of the bed is no longer in dispute.

Many are interested in the Ascona bed, reviews of which are full of enthusiastic comments. What kind of furniture is this under the brand name "Ascona"? This is a Swedish furniture factory that guarantees a truly unique European quality. Reliability of assembly and environmental friendliness of materials in Europe always come first. For customers interested in these ingredients, the choice is clear!

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Ascona bed: reviews from all over Europe

Of course, before you decide to buy, you should read the opinions of those who have already done it before. It is necessary to compare the characteristics in the catalog with the testimonies of users, to make sure that the seller is reliable and honest.

In this case, only when mentioning the phrase "Ascona bed"reviews immediately acquire a positive connotation, many actually satisfied customers who are ready to share their joy from the purchase and recommend following their experience. There were practically no complaints about poor quality. This is not to say that the bed is flawless, but that it is indeed adapted to the most requested customer requests is a fact.

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Bed "Ascona", (customer reviews about it are the basis of this article) - is an item with the most adapted qualities for a modern and demanding consumer. This is an orthopedic basis of the design, the same comfortable and he althy mattress, while the design is pleasant for external perception.

Streamlined shapes are taken as the main design concept, inspiring a feeling of softness, comfort, peace, relaxation.

The Ascona bed with a lifting mechanism is especially in demand, which can be used both as a bed and as a spacious linen closet. In the compartment below, you can put household items, bedding or things that are unnecessary for this season.

Bed sizes are the most "demanding" - a double bed can accommodate a whole family without exaggeration, and parents with babies prone to night "adventure" must have such a roomy bed!

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Where is the negative?

It's safe to say that those who want to defame the Ascona bed leave reviewsvery foggy and controversial - someone is not enough two meters wide, and someone wants to be able to dive into the pool from the bed. It is understandable that competing companies leave negative reviews, as customers are completely satisfied.

Ascona soft beds are real European quality, comfortable and practical furniture made from natural ecological raw materials using modern technologies on highly professional equipment.

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