Corner baths: advantages and disadvantages

Corner baths: advantages and disadvantages
Corner baths: advantages and disadvantages

When the dimensions of the bathroom leave much to be desired, but it is still necessary to rationally place the plumbing, then corner bathtubs will come to the rescue, the dimensions of which allow you to effectively solve this problem. They are characterized by a high degree of ergonomics and compactness, thanks to which the useful area is saved qualitatively. Even a very small bathroom in this design will be transformed and seem much more spacious.

corner baths

Due to their non-standard shape, corner baths have a larger bowl volume than regular rectangular ones. This becomes possible due to the presence of this very angle. The external size of the product is different and depends on its format. Manufacturers of corner baths are not limited to the shape of a semicircle. The configuration can be very diverse: triangular, trapezoidal, asymmetric. At the request of the customer, the bath is completed with a headrest, seat, armrests, plastic or glass curtains, panels. Left-hand and right-hand models are being produced.

corner bath dimensions

As far as materials are concerned, corner bathtubs do not differ from rectangular ones, that is, the samemost steel, cast iron, acrylic. Plumbing products made of cast iron are incredibly strong, wear-resistant and durable. Their service life is very long. With careful attitude and proper care, it reaches 20 years, or even more. Steel bathtubs are the most economical of all in terms of cost. Compared to cast iron, they are not so durable and perfect; have noticeable disadvantages: noisiness, rapid loss of heat, the need for a strong support and a long-term solid installation. The level of sales is explained only by the low price. Acrylic corner bathtubs are the most common in the sanitary ware market today. They serve as a vivid example of the optimal ratio "price - quality" and satisfy all the needs of the modern buyer. Of course, such a product should be treated more reverently than bathtubs made from other materials. Acrylic requires delicate and proper care. But there are a number of undeniable advantages, thanks to which it currently enjoys incredible popularity and high demand.

corner baths with hydromassage

Both cast iron and steel corner baths are not so common in our stores. The first - because of their high cost, and the second - because of the low interest of the consumer. But acrylic ones are the real bestsellers, because acrylic easily takes on a given size and shape. They are often equipped with a special massage system with a therapeutic effect. This equipment is equipped with electronic or mechanical control, and nozzles are built into the bath itself, the power of which atneed can be adjusted. Usually this mechanism has several modes of operation. Corner baths with hydromassage allow you to relax and get a dose of comfortable treatments, which has a beneficial effect on he alth.

The bathroom will look completely new, acquire a different style if it has a corner bath. It ceases to be just a bathing structure and turns into a full-fledged decor element that organically fits into the design of the room; especially if the model will be equipped with chromotherapy, have an unusual shape or color.

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