Electric emery: a useful tool for a private home

Electric emery: a useful tool for a private home
Electric emery: a useful tool for a private home

Many of those who live in the country for a long time, acquire their own garden, orchard and related equipment. Like it or not, any cutting tool, be it a knife, a shovel or an ax, inevitably becomes dull over time, and as a result, it needs to be sharpened from time to time. If you do it manually, the process will take quite a lot of time, and therefore it makes sense to get yourself such a useful tool as electric emery.

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What to look for when buying?

Today, the choice of household sharpeners on the market is very large, and in order to make a really right choice, you need to pay attention to its two most important characteristics. Any electric emery, regardless of model, has such characteristics as the diameter of the circle for sharpening and engine power. These key parameters have a very close direct relationship with each other -the larger the diameter of the grinding wheel, the more power the engine must have. If its size is 125 mm, it is considered small, the average size is 150-175 mm, and the maximum is 200 mm. The final choice is determined by the nature of the work being done. For example, the best machine (emery for sharpening a shovel or ax) should have an engine with a power of 250 to 300 W and a grinding wheel with a diameter of 175 to 200 mm. The thing is that when processing dimensional tools, the pressure on the disk will be significantly greater, and low power may not be enough. In this case, the electric emery may stop, which will ultimately reduce its service life. In other words, the heavier and larger the tools, the more power the grinder must have. The third parameter, which also needs to be paid attention to, is the emery fit. There are several standards for the diameter of the inner hole of the grinding wheel. It is best to choose a size of 32 mm. These discs are the easiest to find on sale, but the 16mm, 12.7mm and 20mm standards are much rarer on the market.

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Recommendations for choosing a grinding wheel

Usually, electric emery is equipped with two discs that rotate simultaneously. The first grain of the grinding wheel is large or medium, and the second is fine. Each of them has its own purpose. The coarse-grained disc is designed to remove the main layer of metal, and therefore it must be used first. The fine disc is used for the final sharpening and it is applied at the end. Sometimes there are modelswhich one circle rotates very quickly (about 3000 rpm), and the second - slowly (about 130 rpm). The latter is made of fine grain and just serves for slow and smooth finishing of sharpening.

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Issue price

In our time, power tools are produced by a large number of different manufacturers. To make the right choice, it is best to look at the range of time-tested and well-established manufacturers. The quality that electric emery has, the price of the tool and its characteristics are perfectly combined with each other in the products of such companies as Kraton and Zubr. The price in this case is quite low; Tue can be found for 1579 RUB

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