Mortise lock - a reliable guardian of your home

Mortise lock - a reliable guardian of your home
Mortise lock - a reliable guardian of your home

The most popular type of door lock is perhaps the mortise lock, so named because it literally cuts into the door leaf. It can be embedded, at the request of the customer, so that the lock bar at the end of the door is visible, or so that it becomes almost invisible. But this is done only by specialists, because this is a complex process that requires certain knowledge.

Such a lock is especially suitable for metal doors, as there is a door itself

mortise lock

the canvas protects it from breaking.

Mortise locks are divided into four classes, depending on the reliability. For interior doors, as a rule, locks of the first two classes are chosen, and for entrance doors - only the third and fourth. It is these classes that meet all the requirements for reliability and secrecy.

The most common mortise locks due to their reliability are lever and cylinder locks.

Features of lever and cylinder locks

Level-type mortise lock appeared quite a long time ago. It consists of several levers - plates that line up in one way or another under the influence of a key. The quality of the castle directly depends on how many levers are in it. To be reliable, they mustbe six or more.

But such a lock turns out a through hole that easily clogs, and if the key is lost, the entire system will have to be completely changed.

mortise cylinder lock

Another type of mortise lock is a cylinder mortise lock. His secret is hidden in the top hat or, in other words, in the "larva". This is a combination of the heights of the needles - small elements, which are also called pins. The largest number of these pins makes the cylinder lock especially reliable. So, for example, cylinder locks of high secrecy cannot be opened even with a vibrating master key. They are made in Switzerland and Israel.

For greater security of your premises, experts recommend installing both lever and cylinder locks on the front door at the same time.

The mortise lock is a design element

You need a well-chosen mortise lock with a handle if you want to secure your home as much as possible, make it convenient to use the door and give it the most aesthetic appearance. After all, safety, in this case, must necessarily be combined with a beautiful design of fittings.

In addition, such a lock allows the door to close easily, regardless of

mortise lock with handle

material from which it is made.

In general, a mortise lock is a reliable locking mechanism that does not deform the door structure and is attractive in appearance. He will decorate any door with himself and, moreover, will adequately fulfill his main function of protecting the home from uninvited guests.

Beforedecide which mortise lock you will buy, measure the thickness of your door leaf and choose a device smaller by a few millimeters.

You can buy a mortise lock in specialized stores selling construction accessories, or in construction markets. Firms selling entrance and interior doors also sell locks for them. Consultants at these firms will gladly tell you about their product and help you make a very serious choice, on which the protection of your home directly depends.

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