"Steam cleaners for home": owner reviews

"Steam cleaners for home": owner reviews
"Steam cleaners for home": owner reviews
steam cleaners for home reviews

A home cleaning steam cleaner is a device designed to remove dirt with steam.

To begin with, let's decide whether it is worth it to buy a steam cleaner for cleaning the house? After all, it can easily be replaced by a vacuum cleaner (mop). Or not? Let's figure it out!

Steam cleaners for the home, reviews of which are extremely enthusiastic, won the hearts of many housewives. However, we will try to objectively describe all the advantages and disadvantages of this invention. Steam cleaning is an alternative method designed to replace conventional cleaning methods.

So, let's get down to exploring and reviewing all the benefits of using steam cleaners.


steam cleaner for home prices

The very first such device was used exclusively for disinfecting floors in hospital complexes. Therefore, the very first and for many the main advantage of the device lies in its disinfecting properties.

A little about the principle of operation

Jetsteam exits a specially designed nozzle under high pressure and temperature (130 degrees and above). Thanks to this heat treatment, microbes have no chance, they are destroyed instantly. Now you can not worry about the safety of children who play on the floor all day and collect fallen crumbs.

Very active household steam cleaners (consumer feedback will be provided in the next offer) are used in humid and hot regions.

Users explain this by the fact that climatic conditions favor the rapid growth of bacteria, and they cannot be removed with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth. Residents of such areas believe that everyone should have such a cleaning tool if possible. Experts agree with this statement.

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Cleaning with chemicals and powders is very harmful.

For example, during any disinfection of the premises, the owners are usually forced to move out for a while so as not to cause irreparable damage to he alth.

Also, chemical cleaning without the use of special protective equipment is not recommended. It is all the more important that at this moment there are no children nearby. In this case, the steam cleaner will help you safely eliminate pockets of pollution and pathogenic bacteria with just a jet of harmless water vapor. By the way, steam simultaneously performs two functions: it disinfects and humidifies the air in the room. Wet cleaning contributes to the settling of small particles of dust that were in the air.And you will immediately notice that breathing has become much easier.

Used home steam cleaners (see testimonials from satisfied customers below) make cleaning as efficient and enjoyable as possible, with immediate results.

Svetlana, 28 (housewife):

"Most of all I like that there is no need to spend money and time on purchasing special equipment: rubber gloves, respirators and especially powders. The he althiest cleaning at no extra cost."

steam cleaners for home reviews

There are people who think that steam cleaners for the home (see reviews of dissatisfied owners below) are just another newfangled nonsense.

Egor, 31 (manager):

"I believe that a steam cleaner is not needed for the home, and I would not advise anyone to spend money on it, because in fact it does not fully fulfill its functions. A rag or a vacuum cleaner are our eternal and faithful helpers. Effectively and not so expensive!"

For many customers, the biggest disappointment is the fact that the steam cleaner itself does nothing. Everyone, having seen enough advertising, counts on a momentary cleaning of the surface, but in reality this is not the case. This device is primarily designed to soften the dirt, and then your work. By the way, not so heavy.

A steam cleaner for the home varies widely in price. And the presence of some functions, as a rule, depends on this indicator. For example, such as vacuum cleaning or suction. If you decidesave money and refuse these options, you will have to work a little yourself. In other words, the steam cleaner softens dirt, but not all devices can remove them on their own. This task will fall on your shoulders.

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