Glass facades: design features. Kitchen furniture with glass facades

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Glass facades: design features. Kitchen furniture with glass facades
Glass facades: design features. Kitchen furniture with glass facades

The glass facade is an unsurpassed decoration for any style of interior and fits almost any design. Decoration and the use of original fittings, presented on the market in a wide range, make the surface even more attractive. What are the features of kitchen sets with glass facades, and how to make the right choice when buying furniture?

Glass facades

Distinctive features of kitchens with glass facades

The first thing that catches your eye when choosing furniture with glass inserts is the external attractiveness of the furniture, which gives the room elegance and style. Transparent doors create a feeling of spaciousness, lightness and airiness - those qualities that are so lacking in small spaces. Therefore, the use of kitchen furniture with glass inserts is especially important in small kitchens.

Positive features of headsets with glass facades

From a number of main advantages, the following are distinguished:

  1. Sustainability. Glass - naturala material that is harmless and hypoallergenic for humans, as it does not pollute the environment with toxic and harmful substances.
  2. Materials for glass facades
  3. Easy to operate. Facades are easy to clean and wash with just a rag and window spray. The surface is easy to wipe off from grease and soot, fungus does not form on the glass surface. An important detail: do not use abrasive cleaners - they leave scratches on the glass surface. When mounting the structures, there are also no difficulties - facades with glass inserts are installed as usual.
  4. Durability. If glass is associated with fragility and tenderness, this does not mean that this material will not last long in the kitchen. On the contrary, glass is weakly sensitive to temperature changes and high humidity. Therefore, this material is so in demand for the production of kitchen fronts, countertops and dining table surfaces.
  5. Design. Manufacturers present a wide range of models of canvases for any style of interior. Depending on the processing technique and decor, the canvas goes well with wood, plastic, MDF, etc.

Some negatives

From the obvious shortcomings are:

  1. Fragility. Some of the options for glass facades do not meet the required strength standards. These are, as a rule, cheap and not very high-quality canvases, which are made not even from tempered, but from ordinary glass. Such material, breaking, crumbles into fragments.with sharp edges that pose a serious danger to others, because small chips scatter throughout the kitchen, and it is not easy to assemble them all at once. Therefore, do not save, and take the facade of triplex or tempered glass.
  2. Price. A set with glass inserts will cost more than similar analogues. This is due to the use of high-quality glass front hinges, which are durable and ensure that the glass is securely fixed in the frame.
  3. Care. Such a coating needs constant care. Glass quickly becomes dirty, and if not cleaned, it loses its attractiveness. The aluminum frame is prone to tarnishing and tarnishing due to harsh cleaners.

Varieties of glass structures

Facade - a set of elements located on the front side of the headset. Doors differ in configuration, design. By type of opening, they are:

  • horizontal;
  • vertical;
  • folding etc.

Check out the main types of glass fronts for the kitchen.


Traditionally looked like glass fixed in wooden frames. For the manufacture of panels, high-quality wood was used with provided openings and grooves for panels fixed with glue.

Each carpenter could make such a design at home, but designing is one thing, and choosing reliable fasteners is another.

In modern modernization, the facade looks like a glass panel framed by an aluminum frame, strong enoughholding glass. The frame, depending on the wishes of the client, can be either narrow and almost invisible, or wide. In the second version, the frame is painted to match the overall style of the headset, making the whole structure in harmony with the overall interior of the room.

Profile for kitchen glass facades


Such kitchen sets with glass facades are made of triplex or tempered glass, therefore they are more expensive than the traditional frame version. The canvases themselves are attached to accessories of exceptionally high quality, and special requirements are put forward for hinges, handles, magnets and closers. Here you will need additional equipment with special gaskets that minimize the contact of metal with glass.

Important! Treat furniture carefully and carefully and do not forget that ajar doors in the presence of a draft can break off the hinges.

Facade decoration

Sets with glass facades for the kitchen themselves look impressive, original and elegant, but the decor of the canvases makes the set look even more elegant.

Designers recommend diversifying the interior by adding a little style with an unusual vintage facade.

DIY glass facades

Front design options for kitchen furniture

A wide palette of colored glasses allows you to choose a facade for any style and tone of the headset. To achieve this effect, the coloring pigment is added to the composition of liquid glass at one of the stages of production, because the products do not lose their color and do notfade in the sun.

An analogue of a tinted facade is easy to make at home, for example, if you make furniture with your own hands. It is enough to paste over the back side of the glass sheet with a self-adhesive film of the color you like.

Colored glass facade

In high-tech interiors, furniture with matte inserts is increasingly common, and the outlines of objects visible in a cabinet or closet look spectacular with spot internal lighting.

Love something extraordinary and special? Then laminated glass will definitely make an impression. The laminated kitchen facade belongs to the budget category, and the coating is easy to apply at home on the surface of silicate glass, giving it additional rigidity.

Stained-glass windows are suitable for decor no worse than other options, but such a pleasure is not cheap. The stained-glass window resembles a mosaic according to the execution technology. These are colored glass fragments assembled into a picture and fixed in a frame. You can imitate the decoration of the facade using vintage paints, painting the glass by hand. In this case, a special stencil is used to apply the image and outline the contours with gold or silver paint, and the remaining areas are painted in the desired color.

UV photo printing is well-known by many designers. This is a popular novelty. Now any drawing you like can be applied to the surface of the glass facade for the kitchen. This is made possible by a special printer with an image fixation formula that prevents moisture from penetrating.under the applied layer. In addition, direct exposure to sunlight is not terrible for canvases, because the pattern does not fade or fade.

Glass sandblasting allows you to combine matte and transparent inserts on the same surface. Through processing, it is possible to achieve the reproduction of a stylish decorative pattern that becomes a decoration of the facade.

Embossed glasses are more attractive than others, as they are distinguished by a special figured surface. The matte base has a mesh or wavy texture that gives the product an unusual unevenness.

Subtleties of manufacturing glass facades

If you have already purchased kitchen furniture, try to diversify the design by decorating the doors. Doing the work yourself will save you money, plus you'll get exclusive, one-of-a-kind kitchen furniture.

Important! Do not reproduce frameless structures at home: firstly, it is unsafe - it is impossible to make such furniture stable at home. Secondly, the edges of tempered glass cannot be processed at home, this seems to be possible only in production conditions.

Kitchen set glass facade

Step-by-step construction of furniture with a glass facade

Follow the instructions to make your own kitchen set and glass facade at home:

  1. Choose and purchase glass with the desired parameters.
  2. Make the frame using wooden planks, panels, aluminum frame, profiles for glass facadescuisine.
  3. Making an opening with your own hands, using a milling cutter, make recesses for glass fit.
  4. Take a cutter with a thickness of 5-6 mm (for glass of medium thickness) and set it in the middle of the part.
  5. Using a tool, carefully cut the grooves to size.
  6. Remove the resulting burrs using a grinder.
  7. Pour glue or silicone into the grooves.
  8. Put the glass in the frame.
  9. For the final fixation of the frame, tap the wooden planks with a hammer, adjusting the glass into the grooves. Do it gently and gently.

Important! If you have a finished profile, pour glue into the grooves and fix the facade sheet.

When making kitchen furniture with glass fronts with your own hands, in particular front details for kitchen furniture, make sure that the corners are connected at an angle of 90o, without the slightest deviation. It is easy to check for existing deviations from the norm or their absence; for this, use a triangle. Get rid of disturbances by centering the glass with a rubber mallet. When done with this, finally connect the frame and mount the door on the headset.

Kitchen with transparent glass facade

Kitchen with glass facades is an exquisite decoration of any interior. When choosing products, pay special attention to the safety of operation of the structure, its reliability. Only high-quality furniture will please both owners and guests for a long time.

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