Fruit bushes - buying and planting

Fruit bushes - buying and planting
Fruit bushes - buying and planting

For planting shrubs and trees on your site, you need to choose one-year or two-year-old seedlings. They are of two types depending on the degree of branching: crowned (they have side branches from 3 to 7) and uncrowned.

Fruit bush seedlings

Purchase of seedlings

Saplings of fruit bushes are sold with an open root system. When buying, pay attention to the following: the whole plant should be moderately moist and undamaged, and the branches should be free of leaves. Various growths may indicate a seedling disease. So, for example, an outgrowth on the root may indicate root cancer. It is better to purchase fruit bushes in nurseries or specialized stores, where the quality of seedlings and their grade are guaranteed. If this is a market, then it is necessary to take bushes that wintered in digs or special boxes in order to avoid buying frozen plants.


Planting fruit bushes (raspberries,gooseberries, currants) and trees (pear, apple, plum) is carried out in the fall 3-4 weeks before the onset of severe frosts, so that the plants can take root and start the growing season in time in the spring.

Planting fruit bushes

Saplings of stone fruits (cherry, cherry, apricot, peach) are planted in early spring. If planted too late, plants will stun and may die. When planting, care and patience must be exercised in order to avoid damage to the root system or breaking off of the buds in the zone of laying the crown itself (especially for unbranched seedlings) or on its shoots. Due to the impossibility of the formation of shoots from dormant buds during the first year after planting, fruit bushes die.

Choosing a landing site

Places for planting seedlings are placed taking into account:

  • The fruit ripening time. The frequency of processing should also be taken into account. Neighborhood of plants is not allowed when the ripening period of some of them coincides with the processing time of others. It is necessary to prevent the ingress of pesticides on mature fruits. In addition, it is not allowed for pome species to side by side: cherry, sweet cherry, apricot with pear or apple tree. All fruit bushes should also be located separately.

  • The size of trees and shrubs. Plants are arranged taking into account the movement of the sun during the day, so that the shadow from tall trees does not fall on undersized fruit bushes. The lack of light significantly affects and to some extent reduces the yield.

  • Each plant shoulda sufficient supply area must be maintained. When planting, for example, it is necessary to observe the norms of the distance between trees with vigorous rootstocks - the row should be 3-4 m, the row spacing should be 5-6 m, with weakly growing ones, respectively, in a row 3-4 m, between them 2-3 m.

  • Also take into account the longevity of plants and the energy of their growth.

fruit bushes

If you follow all the rules for selecting and planting fruit species of seedlings, as well as with good and proper care for them throughout the year, you have a great opportunity to enjoy a self-grown crop, the taste and quality of which you will not have to doubt, nor your loved ones.

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