Interior and entrance sliding door: design features and benefits

Interior and entrance sliding door: design features and benefits
Interior and entrance sliding door: design features and benefits

When repairing or reconstructing buildings, residential apartments, sliding doors are in great demand. Retractable structures allow you to more economically spend space in the room. Thanks to their carefully thought-out design, they give the room a feeling of coziness, reliability and comfort. In addition, these doors serve as a real decoration of the interior.

The design of doors and their convenience

sliding sliding doors

When opened, the door slides into the wall (a metal frame hidden from the eyes with special mechanisms is mounted in it). It moves smoothly thanks to rollers and is suspended on a horizontal rail. Such a device allows you to solve several problems at once. Unlike a swing door, a sliding door does not take up space and gives a feeling of freedom. It saves from one to two square meters of space, so it is the best option for a small and cramped apartment. The door of such design is safe in operation. It can be used to divide a room into zones. By design, the sliding door can be either single or double leaf. It serves as a great decoration.interior, as designers carefully consider the design. Doors have excellent soundproofing properties. Their hinges are durable and reliable, virtually indestructible.

Design solutions for sliding doors and partitions

Interior partitions are made in different styles and colors (one of the most popular is wenge). Frosted glass, drawings, inserts made of acrylic plastic or gold are used as decoration. The sliding door is made of laminated chipboard and aluminum profile. Additional charm to such designs is given by the use of bent crossbars, drawings, fusing on glass in the design. If desired, manufacturers can order a partition that will be in harmony in style and color with a furniture set.

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Features of door installation

With all the convenience of the design, its installation requires a preliminary detailed study of the room. The wall into which the door will slide should not be narrower than the width of its canvas. If you plan to install a double partition, then it will require the central part of the wall. If the opening is wide enough, then a sliding door with one or two leaves is equally suitable for it. When choosing a design, it is necessary to take into account the features of the interior. Even a single canvas will look original and stylish if you choose it with taste.

automatic sliding doors

Doors can be not only indoors. As an entrance to a building with retail or officeautomatic sliding doors are suitable for rooms - when opened, two or one leaves move to the side, reacting to a signal from special sensors or radars that report a person approaching. For entrance gates, structures created according to the cantilever system are used. In this case, there is no guide beam and rail in the opening. A mortgage is installed, console blocks are welded to it. Be sure to pour the foundation. A guide cantilever pipe is welded to the lower leaf of the gate. The design is complemented by a counterweight. Its length must exceed the width of the opening.

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