Optimal home insulation today

Optimal home insulation today
Optimal home insulation today

In our country, the climate is quite severe, so the insulation of the house plays an important role in the construction process. When building a new building, it is necessary to clearly understand what kind of housing you want to get. You can talk a lot about design solutions and interesting projects, but in any case, the house should be warm and dry. At the same time, it is desirable that its cost be acceptable even for an ordinary citizen. Those who made the insulation of a private house understand that it will not be possible to do without a good heat-insulating material. By purchasing a quality product, you can significantly reduce heat loss.

House insulation

When insulating a wooden house, you should pay attention to the best option. They will be the use of a system of ventilated facades, which involves an air gap. Thanks to it, throughout the year, the walls remain dry, without losing heat-shielding properties. The absence of such a gap is fraught with the rapid spread of mold due to high humidity. Thus, it is necessaryremember that in the process of work you need to not only focus on thermal insulation, but also take care of the building itself, protecting it from external factors.

External insulation of the house

First of all, heat loss occurs through the walls of the dwelling, so special attention should be paid to their thermal insulation. From the inside, it is much easier to carry out thermal insulation work, but this method has not become widespread due to the reduction in living space. External insulation of the house has many advantages, expressed in protecting the building from precipitation and other external influences. In the process of laying the material, it is necessary to take into account the conditions under which one or another thermal insulation system is supposed to be used, otherwise premature aging of the insulation may occur.

A good option is to insulate the house with expanded polystyrene plates when the material is glued to the surface of the facade. After completion of the work, the entire plane is plastered with special hydrophobic compounds and painted. A high degree of waterproofing and good thermal performance helps to ensure polyurethane spraying on the outer surface. Outside, a film is formed that protects the material from moisture. However, mineral wool slabs are most often used, located between the bars. They are closed with waterproofing and decorative trim in the form of ventilated facades.

Warming of a private house

If it is not possible to hire a construction team, insulation of the house from the outside can beproduce on your own. For example, when facing with siding, heat-insulating material is placed between the bars to which the final crate will be attached. At the first stage, the location of the horizontal strips is selected, the interval between which is determined by the width of the insulation. The cross section of the bars is chosen depending on the thickness of the mineral wool slabs. Thermal insulation is laid in the crate mounted in this way, which is immediately covered with a layer of waterproofing material.

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