Do-it-yourself rebar bending. Do-it-yourself machines for bending and cutting reinforcement

Do-it-yourself rebar bending. Do-it-yourself machines for bending and cutting reinforcement
Do-it-yourself rebar bending. Do-it-yourself machines for bending and cutting reinforcement

Bending of reinforcement is a process of changing the shape of a material while maintaining strength characteristics when using mechanical action. So you can get rods, bends, elements in the form of spirals and other shapes. Also, this manipulation is common when creating fences for private estates, gratings and gates. It is worth noting that the type of reinforcement can only be changed if it has a steel base, since the deformation of fiberglass is impossible.

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In the process of installing structures of various types, bending reinforcement with your own hands becomes an integral part of the work. As a rule, it is used for masonry, reinforced concrete products, which are actively used in construction, and for reinforcing cages. The best option for work is the mechanical method. This is caused bythat methods such as heating the bend with an autogenous or blowtorch, as well as sawing with improvised tools, for example, an angle machine, significantly reduce the strength characteristics of the product. The place of deformation should be smooth, while sharp corners are excluded.

The easiest method

The simplest way to bend is as follows. The workpiece to be deformed is placed between the thrust and central elements of the fixture. With the help of a bending part, a reinforcing bend is formed in the desired direction. It is necessary to bring the element to the stop, pre-configured to the required angle of the resulting product. The side of the rounding can be any: counterclockwise or in the opposite direction. The accuracy of the bending point is ensured by the stop pin, while there is no possibility of moving parts of the workpiece that cannot be changed.

do-it-yourself rebar bending


Bending of rebar can be done using various equipment. It is divided into two types according to the type of drive - these are mechanical and manual devices. The latter can have any external design, two main types of construction are used: portable and desktop. The simplicity of the fixtures ensures easy use and aftercare.

The portable version is relatively lightweight. Therefore, its movement can be carried out by the efforts of two people. The desktop fixture is fixed on workbenches. Devices are used, as a rule, for the manufacture of elements with a diameter of not more than 14 mm.Therefore, they are not always suitable for large-scale construction. At the same time, for use on a personal site, they are the best option.

do-it-yourself rebar bending machine

Mechanical fixtures

Mechanical machines for bending and cutting rebar are distinguished by the identical way of bending rods. The exception is special devices. The central and bending fingers are placed on the disk - this is the main working element of the device, which is connected to the electric motor using a gearbox. A workpiece of the required length is installed between the elements. During the rotation of the base, it comes into contact with the thrust element equipped with a motor switch, and bends around the central one under the force transferred from the bending pin. The bending of the reinforcement is considered complete when the stop, on which the resulting angle depends, and the pin come into contact.

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Bending of reinforcement with improvised materials

Rebar for pouring the foundation of the house can be bent independently using devices made from improvised materials. Distribution has received several options. The simplest and at the same time effective is to use a pipe, pre-concreted or buried in the soil. For this, a hollow element with a small diametrical size is selected. It is necessary to lower the reinforcement inside the pipe and bend the part remaining on the surface. Proper selection of the diameter will ensure a tight fixing of the rod. To obtain a product with the desiredbending can most often be done without assistants, since this process does not require much effort. In case of difficulties, you can use the second pipe. It is put on top of the armature.

There is also another device for bending reinforcement with your own hands. It is based on the same principle. Finding materials for its manufacture is not difficult. It is enough to find two pins and two pipes. The latter must be made of steel. At the same time, their diameter is selected in accordance with the size of the reinforcement used for bending. It should be noted that the magnitude of physical effort decreases with increasing pipe length. The pins must be firmly dug into the ground to a sufficient depth. Prepared pipes are put on from both ends of the workpiece. The pins are used as a support. They will provide an easier connection of pipes and bring the reinforcement to the desired bend. If these are not available, other suitable parts used in construction can be used.

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Attachment from a channel

Such a do-it-yourself rebar bending machine is based on a slightly different principle. To fix the workpiece, a steel fixed element is installed, which acts as a central pin, and a thrust piece. Then the swivel assembly is fixed, supplemented with a lever of sufficient length and a bending pin. The force applied to the lever during the rotation of the assembly causes the bar to be bent to a selected angle around a centrally mounted steel pin. This design makes it easywork with reinforcing parts with a diameter within 14 mm. If you use a long lever and strengthen the fixture, it will be possible to bend workpieces with a large diameter.

do-it-yourself rebar bender

How to make a machine from a channel?

It does not take much time to create such a mechanism. Two or three hours is enough. Work on it is much easier than bending and cutting reinforcement using a vice. Below is one of the implementation options. Metal pipes are driven into the ground and used as supports. A channel with a length of about one meter is welded to them. Two corners are attached to its upper part - this is necessary to create an emphasis for the workpiece. Two steel pipes act as a lever. They need to be welded together, while the angle between them should be 90 degrees.

The extension part is put on the horizontal element. Vertical is used to pass the axis. Thus, the action of the lever to which it is necessary to weld the corner is significantly enhanced. This will ensure the fixation of the workpiece in the process of work. The level of the corner should correspond to the level of the upper part of the bed. For the manufacture of the axis, a steel rod is used, the diameter of which is within 30 mm. At the same time, its lower part must be shaped into a square. A hole of a similar shape is also cut out in the channel. In this way, the axis can be avoided from falling out or turning while the reinforcement is being bent.

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