How to make a do-it-yourself dog house: drawings, choice of materials, manufacturing instructions

How to make a do-it-yourself dog house: drawings, choice of materials, manufacturing instructions
How to make a do-it-yourself dog house: drawings, choice of materials, manufacturing instructions

A dog is man's best friend. Therefore, the happy owners of four-legged pets should do everything possible so that the life of the dog is comfortable, carefree. A dog, like a person, requires attention and expects reciprocity from the owner. There is no better way to show love to tailed animals than to build a dog house for them in the private sector.

Drawing of a dog house

What materials can a dog house be made of

The choice of material for the outdoor pet booth is the most important and difficult stage of work. After all, durability, aesthetics and comfort depend on what raw materials the dog house will be built from. Therefore, you should responsibly approach the issue of purchasing materials. The doghouse can be built from the following materials:

  • Tree.
  • Brick.
  • Metal.

The most popular material for building a doghouse is wood. Such material is natural, safe for the pet and easy to work with. The best thingpick up coniferous wood. It will envelop the space with a pleasant aroma and easily endure sudden changes in temperature, humidity in the air and precipitation. The main thing is to correctly draw up a drawing of a dog house.

Brick can also be used to build a dog kennel, but this material will last less, is harder to work with, and brick walls are harder to insulate than wood.

If the bet is made on wood, then you can pick up solid beams, or you can buy already hewn beams for the construction of a wooden dog house. Of course, it is important to prepare for work in advance and, in addition to the main material, also buy all the necessary materials and tools that will be useful in the process.

Interesting booth design ideas for your favorite dog

If you want not only to give comfort to your pet, but also to create a real masterpiece that will decorate the inside of the courtyard of a private house, you should think about design. A small or large dog house can be made in a variety of variations. It all depends on the imagination and wishes of the owner. Of course, you should take into account the needs of the pet, because he does not need a huge room, it is better to choose a design option in which the dog will feel comfortable and safe.

Diagram of a doghouse

Design will mostly be on the outside of the building, not inside it. You can make a dog house with your own hands in the following variations:

  • Keg shaped.
  • In the form of a real house with decorative items from the side of the street.
  • You can create a booth project withhallway, where there may be, for example, plates of food and water. And next to it is the entrance to the kennel itself. So the dog will have the opportunity to hide from the scorching sun on hot days and bask in his own room when it's cold outside.

The main thing is that the booth is comfortable for a four-legged friend and fits in size. And the question of design is purely the wish of the owners of the land allotment. It is important not to use toxic and harmful substances that can harm the he alth of a four-legged friend to form a design style.

How to draw a drawing of a doghouse

Creating a kennel for a four-legged pet consists of several stages. Before you make a doghouse with your own hands, you need to draw a drawing of the future structure. In order for the process not to be in vain, you should clearly calculate the size of the structure and all the details that will be in the kennel. After checking the calculations, you can start transferring the data to a sheet of paper, or draw a diagram in a special program on the Internet.

Starting to create a drawing, you need to consider the following nuances:

  • The bottom of the kennel should not fit snugly to the ground, because the four-legged friend will be cold and uncomfortable. Therefore, the drawing must necessarily have legs or a small foundation that will protect the doghouse from the penetration of cold into the space of the house.
  • For a strong and durable booth, you should consider where it is necessary to install metal beams. They also need to be specified in the project.
  • It is worth strictly adhering to the sizes that are pre-calculated. This iswill help create a reliable and safe structure for your beloved four-legged friend.

When doing work, you must not deviate even a millimeter from the created drawing. Thanks to the coherence and precision of work, the owner will create a strong, cozy kennel for his beloved pet.

How to insulate a dog house

Having taken up the preparations for building a doghouse with your own hands, you must immediately think about what material to insulate the structure with. This will help create comfort and convenience for the dog, regardless of the time of year and the air temperature outside. Before insulating a dog house, you need to study the features and benefits of each type of raw material intended for this mission:

Dry wood shavings. This material is environmentally friendly and allows you to create comfortable conditions and temperature in the kennel without harm to the he alth of the pet. In order for the insulation to be as safe as possible, it is necessary to pre-treat the raw material with a composition that protects the surface from parasites and insects. The same goes for the base material that will be used to build the booth

Dog Kennel Design Ideas
  • Artificial felt is also suitable to create comfortable conditions in the pet's kennel. The main material from which this insulation is made is polypropylene. This raw material perfectly retains heat in the booth from the inside.
  • You can insulate the booth with foam. This will not only make the room warm, but also create sufficient sound insulation so that extraneous noise does not interfere with the four-leggedfriend to rest after outdoor games.
  • Penoplex is also perfect for warming a pet's kennel. It is sold in the form of separate plates, which can be easily fixed on the inside of the walls of the structure by attaching wooden beams or beams on top. This material is not subject to corrosion, decay and moisture. Therefore, it is great for an outdoor dog house.
  • In the manufacture of a dog house, you can use mineral wool, so that the pet is comfortable in space in all weather conditions. This material is resistant to external factors and temperature extremes.
  • In the issue of warming a dog house, you can use not only traditional materials. Some owners of private plots use modern equipment to create good conditions for the dog. These can be heaters in the form of panels. The heating device is fixed to the inner walls of the booth or hidden under the lining to increase the safety level of the dog, which is inside the kennel.

The choice of materials for a pet to have a warm dog house is quite wide. Each owner can make a choice, taking into account personal preferences and financial capabilities. It is important to carefully inspect the structure before installation so that it does not have cracks, gaps that can let cold and moisture into the booth.

How big should a dog house be for a four-legged friend

Before you make a dog house, you need to consider what size it will be. Naturally, the height, width andthe length of the structure directly depends on the size of the four-legged friend. Do not bet on too large a kennel. It may seem that the pet will be comfortable when there is a lot of space around, but in fact this is not the case and the large-sized structure will not be easy to warm up in the cold season. And this means that the dog will be cold, and she simply will not be able to stay indoors.

wooden dog kennels

Small booths are also not a good option, because the pet will be cramped and uncomfortable in such a room. Therefore, it is important to clearly calculate the size of the building so that the pet is satisfied while in the new house, and does not experience discomfort. Before you make a dog house, you need to do the following manipulations:

  • Measure the height of the dog from the withers to the front paws.
  • It is necessary to measure the width of the dog in the chest.
  • Another parameter you need to know is the length of the dog from the nose to the beginning of the tail.

To create the most comfortable conditions for your four-legged friend, you should calculate the size of the booth as follows. To the height of the dog from the withers to the paws, you need to add 15 centimeters. This will help the dog to freely assume a sitting position, without clinging his head to the ceiling of the booth. You also need to add 15 centimeters to the length of the dog from nose to tail so that the pet can lie indoors with its paws stretched forward. The width of the chest plus five centimeters of clearance will become the width of the entrance to the kennel.

Assembly order

No matter how small or big the dog house,the sequence of work is standard. You need to know the sequence so that the work gives the expected result. The steps for assembling the pet house are as follows:

  1. First you need to create a small stand under the floor of the booth or fix the legs at the bottom of the structure. This step should be taken with the utmost responsibility, because the footrest must support the weight of the dog and hold the booth on itself.
  2. Then construction of the floor in the kennel begins. It is made double and insulation material is laid between the finishing surfaces. In order for the bottom to be reliable and the dog not to be injured while inside the booth, you need to choose a durable and smooth wood material. And also, be sure to carefully trim the surface so that the dog does not drive the skapka, which is quite difficult to detect and pull out.
  3. When the bottom is assembled, you need to assemble the frame. It can be both from metal profiles and from wooden bars. Four vertical beams are installed in each of the corner parts of the structure. And also you need to install two vertical beams, in the places of which there will be an entrance to the kennel. In wooden bars you need to make holes for self-tapping screws.
  4. When all six bars are in place, you need to fasten them together by installing the upper part of the structure, which is similar to the bottom. The bars need to be fixed firmly to add stability to the entire booth and prepare a place for the roof to be installed.
  5. When the main part of the future kennel for a four-legged friend is assembled, you can start upholstering the dog house with wooden beams. It is necessarydo it carefully, avoiding cracks, gaps between the beams.
  6. After the wooden house is almost ready for its intended use, you can start assembling the roof. This part of the booth can be straight or gable. If you give preference to a flat design, then the dog will be able to rest on top of the booth on warm days. A roof with slopes is better in terms of moisture removal from the internal structure. Depending on the chosen shape of the roof, it is necessary to assemble wooden blocks in the form of an even rectangle or a triangle if it is decided to assemble a gable roof. From above it is covered, as a rule, with slate, using the same technology as when building a house.
  7. When the entire structure for the four-legged friend is assembled, you can start decorating the outside of the booth or leave everything as it is. The main thing is to treat the surface with a solution from parasites and insects, choosing one that does not harm the he alth of the dog. If painting is planned, then it should be carried out exclusively from the outside of the booth, natural wood should be left inside, surrounded by which the dog will be comfortable and cozy.
do-it-yourself dog house

Assembling a dog house with your own hands is not so difficult, the main thing is to carry it out clearly according to the drawing and in the correct sequence.

Required materials and tools

In order not to run into problems when designing a booth for a dog, you should first prepare all the materials and tools that may be required in the work:

  • Basicmaterial.
  • Secrets.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Hammer.
  • Nails.
  • Insulation material.
  • Knife for cutting wooden blocks to the desired size.
  • Measuring tape.
  • Felt pen for marking the right size.
making a dog house
  • A cleaver for scraping off protruding pieces of wood.
  • If you plan to paint the surface, you should also stock up on coloring material.

All this is useful for designing a dog house. It's best to have everything you need close at hand when you start.

Finishing a booth for a four-legged friend

When designing a kennel for a dog, you should first consider the design in order to decide what materials to purchase. If a house for a dog is being built from wooden semicircular beams, then you can leave it like that, because a kennel made of such material looks harmonious without additional intervention.

Some people prefer to paint the surface to make the booth a bright addition to the patio decor of a private area, or, conversely, to disguise it in green spaces.

Some owners upholster the inside and outside of the kennel with soft leather to add comfort to the dog and create an interesting design.

In any case, when constructing a wood booth, you need to first consider what compounds to treat the surface to protect against external factors and insects.

Where to install a dog house

Important to think abouta place in which a kennel for a beloved pet will be located. It is better to pick it up near the gate, so the dog will be calmer and will be able to control what is happening. Do not place the booth in direct sunlight, this is fraught with overheating of the pet on hot days. It is also not necessary to install a kennel completely in the shade, because on rainy days the structure will dry out for a long time. An alternative option is to install a dog house on a hill in the shady part of the site.

Booth made of wood

Regardless of the size of the dog house, the wooden structure will look harmoniously and fit into the space of the landscaped area of ​​the private allotment. The advantage of such a booth is the environmental friendliness of the material, ease of assembly and a wide choice of construction styles. The most significant drawback is that wood is susceptible to corrosion and various insects can damage it. However, if the coating is opened with a special solution, then the risks are minimal.

dog house dimensions

Metal profile booth

A metal dog kennel will also look nice in the space of a private sector. The main thing is to think in detail about the design and assembly scheme of such a structure. To make a booth out of metal, you will need some skills. Finishing a metal profile is more difficult than assembling a wooden structure.

How to pleasantly surprise your pet

For a beloved dog not only to have its own place to rest, but also to be completelysatisfied with the efforts of the owner, it is worth considering the little things. For example, you can attach your pet's favorite toy or his photo to the roof from the side of the street. If the design has a vestibule, then it is possible to organize a place for feeding the dog on it. Every owner knows what details the dog likes.

Assembling a dog house with your own hands, you can show love for your pet, provide him with comfortable conditions and decorate the territory of the private sector.

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